4th of July Events in Denver

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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Denver is one of the best towns in the States where you can get a taste of a good ole American culture. What better day to experience this than the 4th of July? The US attained its independence on this day, about three centuries back.


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There are several carnivals, matches and parades, concerts, food fests, art and music shows along with many other events of merrymaking. And of course, the final conclusion to most of the 4th of July events comes with a dazzling display of firecrackers. Here we talk about the best events that Denver has to offer on the 4th of July:

1. Cranmer Park celebrations with fireworks

The Independence day community picnic along with fireworks at Cranmer Park start from 1st of July. It is usually sponsored by the Mayor and the Cranmer Park Hilltop Civic Association. There are bean toss games. There are some of the finest food trucks from Denver. You can bring your whole family on the open lawns and lay a picnic and have a relaxed sunny evening. The picnic starts at 6 in the evening,and the  fireworks show takes place at 8 when it starts getting a bit dark. 

2. Independence Day Eve at Civic Center Park

Every 3rd of July, a great show for Independence Day Eve is celebrated at the Civic Center Park at 101 W. 14th Avenue in Denver. There's a laser show,and fireworks display right before 4th of July arrives. In addition to that, there is also a large music show involving a line-up of many renowned artists from all over the country. For instance, last year's edition featured Soul X and Taylor Rae. There is also some slots for special performances by infantry bands like the 101st Army Band of the Colorado National Guard. 

3. 4th of July Evergreen Music Festival

The essential component of a joyous fest is some light ambient music. This music festival is held at Buchanan Park on an annual basis. Along with folk bands performing original and classic tunes, there are also dance performances and vintage and a hot rod car show. There are many children's activities in the adjoining carnival too. Finally, it culminates in a dance party featuring the Hazel Miller Band. The tickets for this show are free for veterans and active military and children that are aged below 12. 

4. Golden's Fourth of July Festival

Lions Park gets all pumped up on the 4th of July from 12 pm to 10 pm. At noon, you have free rides for kids, raffle prizes, live music gigs, face painting and food festivals. And obviously when the sun bleeds down,and the dark clouds come up, you will be greeted with fireworks show lighting up the night sky.

5. Park Hill 4th of July Parade

The Park Hill Parade has been called by many as the largest Independence Day Parade in the whole of Denver. There are classic marching bands, processions of vintage cars and costumed characters and floats. Why is it so popular? The parade takes place at the historical and iconic location of Park Hill. Now Denver is a major city,but the vibes at Park Hill would give you a great small country town feel. This blend of traditions gives it a different charm. The Kearney Street Fair is held right after the parade. It givesa great assortment of food, music, games for kids among other things. 

6. Cherry Creek Arts Festival

To cure your 4th of July hangover, you can head out to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. It takes place for 3-4 days after Independence Day in Denver. It is a free outdoor festival celebrating the finest visual art and culinary talents to be found in the city. The Artivity Avenue focusses on interactive activities that are perfect for youngsters. Also, music, dance and theatre activities are performed at the Cultural Pavilion. Some of the most renowned eating joints in Denver present their culinary treats at the Culinary Avenue. 

So, get your Independence Day plans sorted out when in Denver. With parades, carnivals, good food and fireworks, there are some unforgettable memories to be made in this gala time in this Colorado city. 

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