23 Easy Tips To Save Money While Traveling!

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So, travel has been on your mind for a while now and there is this undying avidity in you to get up and go. Your calling has arrived! It’s time to go and see, after all the listening. Traveling is perhaps the only thing that will make you richer, on spending. But spending is not always bad; spending smartly, you gain much more than you spend. Especially, when it comes to traveling, there are a lot of ways that can help you save money, giving you the best of experiences. We feel you, and so here are some constructive ways and easy tips to save money while traveling no one told you about.

1. Plan in advance

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Our impulsive generation clearly underestimates the value of planning in advance! Follow your forefathers, and plan. You will be a winner in more ways than one. 

2. Cheap international calling card

Get a good international calling card. It is essential to stay in touch with your loved ones, sans paying a hefty bill and a crackly coverage. Check out NobelCom that gets you the best rates through phone cards. It's apt for your smartphone, also offers great deals for prepaid cell recharges in over 300 mobile networks worldwide.

3. Book air tickets smartly

Airline tickets being the most expensive part of any travel can help you save money, provided you follow a few guidelines. 

4. Go for economic accommodations 


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Ditch the fancy accommodations for something more local. Find out the local hostels, opt for homestays. Guys, you really don’t need much to crash after a day’s travel!

5. Create an itinerary

Planning ahead, create an itinerary. If you think we are rooting for ourselves, take a hint, because we actually are! TripHobo’s itinerary planner and great hotel deals are a must grab!

6. Handy travel cards

Get a travel card/ transit pass. This is a smart way, to alternate currency notes or any other paper-based instruments. With its flexibility and convenience of global currencies, a travel card, literally makes life easy!

7. Public transport to the rescue


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Make optimum use of public transport, because obviously, they are the cheapest source of transport. Trust me, guys, these are an eye-opener, as they are actually not as bad as we think! 

8. Go local

Get as local as possible. Not only, is it fun but perhaps the crux of any travel. 

9. Airline booking appropriate time

Book airline tickets on weekdays. They are the cheapest then.

10. Booking websites offer great deals


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Book accommodation through websites offering hotels at a cheaper price. Booking.com  is one such site, that will save you big bucks. As most of these hotels are inclusive of breakfasts, you save up spending extra on breakfast.
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11. Get yourself a good travel card 

Travel credit cards are a smart buy too, with their multiple benefits that will provide with various offers on air tickets, hotels, and hard cash. Plus, simply signing up for new ones earns you bonuses you can use while traveling. 

12. Make local friends

These people know the best places for everything that will save you money. Whether it is a cheap hostel, a cheap club or a cheap restaurant. For all you know, they might even offer you to stay at their house!

13. Find out cheap traveling options


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Find out cheap options for travel. For example, a Euro rail card is a good choice if you are planning to travel to the Schengen countries. 

14. Coupon sites, the silent winner

Head to coupon sites. These sites have daily offers, on literally everything in a city.

15. Scrap the un-required luggage

Travel unconventionally. Something like the basic Alpine style traveling or backpacking is a cheap way to see places.

16. Walk around


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If you want to save more on local travel, there isn’t a better way than to walk! With not one but three benefits, walking will obviously save you money, along with keeping you fit and exploring locales at your own pace. 

17. Eat and drink before heading out

Statistically, a tourist spends most on food, after air tickets. A great way to spend less on food and drinks is to eat at a homestay or a local place. Also, skip the popular touristy restaurants, because with all the attention they are quite unreasonable!

18. Fly midweek

Midweek flying, is a good idea too, as tickets are more pricey on weekends.

19. Free Wi-Fi over expensive data plans


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Ditch data plans for internet. Live a little out of touch. If not possible, visit places that have free Wi-Fi access.

20. Free entry attractions

See attractions and places that are free of cost; places that have no entrance fee or tickets essentially. There also are some days, when entrance is free of cost. Sunsets, beaches, parks, streets fairs and concerts, local cultural events and markets are a few things you can experience free of cost.

21. Avoid third party coalition 

Book tickets directly from the airline’s website instead of any third party.

22. Social media buzz


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Be active on social media. It is always abuzz with offers and schemes to lure and seek you! Use platforms like Couchsurfing that connect members to other travelers globally. This is a great way to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers.

23. Age on your side

Make the most of your age, students and senior citizens especially. There are a lot of concessions for this age group.
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