5 Places in India where Indians are Banned!

By Prea Mittal on Oct 05, 2015
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1. Free Kasol Café, Kasol

Obviously this one tops the list. What isn’t obvious though is how an establishment that calls itself "Free Kasol" and has a thriving hippie/free- spirit culture also has an arcane and discriminatory rule like this!

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2. Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore

Set up in association with Nippon Infrastructure to cater to the growing influx of Japanese expats in the city. It came under the scanner when several reports emerged of the hotel staff not permitting Indians to the rooftop restaurant. The hotel has now been shut down by the Greater Bangalore City corporation on charges of racial discrimination.

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3. "Foreigners Only" beaches in Goa

The reasoning behind this one is that it protects bikini-wearing foreigners from the lusty eyes of Indians! What about bikini-wearing Indians? Also are we Indians the only ones who have lust eyes???

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4. "Foreigners Only" Beaches in Puducherry

We have changed its name from the western sounding Pondicherry to the more "Indian" sounding Puducherry but Indians are still not permitted to enter certain demarcated beaches in this beautiful French influenced territory of India. Yes, I don’t get it either!

5. "Unnamed Hotel" in Chennai

A news article in the Deccan Herald tells us about a lodge (name withheld) that only caters to foreign passport holders. The lodge has been given the pseudonym "Highlands Hotel". However there is some unverified speculation that it may refer to a former Nawab’s home called Broadlands Lodge in Triplicane.

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While it is acceptable for private institutions to reserve the right to admission, what is being perpetrated here is outright racial discrimination and a violation of our rights. If we pander to such things we might as well revert to pre-independence India and hang up signs saying "No Indians and Dogs allowed" and accept being treated as second-class citizens in our own country!

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