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Amsterdam Travel Guide

One of the top tourist destinations in The Netherlands, Amsterdam is a city of charming and sometimes quirky variety. The city is easy to navigate both on foot, by public transport, or on the traditionally preferred bicycle and these you can choose by using Amsterdam trip planner.

There are many amazing tourist attractions in Amsterdam right from historical building, to famous museums, and from fascinating market places to unique boutiques and department stores. It also offers variety of parks and green space where you can unwind. Amsterdam tourism can provide you with top things to do and places to visit in Amsterdam city.

Best Time To Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a climate similar to Ireland and Britain, characterized by a combination of dampness and mildness, although there are occasionally extremes of temperature.

Spring (March to April): During spring the temperature is cool and it gradually becomes warm in April. If you love cool conditions then you can visit Amsterdam in spring. Visiting Amsterdam in spring could be more affordable than in the summer. Accommodations, hotels and hostels rate in spring are cheaper than in the summer. One can enjoy events and festivals in Amsterdam in spring season like Queen’s Day, Easter, Liberation Day, national cycling day and more...

Summer (June to August): This is the ideal time to visit Amsterdam. The temperature in summer is much hot and warmest. As this is the peak season for tourists and backpackers, the rates of accommodation, hotels, hostels, flights, and other activities go up in this high season. So, visiting Amsterdam in summer can be expensive. Many events, performances and open air concerts begin in summer. Canal Gardens in Bloom festival, Gay Pride Canal Parade and De Parade are major festivals in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Winter (December to February): If you are planning Christmas and New Year holiday trip then look for Amsterdam. In Amsterdam winter days are short, dark and with the heavy snow fall.

Autumn (September to November): Amsterdam autumn begins with many cultural and film festivals, exhibitions and theatres shows. It’s worth to travel Amsterdam in autumn. For every age there are many activities and hot things to do in Amsterdam in autumn.Take help of Amsterdam travel guide for planning optimized Amsterdam trip itineraries.

How To Reach Amsterdam


There are many ways to get to Amsterdam, by flight, by train, or by road. The main airport is Schiphol, but there are also other smaller regional airports. If arriving by train, you are likely to arrive at Amsterdam Central Station. There are eight other stations in the city. If you arrive by car, learn about the city’s motorway, parking options and road structure; and of course, Amsterdam has number of waterways allowing visitors to enter into the city.


Once in Amsterdam it is easy to get around with the impressive public transport network of buses, metros, ferries and trains to help you visit various Amsterdam destinations. One of the most fun ways to get around is by cycling like the locals do. There are plenty of cycle rental shops all over the city.

Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam


There are many things to do and see in Amsterdam for families, kids and travel backpakers.

De Nieuwe KerkEvery year, thousands of visitors enjoy the magnificence and splendor of De Nieuwe Kerk with its guided tours taking you behind the scenes of the building, as well as the regular religious and musical festivals held here.

Canal House Museum: This top museum is one of Amsterdam’s newest, having opened in April 2011.

Anne Frank MuseumHere you can visit the actual hiding place of the famous diarist, revisiting the horrors of living as a Jew during the Nazi era. This museum is dedicated to promoting freedom from oppression and instills cultural understanding.There are many tourist places to see in Amsterdam by kids so that they get an idea about history of Amsterdam. There is lot ot read about Amsterdam tourist information before planning your trip to Amsterdam using Amsterdam vacation planner.

The Van Gogh MuseumAlthough this famous artist only sold a painting after his death, his life and development as an artist is interestingly documented in this museum, offering an insight into the little-appreciated genius.

Take a Amsterdam canal cruise tour and see top ten tourist attractions in Amsterdam which are located on Amsterdam tourist map.


Hangouts and Nightlife:

Amsterdam streets may be quiet in the early evening, but as the sun goes down they become a lively hub of activity. The Red Light District is particularly popular with tourists, small cafes and restaurants nearby are full of people. Rembrandtplein Square is another busy area of cinemas, clubs, and cafes. Amsterdam city has pool of places to visit for all age group travellers.

Escape: This trendy night club is located right in Rembrantplein Square. The club features a number of different rooms designed with style.

Rain: Also situated in the square, Rain is another luxury nightclub and bar characterised by careful planning and an elitist style.

Hotels & Restaurants In Amsterdam


Hotels: There are over 350 hotels in the city, so finding a hotel to suit your budget and ideal location is relatively easy; from 1-star basics to 5-star luxury.

Youth Hostels: Youth hostels are one of the city’s cheapest accommodation options, as you share a dormitory with a number of people.

Bed & Breakfast: Staying in a bed and breakfast affords you more personal comfort and homely feeling than a large hotel.

Houseboats: Staying in a housebout on the water is an original way to explore what Amsterdam has to offer.

Apartments: Especially if you will be staying for a longer period of time, renting an apartment can be a cost-effective way to save money on eating out as you have access to your own kitchen.

Campsites: There are plenty of campsites in and around the city for you to enjoy some fresh air after the bustle of the city.


Blauw aan de Wal: Situated in the Red Light District, this restaurant offers an exciting and unusual experience due to its colourful location. You enter the restaurant through a tunnel of graffiti, but find yourself at the end of it in a serene courtyard garden. 

Cafe De Prins: This restaurant is close to the Anne Frank House in Jordaan. Eating a meal here feels like a step back in time with the old-world atmosphere.

Festivals & Events In Amsterdam

Plan a trip to Amsterdam according to the events and festivals held every year in the city.

Holland Festival: This June event is the Netherlands’ biggest international performing arts festival held annually in Amsterdam. Music, opera, dance, theater and a host of other performances are drawn from all over the world. Films and art are also showcased, and conferences and workshops are organized.

Gay Pride Parade: First weekend of August. A huge gay pride festival, include a canal parade down the river on boats.

Koninginnendag (Queen’s Day): In the month of April. This is a national holiday and a “free market” day, so everyone sells everything on the streets. There are games, concerts, performances, and parties on boats in the canals.

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE): In the month of October.

Amsterdam Halloween Festival: From 25 to 31 October.

Cinekid Festival: In the month of October from 12 to 25 October.

Amsterdam Marathon: In the month of October from 12 to 25 October.

Camera Japan: From 1 to 6 October.

Buddhist Film Festival Europe: From 1 to 4 October.

Museum Night Amsterdam: Takes place on 2 November.

Arrival of ‘Sinterklaas’: Takes place on 17 November.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam(IDFA): Takes place from 20 November to 1 December.

PAN Amsterdam: Takes place from 24 November to 1 December.

Amsterdam Light Festival: Takes place from 28 November to 19 January.