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  1. What is an Itinerary?

    Derived from the Latin word itinerarium, itinerary is defined as a planned route or planned journey. An itinerary can be created for either a multi city trip or a single city scenic road trip or even a quick family vacation. A travel itinerary consolidates all the essential travel information including destinations that you are visiting, list of ideal accommodations available, top tourist attractions, things to do and activities as well the best places to eat. An itinerary also includes detailed information of the transit between two attractions that comprises of available local transport. More importantly, an itinerary provides an optimized route to travel between multiple destinations and the preferred mode of transport between the destinations. A good trip plan is one which includes the best places to visit in a city, top attractions, ways to get around, ideal hotels and restaurants that suit your trip. It includes all the details such as your accommodations and hotel bookings, your travel routes, the various modes of transport such as bus, ship, ferry, metro routes and a list of tourist attractions that you would be visiting. An ideal itinerary prioritizes the attractions and activities to suit your interest, vacation duration and your budget. A good itinerary also provides the total time spent at an attraction, the transit time between attractions as well as destinations and recommended duration of visit at an attraction. The best way to create a good itinerary plan is to browse through an online itinerary creator and plan a trip using the same.

  2. What is the need for an itinerary?

    After choosing the desired destination for your next vacation, one of the most crucial activities is to chalk out a trip plan or an itinerary. Here are few reasons why you need an itinerary: To optimize your vacation time and making most of your days by clubbing near-by attractions together. You need an itinerary to make sure you don’t miss out on any important activity on your vacation. A travel itinerary is the best way to estimate the tentative amount you’ll be spending on your travel. Having a well-planned itinerary at hand helps you to book accommodation and tours in advance which can also help to budget your trip. Having an itinerary will also help you to optimize the distance that you travel on your vacation. It will also provide you with the shortest path and offer the information on the ideal transit. An itinerary can prioritize the attractions in a particular city or a country that suits your tastes.

  3. What is an online trip planner?

    An online Trip Planner helps you plan your day by day itinerary in a systematic way. A trip Planner may use sophisticated algorithms to help you optimize your routes, time spent in various activities and cost of your trip. It brings together the essential elements of trip planning like transport, sightseeing, accommodation and restaurants. An ideal trip planning website also enables the users to share the trip plan with their fellow travellers and friends. This helps them to understand the trip or edit it according to their preferences. A good online itinerary planner can be a platform to create a trip or it can be a tool that suggests ideal trip plans. These suggested trip plans can be day wise and can have the detailed information of accommodation, restaurants and essential information like opening and closing time of attractions and activities.

    People plan trips by searching online in many ways. Immersive trip planners and travel agents are constantly searching for good itinerary maker softwares. A lot of users search for How to Plan a Trip. When users are searching for How to plan a vacation, it basically means users are trying to create an itinerary for themselves.

  4. What makes TripHobo the best itinerary Planner?

    TripHobo’s trip planner brings together the 5 major elements in trip planning. This includes flights, hotels and accommodation, the tourist attractions, things to do and activities, restaurants and places to eat and the local transit in the destination. Integrating these major elements of trip planning on a single platform makes TripHobo diverse from any other online trip planner. TripHobo trip planner offers flexibility to create a trip plans. With over 20000 destinations and 500,000 user generated itineraries, you can plan a trip in simple steps. An easy to use travel planner, you can plan a perfect route for your travel, schedule your travel times, book hotels and be a smart traveller with the help of TripHobo. The trip planner will help you generate a realistic trip plan which will notify you at what time to leave to reach a particular place on time, the recommended time to visit and the recommended duration for which you should stay at the place. The widespread data of the opening and closing time of all the attractions, a brief of what the attraction is all about is another feature of TripHobo. Along with the things to do and activities in any destination, the tours section of TripHobo offers quirky experiences at best prices. You can book these tours and activities and add them to your trip plan. TripHobo’s Hotel booking feature enables you to choose a hotel that suits your budget and is ideal for your trip plan. This accommodation can be booked and added to your trip plan. You can also add a pre-booked accommodation to the trip plan. Another landmark feature of TripHobo is the repository of user generated itineraries that can serve as a perfect vacation planning template for more than 200000 destinations across the world. Replicate the trip, edit it according to your preferences or use it as is; they can serve as a great guideline in trip planning.

  5. How to create an itinerary on TripHobo?

    If you want to check detailed steps on how to make an itinerary, click here.

  6. How does TripHobo vacation planner work?

    On TripHobo, you can first create a multimodal, multicity trip plan with understanding of transit options like bus, trains, ferry flights and taxi. Once the trip plan is created, you can also create a day-wise trip plan with attractions, things to do, hotels and restaurants in each city. TripHobo will provide you with information like public transport, metro train routes, maps, road transits, city bus transit, walking routes, ticket prices of attractions, estimated cost of transit options and travel time between each point of interest. You can optimise the routes and plan routes on maps. It is a fabulous journey planner that lets you plan your dream itineraries You can simply enter in the destination that you want to travel to, you can also add multiple destinations across the world. You can Plan a new trip or get suggested with a crisp trip plan created by TripHobo’s travel experts. Enter the travel dates and you will be provided with an array of transit options like trains, planes, cars. If your pre-booked flight information is not available, you can enter it manually in the planner. You can add places to visit and restaurants in each destination to your day-wise trip plan. You can also book hotels and tours to make most of your trip plan.

  7. Is TripHobo trip planner Free?

    TripHobo trip planner is free to use and charges absolutely no fee for planning your trips. Why spend money on getting a perfect trip plan when TripHobo does it for free! To plan a trip plan or create your own travel map or use the existing trip plans created by fellow travellers, login to the website and let the trip planner work its magic on you. For availing great discounts on hotel bookings, you can register with your email-id or Facebook account. Can I plan trip to Europe, Asia, United States and popular tourist attraction? While planning a trip on TripHobo you can pick and add multiple cities where you wish to travel. If you are wondering how to plan a trip around the world, this is the easiest way to do it! You can also plan a trip to Europe using TripHobo. Can I save and share my trip plans on Facebook and Twitter with friends? Yes, you can save your trip plans, share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know about your awesome trip plans. If you are wondering how to plan a trip with friends, this is an easy way to do it since a trip plan on TripHobo can be viewed as well as edited from anywhere across the world and shared on social media.

  8. Is TripHobo Trip planner on my mobile?

    You can also browse the trip plans on your phone through TripHobo’s iOs and Android apps.