15 Street Foods You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

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We Indians love street food and that is a tried and tested fact. Think of food that makes you go crazy and BAM! You instantly get pictures of chaat, momos, samosas and much more circling your head. So we decided to let you on the secret of where to find the best street food in India.

1. Laksa (Assam)

Laska is a Malaysian spicy noodle soup made from fresh ingredients and makes you go WOW every time you slurp through the delicious soup.

Street Foods

Image Source: Alpha/Flickr 

2. Litti chokha (Bihar)

Litti chokha has come a long way and today is available in most cities. But as they say Try the original and you will never like the imitation again.

3. Fish fingers (Goa)

The beach, the beer and of course fish fingers now that is a combination nobody would pass. Try the fish fingers here traditionally served in newspaper and you will come back for more.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Asharfi Ni Kulfi (Gujarat)

Kulfi in Gujrat is an experience in itself and once you have tried the kulfi here even ice cream will become a second choice.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. Chole Bhature (Haryana)

Haryana aaye aur chole bhature nahi khaye, the delicacy is famous for its Punjabi flavor and is often completed with a BURP!

Image Source: Satish Krishnamurthy/Flickr

6. Kashmiri kulcha (Kashmir)

A delicacy you simply cannot miss, mixed with fresh and colorful vegetables the dish is a must try in Kashmir.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Banana Fritters (Kerala)

Banana fritters is one of the most popular southern foods and what better place to eat it rather than Kerala itself.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Vada Pav (Maharashtra)

Vada pav is literally a snack you get everywhere in Maharashtra, Served with hari mirch and chutney the dish has been a life saver for students and bachelors all across the state.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Kachori (Rajasthan)

A celebrated street food Kachori had to make it to our list due to the fact that the dish is loved by all.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

10. Aloo Tikki (Uttar Pradesh)

Aloo Tikki, the taste and aroma itself is enough to induce hunger. The delicacy is best made in Uttar Pradesh and hence the place is filled with great tikki eating joints.

Image Source:arvind grover/Flickr 

11. Poha-Jalebi (Madhya Pradesh)

Poha-Jalebi is the definition of a perfect breakfast; the dish is officially one of the best street foods in Madhya Pradesh.

 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

12. Dahi Vada (Orrisa)

Fresh Vada loaded with dahi and Chutney is perhaps the most loved dish by all Indians.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

13. Fish Fry (West Bengal)

Fish has always been Bengals first love .Fish fry is a great and easy dish that you get in Bengal.  Another hot favorite is the rolls that have won many hearts in the city.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

14. Dried Pork (Nagaland)

When it comes to pork Nagaland does not kid around so expect huge chunks of pork and well, if you love pork there is no better place.

 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

15. Momos (Shillong)

Momos are like little pockets of joy and are best served steaming hot.    

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

So here's our list of the hottest places to grab food all aorund india. Tell us if you like the list, or we forgot your favorite one.

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