4 Frugal Fashion Tips for Ultimate Comfort on Your Next Trip

Beauty is all around us, and many would say there's beauty in everything. Conversely, whoever said "beauty is pain" is, by many standards, is a little far off. While the adage may have rang true when corsets were all the rage, thankfully times and fashion have changed.

Despite what's in your bank account, it's still particularly important — and achievable — to look great on a budget, without sacrificing comfort, when you plan on traveling. Here are four suggestions on how to get the most bang for your buck when investing in versatile clothing while planning your next trip.

1. Pick Out Some Comfortable Shoes

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A pair or two of comfortable shoes is perhaps the most important wardrobe item to bring along when traveling. Unfortunately, many women believe you can only have either pretty shoes or pretty feet — never both. However, even more unfortunate is that when it comes to footwear, comfortable means, well, ugly.

Luckily, fashion designers have caught on to this travesty and are offering styles that are cute without being cruel. Gladiator sandals made for walking, sneakers in all colors of the rainbow, ankle boots that are also waterproof — indeed, there are tons of options for any budget.

Just keep in mind that, when traveling, particularly by plane, the shoes you choose should be easy to take on and off.

2. Find a Durable, Lightweight Jacket

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Beyond some comfortable kicks, a lightweight jacket that's durable is a must-have when away from home, especially if you're visiting a city with unpredictable weather or plan to spend ample time outdoors. These jackets are versatile and can be paired with jeans and T-shirts or slacks and sweaters.

The light-weight factor is imperative, though, as temperatures can sometimes seem bipolar — and there's nothing worse than being stuck carrying around an awkward, bulky coat or jacket when temperatures get too high. More importantly, you can find an affordable, quality windbreaker that's been tested tough for $30-$60.

3. Try on a More Layered Look

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Next, according to Glamour, the layered look is still in style — and it's not just for women. Layering is ideal for travel, as those extra layers can easily be shed as the weather changes. With layered tops and shirts, you can be creative by combining different materials, textures and lengths for a more distinct look.

This also works well when on the road, as the same items can be rearranged into new outfits, allowing you to pack fewer articles. The base of any layered look is a sturdy tank top or T-shirt, which can be purchased on the cheap from any clothing store.

4. Buy Comfortable Threads That aren't Restricting

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After covering the top, direct your attention to the bottom. Frankly, flying in jeans really sucks; after several hours stuck in the same position, they become constricting and unyielding. For ladies and some men, the solution is simple: yoga pants. You can even find a pair of yoga pants that look like women's dress pants. For the guys, there are trousers that are literally called "travel pants," which come in every possible shape and size.

Essential for packing, find a pair of lightweight travel pants that are breathable and offer a wide range of motion. Other styles include quick-drying or water-resistant pants, both of which become pretty handy when you're caught in a rainstorm but aren't heading back to the hotel anytime soon.

Most travel pants come with security pockets meant to deter pickpockets. Though a little steep — most are priced between $80 and $100 — one pair can be worn with versatility.

A Stellar Travel Wardrobe Doesn't Mean Breaking the Bank

All things considered, a stellar travel wardrobe doesn't have to require painful or financial sacrifices. You can secure head-to-toe styles on a budget, thereby saving money to be used on your vacation. By following these few tips, you'll have a new, fun wardrobe fit for a fun trip.


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