30,000 Kms Across India in 300 days On A Bike

By Niyati Shinde on Jan 08, 2019
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What happens when 2 men dream of exploring a nation on a shoe string budget? They end up going on a journey of a lifetime ofcourse!

Left To Right: Bhishma and Deepak

Meet Deepak Chauhan and Bhishma Choudhary, 2 passionate travellers who ended up travelling 30,000 kilometres across India in 300 days on their faithful Royal Enfield Bullet. Deepak decided to share the story of their journey on his blog and it is the best thing a traveller can ever read!

Up until now, Deepak was working as a software testing engineer for an MNC whereas Bhishma quit his job for travelling. In December 2014, Bhishma called up Deepak to ask whether he was interested in going on a roadtrip across south India on his Royal Enfield Bullet. Deepak was more interested in a Pan India trip but Bhishma was willing to undertake a journey only across south India.

Destiny had other plans in mind and when the guys started on their roadtrip on 27th December, little did they know that they would end up covering the entire nation on their bike! They started their journey from Mumbai to Goa and then rode onwards...

The interesting part about their journey is that throughout their trip, they rode only from 5a.m./6 a.m. to 11 a.m. After that, Deepak would start working on his office projects till 5 p.m.! He says that on the trip, temples, highways, gardens, mountain tops, beaches and cafes doubled up as an office space for him. Being a bibliophile, Bhishma had a lot to keep him occupied during this time.

They restricted their budget per day to 1000 rupees. This amount included petrol, lodging and food. After covering 8,300 kilometres across south India, the boys were back in Mumbai.

But this time, they were determined to cover the length and breadth of India. A quick rest of a few days later they started moving towards the west and the rest, as they say, is history.

Deepak puts across his passion for riding and adventure in the form of a poem:

''I am a wanderer searching for my soul
Roaring on highways with my bullet all alone
Never knew my destination, Don’t know my location
Lost on highways to explore the unexplored civilization

Photographs are my worship, Music is my religion
I don’t pray to god , I just believe in being human

Talk to the clouds , Follow the birds
I wish they guide me to a places I can call homes
Moon is my friend who comes at night
He tells me story about the stars in sky
I sleep before I could count all stars
Dream about the next destination which is miles far
I am a wanderer searching for my soul
Roaring on highways with my motorcycle all alone.

Having exhausted their savings, but still having the passion to explore, the guys are now in search of sponsors. If you are interested in helping them out, do contact Deepak on dkchauhan2k7@gmail.com.

You can read all about their ambitious roadtrip on Deepak’s blog lonelyindia.com

Data and Photographs Source: Deepak’s personal blog on lonelyindia.com.

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