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The 4th of July is recognized as the day when the thirteen colonies of America claimed their independence from England and commemorates the declaration of Independence for the entire United States.

All the 52 states in the US pay tribute to their achievement of independence through fireworks, lighting up the tallest building with the patriotic red, white and blue color schemes, and parades. Hoisting of the flag is a ceremony that is loved by all Americans and many states compete to host the flag and display the best fireworks on 4th of July. 

One of the best, biggest and spectacular celebrations is hosted in the cities of New York, Seattle, Washington D.C., St. Louis, San Diego, Dallas, Boston and many others as follows. 


For the amazing skyscrapers and fireworks effects: The NYC hosted the 41st Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, lit up the sky behind its myriad skyscrapers, for 25-minutes with around 30000 effects in the fireworks. These fireworks are viewed approximately by three million people, and the number happens to increase every year. The Brooklyn Bridge Park or the Brooklyn Heights Promenade; in Queens, along with the waterfront in Long Island City; at the South Street Seaport or along FDR Drive in Manhattan, are a couple places where the fireworks could be watched with open views of the East River.


Witness the Washington Monument: Being the national capital, it is always excepted to have the most spectacular of all the fireworks. The lighting up of the fireworks above the White House couldn’t get more patriotic than on the 4th of July. The National Mall Independence Day Celebrations happened to burst fireworks that reflected over a pool in front of the Washington Monument. Seating on the steps of either Lincoln or Jefferson memorials in the mall; or a place in East or West Potomac Park south to the mall, could be the best possible places to view the entire fireworks. 

BOSTON- For the oldest fireworks display: The Boston’s Pop Spectacular Fireworks is one of the oldest fireworks display around 43 years old, which provides with live music performed by the legendary Boston Pops Orchestra, and fireworks over the Charles River, are shot from along seven barges along the river. This family-based company also features a real cannon fire during the 4th of July, holding the Guinness World Records for the “largest firework display” ever recorded and the “largest pyrotechnic image”. 


Largest free concert in the US: Considering the fact that the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love pulls out all stops for the entire week of the 4th of July. Also, it was the first state to launch fireworks back in 1777 on the first Independence Day. This place hosts the largest free concert in the entire country with a 15-minute display of amazing 15000 shell fireworks which is viewed by more than 500,000 visitors. The free live concert also includes Mary J. Blige and Boyz II Men. The concert, as well as the fireworks, are to good to go and watch at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where they go down against the backdrop of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 


Fireworks at its best: A large freshwater lake in Sierra Nevada mountains, casts the reflection of the fireworks of 4th of July in its crystal-clear water. It makes the fireworks visually glaring with the mountains as a backdrop. More than 125,000 visitors, the local people, and tourists make their way to the Nevada-California border to see the 25-minute pyrotechnic and the fireworks display. The fireworks could be seen from all over the town and around the lake. But spots at along the south shores of the Nevada Beach, El Dorado Beach and Timber Cove Marina, exhibit a marvelous view to such celebration. People would also climb up the summit of Mount Tallac to view the intrepid. 


Amazing fireworks at the Fisherman’s Wharf: San Francisco blends in fireworks with 10,000 different effects in 25 minutes at its bay. The launching of the fireworks starts early in the evening from the barges in the water in the Fisherman’s Wharf District. One of the best places with less crowd to witness the festivity of the 4th, with less crowd, is to climb the hill to Coit Tower in Pioneer Park. 


Witness the Big Bay Boom: It is not every time that a firework display would leave everyone surprised, but there may be times when they fail, like an epic fail of fireworks of the 4th, in 2012 in San Diego. However, it is known for its event of Big Bay Boom, with the loudest display than any other city’s event. The Big Bay Boom launches fireworks from four barges at once in the bay, which attracts more and more people every year only to watch them. The fireworks can be viewed from a lot of locations including Shelter Island, Coronado Ferry Landing, Harbor Island, Seaport Village, Marina District and North Embarcadero. But most viewers are suggested to watch the fireworks from the water where the boaters gather around the barges in the front row to see them.


Nashville Parade and Fireworks: Nashville is one such city which is known for the legendary country music venues like the Country Music Hall of Fame, Johnny Cash museum, celebrating the singers’ life, whose music is free across the entire state, which also includes the soul stars like Chris Young Johnny P, who sing their own songs on the parade. Nashville has been putting itself as the most over-the-top fireworks displays in the country where once it set off more fireworks than that of New York City. Anywhere around Broadway Park or in Riverfront Park or a spot on the east side of the Cumberland are good and less crowded places to enjoy the view.


For the St. Louis Fair: The site of St. Louis World fair, 1904 is one of the biggest fairs in the world that was spread across 1371-acre Forest Site, setting for America’s Biggest Birthday Party for its fourth year running. The Fair St. Louis releases about 15000 pounds of fireworks for three nights from 2nd to 4th of July. Over the course, the fair also orchestrates concerts and exhibitions where world-famous artists like Akon, 3 Doors Down and Jake Owen have performed on the stage. The most convenient places to enjoy these fireworks are the northwest quadrant of the Forest Park, from where the fireworks are shot, the north of Lagoon Drive, the Art Hill at the site of St. Louis Art Museum.

Enjoy the best of fireworks and witness the red, white and blue of patriotism.

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