10 Trekking Destinations Near Chennai

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If trekking is on your mind and you can’t just wait to get out of the hustle and Bustle of Chennai, then these destinations are your answer. Surrounding the mega polis of Chennai, trekking down these destinations will offer you an unforgettable rendezvous with nature, culture and history. The 10 best trekking places near Chennai are:

1. Yelagiri

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Distance from Chennai: 230 km

Compared to Ooty and Kodaikanal, Yelagiri is still untapped. Except for a lake and a small temple, there are no touristy landmarks in Yelagiri. The only thing that you can do here is trekking to your heart's content. So if you are a nature lover, you are most welcome.

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2. Yercaud

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Distance from Chennai: 358 km

The main attraction of Yercaud lies in it being a lake forest. Called as the "jewel of the east", the trek towards this place consists of stunning viewpoints, the spectacular Yercaud Lake and certain villages.

3. Meghamalai

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Distance from Chennai: 551 km

Known for its spectacular cascading beauty, the trekking towards Meghamalai waterfalls will make you pass through the wildlife sanctuary that is located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, close to the PeriyarReserve. The forests are rich will elephants and the unique wildlife provides an exciting window into the diversity of the region. Trekking through the rain forest is one of the most rewarding trekking places near Chennai.

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4. Nagalapuram

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Distance from Chennai: 72 km

Set amidst the Eastern Ghats of India, the Nagalapuram hill offers pristine scenery for photographers and trekkers. The hills are extremely popular among Chennai Trekking enthusiasts. Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) conducts weekend trekking trips to Nagalapuram Falls.

5. Tada Falls

Distance from Chennai: 66 km

Tada Falls are located in the Chitthoor district of Andhra Paradesh at about 80km from Chennai. A refreshing getaway from the heat scorched weather of Chennai, a trek to Tada Falls is highly recommended! An easily bikeable road, relatively simpler trails and the gorgeousness of the waterfalls, makes this place an ideal trekking spot near Chennai. The basecamp of the trek starts in the forest itself, at the mouth of small and cheerful stream.

6. Venkateshwara Hills

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Distance from Chennai: 357 km

This incredible and stunning trek near Chennai lies in the unexplored and yet beautiful environs of the Sri Venkateswara National Park and sanctuary. Located deep in the heart of the Eastern Ghats, this trekkers paradise will provide you with the opportunity to explore natural water pools, streams and stunning falls that will make you feel like you have landed somewhere in the middle of paradise.

7. Gingee Fort

PC: Girish Gopi/Flickr

Distance from Chennai: 160 km

An ideal confluence of nature and history, a trek towards Gingee Fort constitutes of a number of roughly hewn but solid steps. The Gingee fort is also known by the name of Senji Fort and is located in the Villupuram district about 160km from Chennai. This solid fort holds the distinction of being one of the most impregnable fortifications in the country. It was given the distinction of being called Troy of The East by the British. Originally built by the Chola dynasty in 9th Century AD it was later rebuilt by the Kurumbar community, who were shepherds of the area.

8. Dolphin’s Nose

Distance From Chennai: 550 km

The Dolphin's Nose offers a stunning landscape of the valleys and hills of the surrounding area. It is a relatively even rock sticking out of the mountain, sitting above a deep gorge, with its shape much the same as that of the nose of a dolphin. Situated at a height of 6600 feet, the interesting spot is one of the primary destinations for travelers travelling to Kodaikanal. Located at about 550km, a weekend trek to Dolphin’s nose can be easily accomplished with the help of a knowledgeable guide.

9. Thalakona Waterfalls

PC: Vinoth Chandar/Flickr

Distance From Chennai: 190 km

The mouth of the Talakona waterfall can be easily reached by taking a small trek of about 2km from the Lord Siddehswara Swamy Temple. The waterfalls are located amongst dense plantations of jungles. It is believed that the waters of Talakona Falls are enriched with magical healing powers. So, drink in the spring water, from the magical falls and feel refreshed with a trek to one of the most amazing trekking places near Chennai.

10. Kolli Hills

Distance from Chennai: 357 km

Kolli hills are both revered and feared for their mystical powers and infact there are allegations of Witchcraft being practiced here. The tall hills stand majestic and proud on the fringes of the Eastern Ghats and are truly stunning destination of majestic and paradise like beauty. The Kolli Hills trek route can be attempted from the Puliancholi Village and the relatively easy trail ends at the reputed Akash Ganga Waterfalls.

So which trek would you like to undertake this weekend? Let us know.

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