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Rio De Janeiro Travel Guide

When one thinks of Rio one quite surely thinks of the glorious and magnificent carnival. In fact the splendor and excitement of the carnival makes it the perfect symbol for the city of Rio de Janeiro. The city is full of all that color and flavor and even more! It certainly is the carnival of the world. Plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro and experience the fun things to do in rio de janeiro in december with your kids like never before.

But while Samba and the carnival undoubtedly take the cake, the city is also home to tremendous natural beauty. The area that surrounds it is steeped in green and lovely valleys with rare beautiful animals and birds. This melange of natural beauty and cultural interest has made it a very popular tourist destination over the years. Rio de Janeiro tourism beams with a welcome smile and it is undoubtedly a highly recommended place to visit! The Rio de Janeiro city travel itinerary is full of exciting activities and non-stop entertainment.If you are in Brazil then surely step forward to explore sightseeing places in Rio de Janeiro city.

Best Time To Visit Rio De Janeiro

The summers are hot and went while in winter the temperatures dip below 15 degrees Celsius. So both the seasons have their pros and cons so you can decide which one to pick according to what suits you best:

Summer- Weather in Rio de Janeiro is Sunny between December and April and is this undoubtedly the best time to visit for those who love the beach. It is sunny, the activities are in full swing and most importantly the carnival in Feb falls during this time making it a truly memorable holiday. On the downside, the prices are high and there will be crowds as well as occasional downpours.

Winter- May to October is the winter season and weather in Rio can get pretty cold during this time. The temperatures dip so the beach is not an option but it can still be a lot of fun.

How To Reach Rio De Janeiro


  • By Air: Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport serves the city for both international flights. If you are coming from within Brazil you might get flights from all major cities to Santos Dumas Airport. Airport Transfers have standard pre-decided rats and are a good option. If you take a taxi from the Rio de Janeiro airport be sure to negotiate the price in advance.


  • By Bus: Busses are the most important means of transportation for exploring all tourist places in rio de janeiro. Public transportation in Rio de Janeiro is frequent and cheap.
  • Other Public transport: Other forms of public transport like metros are slowly gaining momentum. You may not find them everywhere but they are worth considering.
  • Drive: Driving around is not the best option. Remember that the city is quite crowded and there is constant traffic jams so parking and driving tend to be a bit of a pain.
  • Cycling: Cycling is a decent option as you can hire a bike and there are plenty of cycle tracks around the city.

The Rio de Janeiro helicopter ride is something you must try out on your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Tourist Attractions In Rio De Janeiro

Here are some of the not-to-be-missed tourist attractions and things to do in Rio de Janeiro-

  • Cristo Redentor: When you think of Brazil, Christ the redeemer is the first thing that comes to mind. The most identifiable structure in Brazil and South America for that matter, the enormous statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain is something of a national landmark. Ranking number one in the Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction, this picturesque attraction is an all time favorite sightseeing spot for all.
  • Jardim Botanico: Every Rio de Janeiro trip planner will recommend you to visit this exotic garden and here’s why! Located in the Southern Zone of Rio, this botanical garden is one of the most important tourist destinations in the city. The garden is home to more than six thousand five hundred species of flora. These plants are of foreign and indigenous origin and some have an endangered status.You can add Jardim Botanico while planning rio de janeiro day trip itinerary.
  • National Historical Museum: The Museu Historico Nacional as it is commonly referred to by the locals is one of the largest museums in the city. This national history museum is housed in a fort dating back to the latter half of the 1500s.

Beaches are a delight to be and continue to be a one of the top tourist attractions in Rio city.

  • Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro: Popularly listed as “the sexiest beach in the world”, this beach is a real treat to see.  This popular beach located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro is perhaps the most frequented beach in the world. Your holiday to Rio de Janeiro is incomplete without a visit to this beach!
  • Copacabana Beach: Another iconic beach in the city of beaches, Copacabana is located at a stone’s throw away from the Ipanema beach. This locality is one of the most popular destinations in the city. The pavement landscaping is truly a sight to behold at night.
  • Avenida Atlantica: This is a seaside avenue and one of the best places to go in rio de janeiro for strolling. Every street offers something different.


Nightlife ranks first among all the things to do in Rio de Janeiro. Plan a trip to Rio de Janeiro to experience the awesomest nightlife clubs and pubs.

  • Lapa: If you are looking for an active nightlife, this is it. Here you will be able to find students from samba schools playing music in the street for pure entertainment. Visit one of the bars for some drinks and something to eat and you will not be disappointed.
  • Shopping in Rio de Janeiro is also a fun-filled activity.

Hotels & Restaurants In Rio De Janeiro


  • Gamboa Rio Hotel: This moderately priced hotel is a great choice for families. It is quite popular and comes highly recommended.
  • Ibis Copacabana: Close to the beach, inexpensive and quite charming this hotel is definitely worth considering while going to Copa Cabana.
  • Acapulco Copacabana: This hotel has a great location which makes it perfect for  tourists who intend to return in the wee hours of the night without forgetting the location of the hotel.
  • Bonita Ipanema: This eccentrically decorated hotel has a great location since it is near Ipanema beach and has a lot on offer. It is a great choice for those who want to save up on accommodation and splurge elsewhere.
  • Hotel Rio de Janeiro is a tourist regular and a nice and cozy place to stay.


  • Siri Mole:  If it is authentic Brazilian food you are looking for, you need to visit this restaurant in Rio de Janeiro at least once during your stay. It is near Copacabana which is a plus.
  • Marius: If you are looking for some old school fresh grilled food Marius is a very well-known BBQ house.
  • Cervantes: This bar is perfect if you are a bit of a night owl and want to get some delicious Rio de Janeiro food to go with your drink.
  • Restaurants are packed during lunch, and the ones that are always crowed are those that combine food options. The prices here are reasonable and the atmosphere is simply lovely. Visit Esch Cafe and O Navegodor for a relaxed lunch. Confeitaria Colombo serves up great tea and has a relaxing Ambience.

Festivals & Events In Rio De Janeiro


  • Victoria Day: This event is overseen by the Republic’s President and this event Rio de Janeiro features huge celebrations honoring-the Allied victory of World War II.
  • Folklore Day: This day is celebrated in August every year and it is about different stories told about life in Rio, or about history and certain buildings.


  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The Main Festival is the Carnival that takes place in February or March right before Ash Wednesday. Huge floats make up the vibrant and lively parades and it is a night of complete extravagance which is certainly exciting.
  • Festival do Rio: This takes place in October and is a pretty big deal. The festival celebrates the unique and interesting culture of Brazil and certainly makes for a good holiday.
  • Rio Film Festival: Takes place from September to October and sees a lot of international presence. The films are a huge attraction for students and film enthusiasts.

Travel Tips For Rio De Janeiro


  • Do invest in a camera strap. It makes sense to strap your expensive cameras to yourself as someone can snatch it in crowded places.
  • Do keep a close watch on your wallets in crowded places and do not carry any important documents while sightseeing as a rule.
  • Do smile at people who are serving or helping you out and be courteous with them. It is important to do so and it is considered rude if you don’t.


  • Don’t ever offer a bribe to a cop unless explicitly asked to do so. This can land you in deep trouble.
  • Don’t venture into isolated areas at night alone. This can be very dangerous and robberies and violent crimes are not unheard of here.
  • Don’t take anything but your essentials to the beach as there often isn’t any place to safely store things in.