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Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok is the capital city Thailand of  and a fast-growing city which is scaling new heights in terms of economy. But to the tourist it is so much more! Bangkok holidays are always something to remember by and we know why! A tour to Bangkok will rejuvenate your tired souls for sure.

Bangkok Tourism is always booming. The beaches, the exotic food, the eccentric shows, the temples, the palaces, the amazing modes of transport and the amazing mixture of culture and fun are sure to make Bangkok holidays memorable for just about anyone. Whether you are the beach-bum types or the shopaholic, whether you are the culture seeker or the party-lover, Bangkok has something to offer to everyone. There are many things to do at night in bangkok i.e nightclubs, shopping markets and food streets where you can enjoy with your friends. The days are sunny and beautiful and the night-life is lively and flamboyant. Moreover, there is never a dearth of things to do in Bangkok. What more could a tourist ask for? It is perhaps for this amazing versatility that the city is often referred to as a tourist paradise. This exotic land is both inviting and exciting so get your Bangkok Tourism guide and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

How To Reach Bangkok

This city is easy to get to but not around. Bangkok sightseeing places can become slightly tedious to access when the city is in its element. It is well-known for its traffic congestion, but hopping onto a Skytrain, metro or using the boats to get around the city will make your Bangkok trips easy and breezy. The Bangkok trip planner recommends using either of these for a safe and pleasant commutation.

If you are exploring routes outside the city, taxis can be hired and found at piers. They can be expensive, but they are suitable, you can get all information about private taxis and car rentals online. Be sure to compare prices a bit before making your decision. The Tuk-tuk is not an advisable form of transport. A trip in it is only advised for the Bangkok sightseeing experience but not otherwise. Buses are cheap, but also challenging to get around. You will spend most of your holiday in traffic jams when using a car.You can also prefer to explore Bangkok city by sightseeing bus which will take you to all the tourist attractions in Bangkok city.

Hotels & Restaurants In Bangkok


There is a vast variety of options available for staying in Bangkok. If you are looking for somewhere to stay, there is something to suit every purse. The Bangkok tourism industry is growing and hence hotels and resorts are popping up everywhere. From sprawling 5 star hotels to small lodging places and from business hotels to funky and cool tourist hotel, you will find an amazing variety while choosing your Bangkok Accommodation. The best way to go about it is to book online compare prices and choose the best package. If you want an easy stay make sure to pick one that provides Bangkok sightseeing and bookings as many hotels do so.


  • Street Food: The food here is extremely spicy. If you love spicy food, then you need to taste some of the food from this vendor. Street food is obviously not a good idea for the unaccustomed palate however many Bangkok restaurants do provide less spicy options.
  • MBK Food Court: Toping in the list of good restaurants in Bangkok, food here is affordable and delicious and there is a variety to choose from. From local dishes to western dishes, you will find it all.