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Regensburg Travel Guide

Regensburg city is situated in Bavaria, Germany and historically it is known as Ratisbon. It is one of the oldest towns in Germany and a booming tourist destination. The population of Regensburg is about 1, 37,000 in today’s date. Also it has many tourist attractions to visit, activities, many festivals and events as well to enjoy. It is the capital of Bavaria State of Germany. Most of the tourists plan their trip to Regensburg to enjoy various Regensburg festivals and events. Regensburg Spectaculum, Dult Regensburg, Bürgerfest are some of the best and most enjoyable festivals in Regensburg.

Best Time To Visit Regensburg

Weather in Regensburg from May to September is favorable for travelers to plan Regensburg tour. You can get warm and pleasant temperature within these months and that is why it is best time to visit Regensburg. The other period of months from February to April, and from October to December the weather is good but only for those people who want to enjoy in cold weather as the temperature goes very low in these months.

Regensburg is well-known for its seasonal climate. It means that during summer you never feel too hot and during winter season the temperature is not very cold. So we can surely say that this is the best place to visit throughout the year. If anyone wants to walk around then the best time would be during late spring and summer as the temperatures are warm but not too hot.

How To Reach Regensburg

Transportation in Regensburg city is much comfortable and less expensive. There are various options for how to reach Regensburg and travel around.

Train - By train it is about an hour away from Nurnberg and two hours from Munich. Regensburg city has two international airports which are very well linked by public transport systems. There is a river called Danube and boat trips are available for boating.

Bus- The buses run in every six minutes for just €0.70, except Sunday. If one wants to r travel only by bus then there is budget option which will give you a complete day pass for€3.50 and this is for unlimited journey within the city.

Taxi- If one want to hire taxi then just need to call on this number-194 10 or 520 52.

Tourist Attractions In Regensburg

Regensburg city is mostly famous for pleasant festivals and various places to visit and recreational activities to do in. Some of the best travel destinations are as follows.

Cathedral of St Peter’s-

It is one of the religious sites to visit; it is located in Domplatz, 93047 Regensburg. This architectural building has two towers and was built in 13thcentury. Inside it has beautiful stained glass windows when you enter into the Cathedral you will be stunned to see the darkness inside. This is good place for those who want to meditate and offer prayers.

Old Stone Bridge-

This ancient bridge is built to give tribute to medieval engineering technology. The best time to visit this bridge is in the bright daylight, evening also offers a different view. This is the 12thcentury Bridge, standing from almost 100 years.

Regensburg Historisches Museum

This museum is now currently located inside the former Minorite monastery which is a nice place to know about Bavarian history, art and culture. Museum is formally known as Regensburg Museum and here you can get best information about the city from Stone Age to present day. Minorite was founded in 1221 by the Bishop of Regensburg Konrad IV of Frontenhausen, Count Otto VIII of Bavaria, and King Henry VII. There is specific opening and closing time of museum and museum is closed for entire every Tuesday. 

St Emmeram Palace

St Emmeram Palace is a historical monument in Regensburg city. The princes of Thurn and Taxies lived here after they moved from Frankfurt to Regensburg in 1748. In 1816, the place was renovated into a magnificent resident. The Thurn and Taxies family lived here for almost two hundred years. St Emmeram Palace is considered one of the finest examples of German historical architecture. Opening and closing time of the palace is from 8 am to 7:30 pm. 

The Old Chapel 

Regensburg’s Old Chapel is a beautiful church which was built during Roman time. Church was rebuilt in 18th century on the site of older chapel. This magnificent church is an ideal example of Bavarian architecture style. Chapel is constructed with white wall and red colored roof. Inside the chapel you can see amazing art work of marble and gold. It is a must see tourist attraction in Regensburg which should not missed.  

Walhalla Temple-

This temple goes in the category of statues or you can say museums. It is situated in Walhalla Strasse 48, Regensburg. You can oversee the complete area of river bed and nearest city from there.  You can opt for a boat ride for €25 for a round trip.

Hotels & Restaurants In Regensburg

Regensburg is one of the well developed cities in Germany, Bavaria. Here you will get best options for accommodation, holiday rentals and eat out places according to your budget and requirement.

SORAT Insel-Hotel

It is one of the unique accommodations in Regensburg which is located in the middle of Danube River. You can enjoy the spectacular view of Danube River along with the stone bridge. Hotel is located in the central area of Regensburg city still it is a quiet and peaceful accommodation option.

Grand Hotel Orphee-

This hotel is having best facilities around the city. This is convenient option because it takes few minutes from all major tourist attractions. It has comfortable rooms with large bathrooms. It charges just €91 per night for a couple.

Castle Hotel Regensburg-

This is the budget hotel just for €90 per night. It is a convenient option as it is located within walking distance from the railway station. The different thing in this hotel is each room has special theme. This is not a traditional hotel but it is good for those who are searching for a home out of home.

Star Inn Hotel Regensburg-

It is located in Bahnhofstrasse 22, Regensburg, in the center of the city and also surrounded by many shops and restaurants. It provides complimentary breakfast. Car parking facility is available in the hotel. It charges €89 for family room, €69 for standard room. 


What To Eat


In Regensburg you will get variety of food from snacks to traditional German Cusine and within your budget. You can also have international cuisine in high class restaurants.

Dicker Mann-

This is traditional restaurant where you will get typical Bavarian food as it is one of the oldest food courts in town. It is located in nice atmosphere with good food.

This is the best place to indulge in Bavarian cuisine and this is one of the oldest food courts in town. The ambience is just wow and service is top rated.

Restaurant Ganesha-

As the name suggests, this is an Indian restaurant where you can enjoy North Indian and South Indian cuisine with a dash of Indianess in Germany. Children will definitely enjoy this place.

Festivals & Events In Regensburg

Getting acquainted with any festival is the best possible way to get up-close with the culture and traditions of any place. As said before, Regensburg is most popular for diverse and exciting festivals and events which reflect the German culture and you get to taste a piece of it. Here are some of the best festivals from Regensburg city.

Dona Regensburg -

This is a regular festival in Regensburg. Dona is the Danube art Exhibition which is held every year between the end of Mrach and Beginning of April. It lasts for about 9 days. Approximately 300 exhibitors participate in this event giving insight about the technique used and description of their art. This is a must visit for all the art lovers across the globe. 

Dult Regensburg -

Regensburg Dult festival is also known as Germany's "Mini-Oktoberfest". This is one of the famous public festivals and biggest festival in Regensburg. Regensburg Dult takes place twice in a year in the middle of May and last week of August. This festival takes place in a fun fair where you can enjoy Bavarian music, food & drink. Travel Tip: Do not miss this festival at any cost when you are in the city.

Regensburg Bürgerfest -

There are so many street food festivals celebrated in Germany and Regensburg Burger Festival in one of the biggest street food festival among them. It is merriment for all the   street food lovers. Apart from food you can enjoy traditional events items and cultural programs too.

Regensburg Spectaculum -

On the second weekend in June, Every year, This festival takes place where a middle ages market has knights, jugglers and musicians meeting and performing  at the Stone Bridge on the Jahn island. This is one of the royal and historical festivals in Regensburg. This festival takes place every summer for one weekend. You can see all of the people in traditional and historical costume. You can enjoy various war games and activities as well.

Thurn Und Taxis Festival -

This festival is related with performing art. It is one of the biggest concert & theater festival where you can enjoy various plays & music shows. It takes place in huge open air theater which is located in central area of the city. It is the most glamorous festival and even Princess Gloria takes part in this festival every year.