Top 20 Quirky Momo Restaurants In Chennai

By Jai Rawat on Oct 27, 2015
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So with the colder weather settling in there can be nothing better than a cold day and some hot steaming momos. These little pockets of joy are just what you need to make your day a special one. So there you have it; some of the best places to get lip-smacking momos in Chennai.

1. Stir-fried Chicken Dumplings Momo Restaurant

These Momos that are first steamed and then slowly stir fried are sure to give your taste buds a treat. So enjoy these bad boys that go well with chutney, tomato sauce and simply anything!

PC. researchingparis

2. Chilli Corn Wontons VeganeR

When working with Chilli and corn well, nothing can go wrong. So take a bite and even hard core non vegetarians can know how good this vegan delight can taste.

PC. thepotlicker

3. Spinach and Corn Dumplings Flower Drum

Tasty, healthy and yes green is what these momos are all about. So congo to all those who just love veggies, your day just became a bit more green.


4. Fried Vegetable Wontons The Chinese Story

Deep fried momos with an added crunch is sure to give your taste buds a much needed surprise. So bite, crunch and munch these little pockets of joy!


5. Basil Flavoured Chicken Dumplings Mainland China Asia Kitchen

For all you chicken lovers out there, here is a twist in your usual chicken momos. Natural herbs and the aroma of basil, well, it does not get any better than that.

PC. jibuyabu.files

6. Steamed Pork Momos North East Kitchen

A different take on the whole non-veg momo fiasco, Steamed pork momos are a match made in heaven and yes, they taste every bit of it too.


7. Whole Prawn Dim Sum The Cascade

When the menu says Whole prawn dim sum you can be rest assured the restaurant takes it seriously. You will know it when you dig in the loaded dim sum that gives juicy prawn goodness in every bite!


8. Chicken Momos Wangs Kitchen

Momos with great filling and a satisfying aroma is what Wang’s Kitchen offers. The place is one of the most popular in the city and rightly so.


9. Chicken Momos Yellow Panda

Steaming chicken momos and some badass schezwan sauce, uhh, life is good indeed. Try these momos and you will not be disappointed.

PC. Scoopwhoop

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10. Prawn Kothe China Town

Kothe is a type of Pan fried momos that are just new to the city but China town does it justice. So if you are a cat for seafood then this delicacy will make you run for more!


11. Roasted Chicken Momos Gold Dragon

"Roasted chicken” makes us happy; Period. Couple the delicacy with momos and what you have sir, is an addiction!


12. Chicken Fried Wontons 10 Downing Street

These Bundles of joy are best served hot and will surely make you come back for more, and then some more!

13. Tibetan Chicken Momos Spoonbill

Think globally, act locally can fit this place just fine. Visit this place and enjoy the best Tibetan Chicken momos you have had.


14. Prawn Momos Azzuri Bay

A roof top restaurant with great views and even better momos is what the place is about. So enjoy your favorite momos; with a twist in this restaurant.


15. Fish Fried Momos WoW Momo

Some momos are just hard to find, give this place a friendly visit and you will be more than happy with this unique delicacy.


16.Cantonese Chicken Dim Sum Noodle Bar

Try these momos and indulge in the scintillating taste that is sure to make your day complete.


17. Curried Vegetable Wontons Illusions: The Madras Pub

Curried Vegetables wontons is no illusion my friend and you can try these amazing momos at the Madras Pub.


18. Deep Fried Shrimp Wontons The Marina

If you are down by the marina give these momos a try and you will know how well shrimp and momos go together.


19. Lamb Dim Sum The Canton

There is much more than just cicken, prawn and vegetables to a momo you know. Try out the lamb Dim sum at the Canton and you will know the difference.


20. Beef Momos Kailash Kitchen

Beef Momos were a hit instantly and that you can see when you visit the place. Flooded with youngsters everyday these momos are a must try!

PC. Coupondunia

So this was the list of the best momos in Chennai, did we forget your favorite one? Comment and tell us all about it.

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