15 Unique New Year Traditions across the World

Do you still make those New Year resolutions that you never manage to keep up to? The Christmas and New Year season come with so many unique new year traditions like kissing under the mistletoe, burning the old man, which may not make complete sense but the thrill of keeping the tradition alive is a different joy altogether. Although Christmas may be confined to the Catholics, New Year brings the delight of new beginnings to every soul across the world. Everyone have their own peculiar way of bringing in the New Year. While they all wish for the same thing, there are plenty of absurd things they practice for a prosperous New Year.



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Interestingly, travel introduces you to the many ways you could enjoy the bursting of a New Year with folks and friends. You could also use it the break the monotony of doing the same old things you do every year back home on the cusp of New Year’s Eve and New Year Day. For hassle free, time saving and detailed information, try planning your trips with TripHobo Trip Planner

Travel to Ecuador if:

You always wanted to set someone on fire. As funny as it sounds, this tradition is equally exciting. People living here burn the previous year by setting things from the bygone year on fire. These include photographs and other memories from the past year. They usually stuff these things in the scarecrow and burn it in hope of good fortune. Sounds quirky, right?

Travel to Columbia if:


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You want to be blessed with a year full of travel. In Columbia, people believe that if you walk around your own block with an empty suitcase, you’d be travelling for the entire coming year. Wow! Now that’s like Santa granting your wishes for real. It's a good time, plan a trip to Columbia and be blessed. :)

Travel to Argentina if:


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You’re single and ready to mingle. Strange but true, Argentineans believe that wearing pink underwear on New Year attracts new love. So hey, get off that sad single tag this year. Put on those pink undies and woo him with that secret love magnet. 

Travel to Brazil if:


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You’re petrified of ghosts or evil spirits. Brazilians believe that the color white wards of evil spirits. They therefore dress in angelic white to welcome the coming year. They also jump seven waves on New Year for good luck and prosperity. So get that fancy red dress bleached and pack off to Brazil for good energy and positivity.

Travel to Greece if:


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Life is a gamble for you. The people in Greece are gamble addicts. They try their hand at gambling on New Year believing that luck would shine on the winners all year long. Whether luck would stay through the year or not, we don’t know, but if you win the gamble you’re rich for New Year for sure.

Travel to Philippines if:


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Circle was your favorite shape ever since. People in Philippines have a custom of wearing polka dotted clothes on New Year’s Eve. The food is also served in circular shapes. It is believed that as the coin in round in shape the round shape denotes prosperity.

Travel to Turkey if:


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You always wanted enjoy a fruit squash. In Turkey ,the residents throw pomegranate out on the street from their windows. It is believed that the more the fruit bursts, the more prosperity is on the way.


Travel to Chile if:


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You want to get lucky with money. In Chile people chew on a spoon of lentils just when the New Year strikes for wealth and prosperity. Superstitions apart, traveling to Chile would sure make you healthier. There is a common practice of sweeping the house inside out to get away with negative energy, carried out here too.

Travel to El Salvador if:


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You’re curious about your fortune. In El Salvador the locals crack an egg at New Year and leave it in a bowl on the window pane over-night. It is believed that the egg takes the shape of what you would turn to be in the coming year.

Travel to Denmark if:

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You were that angry kid who always wanted to break those glasses and fling the crockery across the room in a rage. If the fear of your peers never got you to do so, you can fulfill that act of madness in an exciting manner in Denmark. People in Denmark save all of their unused dishes for the year and then shatter them on the front door of family and friends whishing them luck for the coming year.

Travel to Scotland if:


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You want to wish someone good. Be the first foot across someone’s threshold in Scotland and visit them with coal, salt, bread, whisky, or a coin as a significance of warmth, flavor, good, good wishes and more.

Travel to Spain if:


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Grape is your favorite fruit. In Spain, people stuff their mouths with 12 grapes at the strike of 12 for health wealth and prosperity in the coming year. Grapes may appear tiny but 12 at a time are almost choking.

Travel to Venezuela if:


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You love yellow. Venezuelans believe that wearing yellow underwater on New Year brings good luck. I truly don’t know where that came from, but what’s the harm in trying? It’s just yellow!

Travel to Romania if:


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You want to hear an animal speak. Ridiculous indeed! Romanians believe that if they hear they pet speak on New Year, the year is bound to be full of fortune and luck. I don’t know if anyone has witnessed that kind of good luck though however, this unusual tradition sounds like a wish in itself.

Travel to South Africa if:


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You have a fad for secondhand households. In South Africa, Johannesburg to be precise, the residents hang old furniture outside the window until New Year then flip them out on New Year day. They believe that getting rid of the old brings luck to the house. If you don’t believe that, you may adopt some of those old antiques.

However strange you find these customaries, New Year is a time when you should keep that logical brain aside and go with the flow. Pick up one of these unique new year traditions that interests you and solve your confusion of finding a good travel destination this year end.

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