17 Bizarre Wedding Traditions Across the Globe

By Fedora Lobo on Feb 11, 2019
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Bizarre Wedding Traditions

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Weddings! The biggest day of your life? The thought of it gets you anxious and excited about how great your day will turn out to be? You saw it in the movies and you expect your day to look as flowery too? Hang on. Take a reality check and a peek into the traditions your community or country follows. Here’s a list of bizarre wedding traditions practiced in various parts across the world. You thought your traditions were weird enough? These might just sweep you off your feet.

1. Go Bald in Sparta

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While every bride is busy growing and maintaining her lovely long tresses, the Spartans like shaving their heads. A Spartan bride shaves her head before marriage and also dresses like a guy. Strange but true!

2. Shoot an Arrow at Your Bride in China

Image source: commons.wikimedia

The Yugur culture in china ensures their love for their wives by shooting them with three arrows. Love can really hurt, right? Not really, the arrows have missing arrowheads. The groom later breaks those arrows after the act.

3. No diet in Mauritania

Image source: commons.wikimedia

Ah! We’d sure love this tradition. While most of us freak out about our weight and crash diet to shed off those extra pounds, the Mauritanians start to worry if they lose some. In Mauritania, women are forced to eat more as their wedding approaches in order to put on and flaunt their voluptuous bodies.

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4. The Tree Looks Better in India

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We’ll look at the groom/bride later, let's marry the tree first. Some tribes in India believe in the astrology that predicts, if a girl/ guy is born during a certain astrological period which is considered inauspicious, the girl/guy is cursed. This factor in turn would bring death to their spouse soon. To correct this ill happening, the bride/ groom will first marry a tree and then the tree is cut down. In some cases, they are also made to marry an animal.

5. Hold It in, in Borneo

Image source: commons.wikimedia

For a happy married life in Borneo, the couple aren’t allowed to leave the house or even use the loo for three days in a row. They follow a diet for this accordingly. However, it still sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

6. Whale Tooth in Fiji

Image source: youtube

Whale tooth! Really? In Fiji the groom to be cannot visit his future in-laws house empty handed to ask the hand of their daughter. It is a custom to gift the father-in-law with a whale tooth in the country. Whoa! Is that how scary marriage is? I wonder!

7. Paint them Black in Scotland

Image source: youtube

Where most brides are busy with skin treatments, beauty masks and grooming, the Scots are up to something in the opposite direction. In Scotland the bride and groom are showered with black color paint and trash like rotten eggs, fish and other smelly stuff. Ewww! Sounds Gross? Well this is only a way of testing their patience before they step into their new life. They also believe that if the couple could withstand this they can handle absolutely anything in the future.

8. Sob Sob Sob in China

Image source: youtube

Whether love hurts or not, the Tujia people of China will continue to cry. The Tujia people believe weird marriage custom and according to that crying for an hour for a whole month before your wedding brings after marriage happiness. I’m sure even if it doesn’t you would have the energy or tears to cry after weeping for a month.

9. One Is Lonely, Two Is Company in Southern Sudan

Image source: wikipedia

The Neur tribe in Southern Sudan pray for two kids. If the woman fails to have two children after marriage, her husband is allowed to divorce her.

10. Spit Out Blessings in Massai

Image source: wikimedia.commons

I’ve heard of praying, but spitting on the person to bless them is absurd. In Massai, the bride’s father will spit on her breasts and head to bless her.

11. Learn It from Your Mother in Africa

Image source: en.wikipedia

Ever thought how it would be to have your mother assist you with intimate bedroom scenes on your wedding night? Ask some of the African brides from a few villages there. As strange wedding traditions as it may sound, someone elderly from the village, in most cases the bride’s mom will accompany the couple to the room on the night of their wedding to explain how ‘stuff’ is done!

12. Pay for a bride in Russia

Image source: wikipedia

In some parts of Russia, the groom will pay an amount to the bride’s family for the bride. In case the family isn’t satisfied with the amount, the groom is given a substitute bride that can even be a man dressed like a woman.

13. Eat it off the flush bowl in France

Image source: commonswikimedia

The replica of the flush bowl is still a flush bowl. In France, leftover food, soup or chocolate is served in a mini commode to the couple. The food served is said to provide them with enough for the night. However, this one is still disgusting.

14. Talk her into sex, in Brazil

Image source: torange.us

In some parts of Brazil, the man has to please his wife with presents to get her consent in bed. Most people in Brazil do not practice this bizarre wedding ritual anymore.

15. Wedding by a Grave in Russia

Image source: commonswikimedia

While most of us spend a lot of time and money over an elaborate wedding venue, most Russians choose to be married at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. Yes! Even I wonder why?

16. Salty bread will decide your groom in Armenia

Image source: commonswikimedia

In Armenia, most women eat the traditional salty bread and believe her groom to be will come and feed her water in her dreams. Whoever is dreamt of, feeding her water, should actually be the one she marries.

17. Torture them with insults in South Africa

Image source: commonswikimedia

While we treat the family of the groom and bride with utmost respect, some South African’s practice a tradition of abusing them. In South Africa, the parents of the bride and groom keep insulting each other out loud one insult after the other. The insults keep getting worse.

Ever dreamt of a marriage in one of these countries? Do you still want those dreams to come true? The bizarre wedding traditions although funny, the marriage sure seems to be an extra fun sight for the relatives and friends.

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