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Seoul Travel Guide

Seoul is South Korea's biggest city as well as one among East Asia's fiscal and civilizing epicentres. The city is a charming mix of antique customs in addition to advanced digital technology. It also houses never-ending street food traffickers as well as infinite nightlife activities. You will also find quite a lot of Buddhist temples in the city.

Best Time To Visit Seoul

Seoul boasts of a moist semi tropic and moist mainland climate. You can find four distinct seasons with the summer and the winter experiencing extreme climatic conditions.

The best time to travel to Seoul is during the spring because this is the timeyou can witness the whole city being changed into a gorgeous massive garden.

How To Reach Seoul

While in Seoul you can just go around the city. Some of the common types of transportation available are:

  • By Taxi: Standard taxis can be found in great numbers and they are not costly as well.
  • By Bus: It is more comfortable and generally faster to tour around Seoul by a passageway, but you can also take a bus and the bus system is an all-inclusive and inexpensive system.
  • By Air: Of late low-cost local airlines for instance Jeju Air has come along on the scene. Domestic air travel is rationally priced and operates in the majority of the country’s main cities and Jejudo the land of honeymooners in southern Korea.
  • By Boat: Regular ferries link Incheon City, the west of Seoul, with approximately a dozen cities of ports in China twice or thrice in a week.
  • By Rail: Seoul is the centre of a widespread home rail network managed by Korean National Rail road.

Tourist Attractions In Seoul


No city can rise in the global background as Seoul has during the past 3 decades devoid of some wonderful points of interest. Lets us look at a few:

Dongdaemun Market is the best place to get a real feel for daily life in passionate Seoul. The market is purely gigantic and blankets 10 city blocks. It houses more than 30,000 shops and 50,000 manufacturers.

Jongmyo Shrine is a UNESCO World Heritage site in metro Seoul. This holy place was the first Confucian imperial shrine in Korea. The honoured familiar sight is very famous for its countless antique rituals that still happen here.

National Museum of Korea is among the most excellent museums that can be found in any capital city. This Museum of Korea is the organization of evidence in the country for local art, civilization, and history. You must visit this place early and spend a lot of time in the imposing facility.

The Changdeokgung Palace Complex was built in the 15th century. It is a dazzling palace complex for the natural environment and is now a portion of metro Seoul. For the reason that its unequalled continuity with the landscape as well as extraordinary Far Eastern architecture, it has now turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bongeunsa Temple is an ancient Temple and dates back to 794. Located on Suda Mountain in the wealthy Gangnam-GU region of Seoul, is a Buddhist shrine as well as an admired attraction for tourists.

Hotels & Restaurants In Seoul


There are several hostels, as well as hotels in Seoul which suits all budgets.

  • Grand Hyatt Seoul is situated in the centre of South Korea's capital city that is in the Yongsan district. This hotel is located on the notable Mount Namsan in the midst of 18 acres of fallses and decorated gardens. This hotel will prove to be a home away from home.
  • The Best Western Dongdaemun Hotel is sited right outside of the Exit 6 off the Dongdaemun subway station. You will get a pleasant vision of the Western gate from here. It is only 700 meters away from the famed night shopping region of Dongdaemun.
  • Yim’s House Hotel is actually recommended for those travellers who are on a budget traveller or may be for those who feel that hotels are the only places to relax their tired bodies and at the same time take a stimulating shower following a heavy day of touring. 


  • Seorin Nakji is a restaurant where you can get spicy, sauteed octopus (Nakji-bok-um). This is a dish which the Koreans think that very spicy dishes can assist to decrease pressure.
  • Jiho Samgyetang is renowned for its chicken broth with ginseng. This chicken soup along with ginseng is a mark of the Korean dish for health-cognisant gastronomists.
  • Yamaya serves broiled intestine of the cow. So when you are in Seoul don’t forget to visit Yamaya the ideal place to take pleasure in your much-loved food.
  •  Inno ChamChi is a restaurant where raw-fish topped off rice that is Heodupbab is served and is a famous food. In case you are among the ones who are on the lookout for a protein rich but at the same time cheap lunch then visit this restaurant.

Festivals & Events In Seoul

  • Asia Song Festival: Takes place in October.
  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival: Takes place in October.
  • Global Myeongdong Festival: Takes place in October.
  • Globalization of Korean Festival: Take place on October 9.
  • Itaewon Global Festival: Takes place in October.
  • Seoul International Drum Festival: Take place in October or November.