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Bristol Travel Guide

Bristol is the unofficial capital city of the west country of England. The city is famous for its maritime history and offers a diverse range of attractions. It ranks fourth in England’s top visitor attractions and still features post-war buildings.The city was granted city status in 1373

Best Time To Visit Bristol


Bristol has very cold winters that can go down to freezing point. Summers are relatively warm and springtime is the most beautiful season. 

Best Time To Travel  

The best time to visit Bristol is during summer time when major festivals are held in the city, for visitors’ entertainment. Winters are great for skiing.

How To Reach Bristol

One can get to Bristol by plane through Bristol Airport which is only 8 miles away from the city centre. Flyer buses transport people from airport to the city. To get around, one can walk- the walking routes are attractive. There are also many bike paths. Other options are taxis or buses.      

Tourist Attractions In Bristol

Visitors can never run short of what to see and places to visit in Bristol.

 Bristol Zoo Gardens 

This is the 5tholdest zoo in the world and is open in summer. It is also the oldest zoo outside the capital city. It was awarded the zoo of the year award in 2004 by Good Britain Guide.

Blue Reef Aquarium 

This amazing aquarium transports visitors to the grand underwater gardens of the Mediterranean and the beautiful tropical waters. The aquqrium is home to most species, including seahorses, ,pufferfish, living corals and tropical sharks.

 Clifton Suspension Bridge 

The bridge is always open to the public and is is the city’s most famous landmark. Brunel’s 19thcentury spans the Aron Gorge at 75 metres height. On the other side of the bridge is a visitor’s  centre. 

Cabot Circus 

Built over 3 years and in excess of 500 million pounds, it boasts of 120 days, including names like Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, and others. It stretches over 200 000 feet of prime retail space. Most famous chain stores can be found here. 

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery 

This is Bristol’s major museum and art gallery. It houses diverse and magnificent objects including sea dinosaurs and beautiful art, a visit to the museum is always inspirational.

Where To Be

There are many malls for visitors to be while in Bristol. 

Colston Hall 

Located in Colston Street, the Hall offers a wid variety of acoustic music including classical, world and jazz music. This is one of the best places to be and has a nice vibe. 

Black Swan 

This is one of the most popular pubs in Bristol. The pub regularly hosts alternative liberal electronic dance and rave music events. Live music is also offered from time to time. 

Broadmead Mall 

The Mall still features an old post-war structure. It contains the mall galleries. The mall is big and has many shops including Primark, Lush and Next. It is not as grand as Cabot Circus but also offers great shopping experience. 

Hotels & Restaurants In Bristol

Where To Stay 

Bristol has many accommodation options for visitors to this great city to choose from. 

The Washington 

This is a good value budget hotel accommodation in the city. It is located in the heart of Clifton. The price also includes a full English breakfast. The rooms are clean and comfortable, given the price. 

Holiday Inn-Bristol, Fliton 

The hotel is located in the more quiet and tranquil surroundings and is suitable for those who are seeking for a leisurely break. With 211 rooms and only 15 minutes from the city centre, the hotel has its own fishing lake. 

The Brigstow 

This is a modern contemporary hotel located in the centre of town near Broadmead. The hotel overlooks an attractive stretch of the floating harbor. Although pricey, the view and the comfort is all worth it.

Where to Eat

Marco Pirre White Steakhouse 

This is one of the best steakhouses in Bristol. The menu offers everything that is expected from a steakhouse. Although a bit pricey, the food is of superior quality and is worth it. 

One Stop ThaliCafé 

This is a tiny eat out which is always packed. There is always plenty of food offered in all menus. A different menu is offered on a daily basis. The café specializes in vegetarian Indian food. Patrons are treated to live music on Sundays.

Festivals & Events In Bristol

There are many festivals that take place in summer in Bristol. These include St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol Baloon fiesta, Bristol’s Open Door day and May Fest. Other interesting events not to miss out on in Bristol are Bristol’s Harbor Festival and Encounters Short Film Festival. Bristol’s Veg Fest is also spectacular