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Regensburg Travel Guide

Regensburg claims to be one of the oldest cities of Germany with its medieval history well preserved and cherished. Strewn with historical sites such as the churches, patrician mansions, towers, and Roman walls, the city exhibits its 2000 years old heritage. This is also one of those few cities which have survived the destruction from Allied bombs in World War II. Unlike most of other European cities where the historical monuments are actually the replicas of their pre- war state, Regensburg’s monuments reflect historicity in its unscathed form. Meander through its medieval streets in the Old Town and you shall encounter countless Roman and Gothic edifices of past peeping through the modern cafes and restaurants. Stand at its Stone Bridge and admire the beauty of the city against the backdrop of Danube River.

Situated on the most northerly point of the famous Danube River, the city has served as an important trade and cultural centre in the past. With the largest harbour in Bavaria region, the city today boasts of being a popular river cruise destination from where you can begin your excursions on ships that sail around the local waterways and even beyond.

Today, the city claims to own a famous university which dominates its cultural and entertainment galore.

Best Time To Visit Regensburg

With a continental climate with mild and pleasant weather throughout the year, Regensburg is a year around destination. Summers around Regensburg are never hot, winters are never terribly cold. If you wish to take a walk around the city, the best time to visit is during May, June, July, August and September; this is when the temperatures are warm with plenty of sun but never too hot.

  • Summer: The warmest time of the year in Regensburg is July when it is 18 degree Celsius.
  • Winters: The late fall and early winter make up the true rainy season with periods of light but persistent rain for days or even weeks on end. Snow is not common, and winters can generally be quite mild. The temperatures seldom dip below freezing during the day light hours.

How To Reach Regensburg


  • By Air: Regensburg is in close proximity to two International Airports- Munich (via Autobahn A92/A9/A93) and Nuremberg (via Autobahn A3).
  • By Train: The city’s main train station, Hauptbahnhof, is connected to the German Railway Network by ICE, IC and EC trains. The station is well connected to international connections such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Paris and Prague.
  • By Car: The German Autobahn network connects Regensburg to Cologne, Frankfurt, Nuremberg (through A3), to Munich (through A93/A9), to Prague and Pilsen (through A93/A6).


  • By Bus: Alstadtbus connects most of the points in Regensburg. There is a variety of tickets you can choose from, i.e. single tickets, stripe tickets and all-day tickets.
  • By Bike: It is possible to hire a bike in the city. Some of the places even help you planning with a bike tour along the Danube for example.
  • On Foot: Most of the attractions are located in the city centre which is quiet compact and small. The best option is to walk as there are certain places such as Stone Bridge which cannot be accessed by private cars. Moreover, car parks are quiet expensive and rare in Regensburg.

Tourist Attractions In Regensburg


  • Regensburg Cathedral: This 13th century Cathedral of St. Peter looks impressive with its 105 meters high spires and magnificent west front which dates back to 1395 to 1440. This is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Bavaria.
  • The Stone Bridge: The bridge is an impressive 12th century structure which serves as an example of medieval engineering. Take a stroll on it and look at the beautiful views of Danube River and Regensburg city.
  • Walhalla: Situated just 11 kilometers east of Regensburg, Walhalla is the famous German Temple of Fame which resembles the Parthenon in Athens. Standing 96 meters above Danube, the structure offers spectacular views of the River.
  • Old Town: Situated in the heart of Regensburg, Old Town is the World Heritage Site which houses the famous Town Hall.


  • Document Neupfarrplatz: A tour inside the subterranean Document Neupfarrplatz offers an access to the excavations of 16th century Jewish quarter. The tour also features a multimedia presentation about the square’s history.
  • Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn and Taxis Palace: This is a world famous Christmas getaway which offers mulled wine creations and many traditional food snacks in an enchanting and sensual atmosphere.
  • City Tour: This 45 minutes city tour introduces you to the Old Town and the history of Regensburg. During the tour you shall be having a glance at the Dom (Cathedral), the old Rathaus (Town Hall) and the Steinerne Brucke (Stone Bridge) to the castle of Thurn and Taxis, from patrician towers and the Danube to the historic Wurstkuchl (wurst restaurant).

Hotels & Restaurants In Regensburg


Luxury Hotels:

  • Best Western Premier Hotel: Built with futuristic design and modern ambience, this hotel offers luxurious and spacious rooms. It also excels with its gourmet restaurant “ Alte Ziegelei” which offers delectable cuisine and cocktail.
  • ACHAT Plaza Herzog am Dom: Located just opposite to the Cathedral, this hotel offers elegant rooms and suites with beautiful views of the Cathedral outside.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • Hotel Ratisbona: Recently opened in July 2012, this hotel is built within a retirement home and offers tranquil surroundings.
  • Hansa Apart-Hotel: This hotel offers elegantly furnished rooms featuring refined marble and American cherry tree wood. Situated at a convenient location, the hotel is in close proximity to all the attractions.

Budget Hotels

  • Abotel Regensburg: Closed to train station and city centre, this hotel features a large sun terrace and a lounge to relax.
  • Dream Inn Hotel: This is a non-smoking hotel which features classically decorated rooms. You can also have snacks and light meals which are available at on-site cafe.


  • Haus Heuport: This restaurant has an internal courtyard with a medieval set up. As you climb the old wooden stair case there is a Gothic dining hall which offers international cuisine.
  • Vitus: This restaurant offers delicious Flammkuchen (Alsatian pizza), quiche, salads, meat and fish dishes. The interior is decorated with colourful canvasses and ancient beamed ceilings.
  • Leerer Beutel: Located in the cultural centre, this restaurant offers mixed menu of Bavarian, Tyrolean and Italian dishes.
  • Spaghetteria: Set within a former 17th century chapel, this restaurant offers six types of pasta with 23 types of sauces.

Festivals & Events In Regensburg

  • Tage Alter Musik Festival: It is an annual music festival which takes place in May. Considered to be the oldest German festival, it celebrates music through concerts which take place at different venues in Old Town.
  • Thurn and Taxis Festivals: This splendid festival takes place in the month of July and showcases the most beautiful Operas of old time.
  • Regensburger Dult: One of the most famous festivals in Regensburg, Dult Regensburg offers an excellent ensemble of Bavarian music, food and drink. This festival takes place twice in the year in May and August. It is also popularly known as Germany’s “Mini October Fest”.
  • Christmas Market: Starting at the end of November, the Christmas celebration brings in a variety of sinful Christmas delicacies along with traditional food snacks. Besides food, there are handicrafts stands galore from where you can do souvenir shopping.
  • Spectaculum: As the name suggests, this spectacular event revives the former times by recreating the magical and ancient atmosphere. This is a three day medieval carnival which offers a broad variety of interesting food and drink choices.