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Mexico City Travel Guide

This enormous city is Mexico’s leader in terms of industry, economy, excitement, culture and politics. Mexico City is situated in the Valley of Mexico and at a high altitude of over 2,000m. The city is crowded and polluted, but it is an interesting place with a number of attractions and a vibrant atmosphere. 

Best Time To Visit Mexico City

Mexico City has a temperate climate throughout and the weather is consistently warm and hot. Summers are warm and winters are mild (temperatures vary only a little), and climate extremes are very rare. Mexico City is rarely too cold or too hot due to its sheltered valley setting. The city is thus an excellent year round destination. May is the hottest month, and the most rainfall can be expected between June and September. So anytime is good time to visit Mexico City.

Best Time To Travel   

Many tourists enjoy travelling to Mexico City in October, when the city is green, the rainy season has passed and pollution levels are lower. 

How To Reach Mexico City

A huge selections fly into the hub of Mexico City International Airport (MEX). The airport has its own metro station, taxi and limo service, as well as bus and shuttle transport.

Travelling by car is not advisable in Mexico City, so rather choose to travel using the government run minibuses, electric trolley buses, or trains. For safety reasons, driving in unofficial taxis is best avoided; rather look for taxis with official licence plates. Taxis are reasonably priced. 

Tourist Attractions In Mexico City

What To See

The Plaza de la Constitución, or Zocalo

Mexico City’s main square is one of the largest in the world, with a vast expanse of paved space with a large Mexican flag in the center. This is the heart of Mexico City; the venue for events, festivals and protests alike. 

Catedral Metropolitana

On the north side of Zocalo is this enormous cathedral that was took 250 years to built, resulting in mixed architectural styles.

Palacio Nacional

The National Palace government building is home to national archives and the federal treasury. On the walls are murals by Diego Rivera that depict Mexican history over thousands of years.

Templo Mayor

In the museum at the Great Temple you can see an ancient archaeological stone sculpture, along a fascinating model of the city depicting ancient times.

Hangouts and night life


This is the place to see and be seen. The club has a hip style and attracts models and celebrities to its chic décor and 15m bar. 

Pervert Lounge 

Try this club in the Historic Center for something a little different. The Pervert Lounge is known for its edgy, extremely loud techno beats. 

Mama Rumba 

This joint will get your hips swinging, with live local and Cuban and local in a fun and festive atmosphere.

Hotels & Restaurants In Mexico City

Places To Stay

Roma district and Plaza de la República

This is where a lot of the popular hotels are concentrated, but mid-range accommodation can be found all over the city, you can choose a place that you are comfortable with and one that fits your budget.

Alameda Central

Close to this area, there are a number of cheap hotels, often traditionally colonial with balconies, pleasant city views and high ceilings. Hostels for budget-conscious backpackers can also be found in this area.


This is where you can indulge in the ultimate luxury hotel experience, as the best selection of 5-star establishments is to be found in Polanco. Due to its location around central meeting points, the accommodation here also suits business travelers.

Places To Eat

Hacienda de los Morales 

This famous establishment in the exclusive Polanco area serves excellent and inspired Mexican food, introducing dishes you may not have tired before. The restaurant has several banquet halls. 

La Opera 

This is the most famous cantina in Mexico City, located in the historical center. The restaurant has a historic bullet hole in the ceiling, reportedly from the gun of Pancho Villa when he triumphantly made his entrance into the city. 

Festivals & Events In Mexico City

Dia de la Independencia

On 16 September, Mexico celebrates its most important national holiday, Independence Day, or Dia de la Independencia, commemorating Mexico's Constitution. Festivities begin on the evening of 15 September and at 11pm, the President of Mexico stand on the balcony of the National Palace and shouts: “Viva Mexico!" Mexicans echo the cry in this annual ritual. 

Day of the Dead: Held in Ocotber.

Fiestas del Sol Festival of the Sun: Held from Sept. 27 to Oct. 13.

Expo Tequila: Take place in  October 9 to 13.

Festival Internacional Cervantino: Take place from October 9 to 27.

Dia de los Muertos:  Take place on  November 1st and 2nd.

Dia de la Revolucion (Day of the Revolution): Take place on November 20th.

All Saints Day:  Take place on  carrying on from 31st October.



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