4th of July Events in Los Angeles

By Swathi Ramaswamy on May 02, 2018
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Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and people there simply love celebrating the 4th of July. There are spectacular events that include fireworks, skydivers, boat parades, music, and monster trucks that take place throughout the city. Enjoy the ring of freedom as these festivities of Independence Day from our guide take you on a walk from the city to the beautiful beaches. The best part of the evening is that you can end it in a blast of dazzling fireworks that paint the sky and enthrall the spectators.

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Read on to learn about the 4th of July events in Los Angeles that you simply cannot miss!

1. Enjoy the Fourth of July Parade at the Palisades with a cruise ride

Take a cruise and go to the Palisades for the Independence Day celebration that starts just before 2 in the afternoon. You can watch the skydivers descend in the sky starting the parade. The baton twirlers and trombonists are a wonderful sight on Sunset Boulevard. The promenade takes place between Via de le Paz and Drummond,and the entry is free of cost. However, you might want to consider the VIP grand seating which begins at $50 to avoid the crowd and enjoy the parade to the fullest. The parade is followed with a concert and fireworks for which you need to pay $10 each additionally.

2. Americafest at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for spectacular fireworks

This place is just perfect for an entire day of fun with family,and it also hosts the largest fireworks show in Southern California since 1927. The celebration is an explosive highlight of the colors red, white and blue in the form of food and entertainment. The fireworks do not begin until 9 pm which gives the people plenty of time to enjoy the motorcycle shows and the various rides, games and crafts available there from 2 in the afternoon. The cost is around $15 - $30 and is free for kids under 5 years of age.

3. Fourth of July Block Party at Grand Park, Downtown LA for live music and food trucks

A spectacle that is not to be missed, the block party in Grand Park is a cheap and lively way to celebrate this Independence Day. The place hosts a party which includes food trucks, live music and other entertainment. It begins at 2 in the afternoon and goes on till the evening. The event prohibits alcohol and is a perfect spot to enjoy the Independence Day with your kids. In addition to that, there is a fountain where the kids will simply love to splash about while enjoying the music and food. So, pack up a nice picnic basket and head Downtown to enjoy the day at this lively venue.

4. Fourth of July Fireworks Festival at Studio City with dinner, drinks and fireworks

An annual event held at CBS Studio Center in 4024 Radford Avenue, this is one of the best places you could head to for the celebration. They have recently started a VIP only event which costs around $125 and includes admission price, dinner, drinks, valet parking, and a fireworks show that can be viewed from the rooftop. They also have entertaining activities, to keep the children engrosses, such as face painting and patriotic photo booths for the kids to take pictures in.

5. Fourth of July Celebration at Huntington Beach for a 3-day celebration

The oldest of the fests is held at the Huntington Beach Pier and has activities covering the entire day. The first parade was held here over 100 years ago and has grown ever since to include activities for three full days. The festivity is started with a run and a fitness expo which is followed by a parade from 10 in the morning till 12 noon. There are arrangements for live entertainment, food and family activities ending in a 23 minute fireworks display around 9 pm. The passes are free but there is an option of a VIP pass for $20.

6. Fourth of July late night BBQ at the Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific is open till late in the night for visitors and in addition hosts a BBQ on the Fourth of July. Enjoy this day with your kids holding a plate of barbecue and watching the sea creatures followed by a beautiful waterfront fireworks show. Tickets for this can be booked online and costs around $64 for adults and $28 for kids. The aquarium is open throughout the day but you should go in after 5 pm for discounted admission. The food includes coal slaw, hot dogs, briskets and s’mores. There are also arrangements for a separate menu for the kids to add to the attractions of the venue.

7. Enjoy fireworks at Marina del Rey

One of the most famous spots for fireworks, you might not get a good view of the fireworks over the ocean if you do not get there early. The fireworks are shot from a barge in the chain channel in Marina, while spectators gather all around to watch the beauty of the lights as it gets enhanced by their reflection in the water. It is free of charge and the fireworks begin only a little after 9 pm.

8. Enjoy a swim, pancakes and fireworks at Thousand Oaks

You can begin the day with unlimited pancakes at $3 which is followed by a Home Run Derby. The pools are open for families to swim in free of charge and enjoy the patriotic concert, games and crafts for the kids in the park. All of this begins at 5 in the evening and is spectacularly concluded with the fireworks at 9 PM. The admission is free of charge and is a hub for families as there is something for all age groups to do. 

9. Barn Dance and BBQ in Topanga

In case you want to try something different and go old school, you should spend the day in Topanga. There are activities like yard jenga, balloon darts, tosses, and face painting competitions, pie eating competitions, barn dances, and relay races for all age groups, barbeque, wine and music. What better way to spend your day than to go dancing and playing with your family! The activities last till 5 in the evening and can cost you around $8-$22.

Enjoy the best of events in Los Angeles and bring the festivities alive!

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