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New York City Travel Guide

New York City is very popular city and most stylish tourist destination in the United States. The New York City is the city of many names including “The Big Apple”, “The City That Never Sleeps”, and “Gotham City”. The New York City is the richest city in America; NYC has inspired lots of classic songs e.g. “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra and "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z. Many celebrities live in New York City and lots of TV Shows and movies filmed on location New York City. Also, Broadway theatres in Manhattan attract some of the most high-profile actors from Hollywood. The New York City announced that it has been approved for its own geographic top-level domain (.nyc) which will allow New Yorkers and visitors to easily find traveling information and other information online.You can use New York City vacation planner for planning your New York City trip itinerary with your family and kids.

One of most vital industries of NYC is Tourism.There are more than 100 New York tourist attractions which tourist visit at least once in a lifetime. New York City is a centre of television, film, newspapers, and advertising industry on North America. New York City's food culture includes a variety of world cuisines influenced by the city's immigrant history.

Best Time To Visit New York City

For the most part, New York is beautiful all year round. Spring is the most temperate season when the weather is not too extreme. Winters are cold and often icy and grey, while summers can reach uncomfortably high temperatures. 

Most people prefer to visit New York during spring time. This is when the weather is least extreme where hot and cold is concerned and you can enjoy the sights and smells of nature as well as a bustling nightlife. Fall is another popular time when tourists flock to the city because of its famous foliage during this season.

How To Reach New York City


Most airlines from most cities around the world travel to New York City’s world famous JFK airport and then the second biggest airport, LaGuardia in Queens.


It is easy as you will have many yellow cabs to choose from. Cheaper options include the bus and tram system. New York’s tram system can take you pretty much anywhere you need to be in the city and is quite an affordable way to get around.

Tourist Attractions In New York City


  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Also know as The Met, this museum sees over five million visitors each year and houses world famous works ranging from sculptures to paintings and ancient artifacts. The visitors come from as far as Africa and Asia.
  • Central Park: It is the star in most every movie made in the city, the luscious public park that offers idyllic getaway time from the bustle of the city. This is an exciting place to be.
  • Statue of Liberty: Probably one of the world’s most recognizable icons, a visit to Liberty Island is a must for any tourist. You will enjoy every moment here and forget to bring your family and friends. They will love everything about the place.
  • Empire State Building: See the city skyline from the highest point – the Empire State Building. You will be forever changed by the breathtaking and awe inspiring view.
  • Coney Island: An ongoing circus adventure spot where you will find a fire-breathing man and woman with tattooed face, Coney Island has all the fun and games of any world class fairground. Again not a spot to miss the next time you visit New York.
  • Madison Square Gardens: The city’s major performance venue. You can catch your favourite sports games here or watch your favourite artists perform to sold out shows.You can plan your New York trip itinerary according to the performance venue adn timing details.


  • Shopping: Everything from the Brooklyn Flea Market to Tiffany & Co. is available in the city. Cheap thrift stores and designer boutiques abound throughout New York. If you are a fashion alcoholic, visit New York and you will buy any designer label you have always dreamt of.There are many more things to do in New York city it can be shopping, eating, adventure and nightlife also.
  • Eateries: Any visitor to the city must give Nathan’s Hot Dogs a try. Five star dining is offered by Babbo and pretty much any restaurant on the Upper East Side. The price however is a bit of the higher side as compared to other local restaurants. You will however be able to find a whole lot of other restaurants in New York.

Hotels & Restaurants In New York City


If you are on a budget you can find many backpackers and small hotels where you will be able to stay for under $100 a night. New York also has its fair share of five star luxury to the likes of the Hilton and Park Avenue hotels where one night could cost you anywhere from $200 and up.

Only visit New York if you have enough to spend. Accommodation comes at a high price even if you book in a lodge.

Festivals & Events In New York City

  • New York Fashion Week: Is a global extravaganza that happens twice a year in February and September. 
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: In November each year brings floods of tourists and locals to Times Square to watch the passing floats and marching bands.
  • New Year’s Eve: At Times Square has become an institution in itself. Hundreds of thousands gather in Times Square for festivities and to watch the famous glittery ball drop at the stroke of midnight.
  • United Solo Theatre Festival: Held on 3rd October.
  • Crystal City Brew Festival: Held on 5th October.
  • Cbgb Festival: Held on 9th October.
  • Hamptons International Film Festival: Held on 10th October.
  • Rockville Centre Fall Festival: Held on 26th October.
  • Larac Fall Arts Festival: Held on 2nd November.
  • Artisan Fine Craft Harvest Festival: Held on 16th November.
  • New York City Underground Comedy Festival: Takes place in October.
  • Niagara International Kite Festival: Takes place in October.
  •  Big Apple Film Festival: Takes place in November.