15 Amazing Streets In The World To Visit Atleast Once

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"In a simple street you can find the whole world." - Mehmet Murat Ildan

For those wanderers looking for the world, we bring to you a list of 15 of the most amazing streets across the world, that will keep you awe-struck.

1. Champs-Élysées, Paris

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Your visit to Paris will be considered incomplete without walking down the famous Champs-Élysées. This 1.9 kms boulevard is full of shops, cafes, boutiques and gardens by its side to keep you enthralled. If you're lucky enough to be here on the 14th of July, don't miss the Bastille Day procession.

2. Abbey Road, London

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for the iconic Beatles' cover in 1969, this pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road is a shrine from fans of the evergreen rock band. Go ahead and recreate the classic shot of John, Paul, George and Ringo crossing the street, and have your own 'Abbey Road' cover.

3. Ebenezer Place, Scotland

Known as the shortest street in the world, there is just one building on Ebenezer Place. At just 2.06 metres, this street encircles the building, which is a hotel with its the name displayed on the shorter side of the street.

4. Fifth Avenue, New York City

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Every shopper's paradise, this street is one of the most expensive shopping venues in the world. With all the top luxury brands lining up the street, it definitely is an insight to New York's expensive lifestyle.

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5. Parliament Street, England

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This street in Exeter in England, is famous for being world's narrowest street. Initially named as Small Lane, this narrow path is just 0.64 metres wide at its narrowest point.

6. Spuistraat, Amsterdam

Image Source: Dominique Darcy/flickr.com

This artsy street in the centre of the city is a treat for the eyes. Home to several historical buildings, the street is covered with graffitis on the buildings and walls lining the street.

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7. 9 de Julio Avenue, Buenos Aires

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Named in honor of Argentina's Independence Day, 9 de Julio Avenue is world's widest street, with 14 lanes divided into two sections each for traffic in opposite directions, as well as pedestrian crossings. Don't miss out the Obelisk of Buenos Aires and the statue of Don Quixote, while you're there.

8. Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

With 2500 pink stars honoring Hollywood talents over the years, covering this street in Los Angeles, it is definitely a must visit in the city. You can either pose along the star of your favourite celebrity or enjoy performances by the local street artists, a stroll down this street will never be boring.

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9. Lombard Street, San Francisco

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

World's crookedest street is definitely an interesting one. The 8 hairpin curves were made in an effort to make the street less steeper and more safer for cars to drive.

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10. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This cobbled street is surely a picturesque path to walk the distance between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. With the old bulidings lining it, keep an eye for the the narrow alleys to help you explore hidden pubs and cafes.

11. Baldwin Street, New Zealand

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Designed by two British town planners, who never stepped foot in the country, Baldwin Street is the steepest street in the world. With 35% grade, this street in Dunedin, had to be made on concrete as asphalt would slide down in hot weather.

12. Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This colourful street in the Danish capital seems right out of a story book. With a canal running along Nyhavn, the street is lined by town houses built in the 17th and 18th centuries. Makes quite a scenic path to take a stroll on!

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13. Pan-American Highway

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

World's longest motorable road, the Pan-American Highway connects several countries in the Americas. With the variety of places covered along this highway, this surely will make a road-trip of a lifetime.

14. Long Street, Cape Town

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the longest streets in the world, Long Street displays cultural diversity, in a bohemian fashion. Lined by book stores, galleries, restaurants and shops, this street in Cape Town is quite a hotspot for tourists, as well as, for locals.

15. Jonker Walk, Malaysia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the historic city of Malacca, lies the culturally rich Jonker Walk. Based in Chinatown, this street is flocked by people for the delicious street food and pop-up shops. Adorned by red lamps hanging from above, this is indeed a fun way to spend your time in the city.

So, enjoy your time strolling through these streets and make the journey worth it!

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