Top 15 Restaurants in Pune Under 200 Rupees For Yummy Food

By Renuka Shahane on Sep 22, 2015
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Pune offers gastronomic delights that are light on your pocket and will linger in your memories forever!

Heres a list of 15 restaurants in Pune that serve tasty food all under 200 Rupees:

1. Teri Rajput Dairy

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

Where: Koregaon Park
What: Elaborate Thalis, lip-smacking Sabjis and killer sweets
Must-eat: Chhola Bhatura
Best pick for: Full-filling meals

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2. Bedekar Tea Stall

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Narayan Peth
What: Straightforward Maharashtrian Street Food
Must-eat: Misal Slice. Word.
Best pick for: Tears from Spice

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3. Vohuman Cafe

 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Sassoon Road
What: Running since 1978, a perfect all-day breakfast place
Must-eat: Cheese Omelette
Best pick for: Irani Breakfast

4. Himalaya Momo

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Viman Nagar
What: Steamed Momos, Fried Momos, Thukpas, sizzlers, deserts
Must-eat: Chicken Schezwan Fried Momos
Best pick for: Taste of Tibet

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5. Nandus Paratha

Where: Dhole Patil road
What: Stuff Paranthas, Thali, Combo Meals, Pulao and Lassi
Must-eat: Pizza Parantha and Mango Lassi
Best pick for: Wholesome Punjabi street-food

6. Burger

Image Source:

Where: Koregaon Park
What: Sinful Burgers, crispy fries, Salami Rolls and Sandwiches
Must-eat: Beef King Burger
Best pick for: Student hangout

7. Flavours Toast

Image Source:

Where: Fergusson College Road
What: A petite stall selling around 70 varieties of sandwiches.
Must-eat: Chocolate Toast
Best pick for: Quick snacks during street shopping

8. Marz-O-Rin

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Camp
What: Heritage eatery in Pune serving delicious bakery items
Must-eat: Cheese & Mayonnaise Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich
Best pick for: Sandwich and sweet tooth cravings

9. Kalyan Bhel

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Multiple Branches
What: Tangy, spicy and flavourful chaat
Must-eat: Pani Puri
Best pick for: Chaat for one and all

10. Good Luck Cafe

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Fergusson College Road
What: Iraani Cafe operating since 1935, serving everything from breakfast to dinner
Must-eat: Bun Maska with Iraani Chai
Best pick for: Tea and Meat lovers

11. Kapila Kathi Kebab

 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Dhole Patil Road
What: A modest eatery with a compact menu
Must-eat: Double Chicken Roll
Best pick for: Rolls on the go!

12. Garden Wada Pav

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Camp
What: Plain and simple Vada Pav stall bustling with visitors
Must-eat: Vada Pav and Mirchi
Best pick for: Blast in the mouth

13. Khekda Bhaji at Sinhagad

Image Source:

Where: Sinhagad Fort
What: Multiple eateries dotted on the scenic trail up-hill
Must-eat: Hot and crisp Khekda Bhaji
Best pick for: picnic must-do!

14. Cream Corner

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Camp
What: A pit stop after late-night partying.
Must-eat: Butter Pavbhaji
Best pick for: Late-night cravings

15. Hotel Vaishali

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Fergusson College Road
What: Previously known as Madras Cafe, an epic eatery every Punekar swears by!
Must-eat: Mysore Masala Dosa and SPDP
Best pick for: The localite feel

You have a different list? Comment below and let us know your top picks!

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