6 Points to Think of for Long-Term Traveling

By Guest Blogger on Apr 04, 2019
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If you’re thinking of traveling long-term, there are lots of things to think about.  If you can prepare yourself ahead of time, you can avoid many mistakes that other travelers have made. From what to pack, how to ship items, and what to do with your home, many questions come up if you’re traveling for months, even years at a time.

We have six points to think about if you’re planning to travel long-term.

Don’t Pack Too Heavy

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You’ll likely walk around with a backpack as you travel. Jamming that backpack with as much stuff as possible is tempting. However, remember that you’ll be carrying that bad on your back the entire time. Too much stuff will make the bag very heavy and put much pressure on your back.

Ship Larger Items

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If you’re traveling to a place you know you’ll be staying for a while, ship larger items there. Say you’re going somewhere you like to golf, consider shipping your golf clubs with Luggage Free. It will make your life so much easier than having to haul all of that stuff around.

Learn the Laws

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Unless you want to end up in trouble, thrown in jail, or sent back to your home country, learn the laws of where you’re visiting. The majority of the main laws will be the same. However, there will be some that are different everywhere you go, and it’s best to become familiar with them to avoid trouble.

Eat Lots of Fruit

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When you’re tired and need something to give you a burst of energy, it’s common to turn to sugary junk food. Although you’ll get that quick burst of energy at the start, it won’t last you very long. Once you come down from the sugar high, you’ll end up being more tired than before.

Skip the junk food and pack fruit that has natural sugars. You’ll get the energy you need to last throughout the day. Plus, you’re eating healthier, which means your body will thank you.

Inform Family or Friends Back Home

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Every time you travel to a new place, you should inform at least one person back home of your whereabouts. Imagine if something happened to you and no one knew where you were. What if something bad happened at home and your family didn’t know how to reach you?

Share with your family every time you leave to a new place, how long you plan to be there, and where you’re staying. Give them a copy of your passport and other personal information (in case you lose yours). It’s not a bad idea to let the Embassy know that you’re traveling out of the country too.

Take Lots of Photos

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In may make you feel like a tourist, but taking photos is one of the best ways to maintain memories. You don’t want to leave a country and end up regretting not taking more pictures. Every chance you have, take a photo of the area you’re in or what you’re doing. They make for great keepsakes at the end of the trip.

Use these long-term travel tips to help make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. There will still be things you learn along the way that you would do differently. However, that is all a part of the journey.