7 Things You Absolutely Must Do As A Travel Blogger In Los Angeles

It is a bit of a dream to be able to make a living from your blog, and even more to travel too. But sometimes it can be a little tricky to narrow it all down to know what you absolutely should be checking out.

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Venice Beach

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Have you even been to LA if you don’t go here? It is the very opposite of the glamour that many people are seeking when they go to LA, but that is precisely why you should pay a visit.

It is a melting pot of artistic, boho and quirky people. You’re very likely to end up in the way of a skateboarder whizzing by. There are street performers, various vendors, plenty of beachgoers and, of course, many tourists.

While you’re down that way, why not take a walk around the beautiful Venice Canals. You’re probably going to recognise them from a few famous movies and TV shows. 

West Hollywood

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It might just be the hippest area in Los Angeles. Boasting the extravagant Sunset Boulevard - which homes so grand your breath will be taken away. You can book bus tours for most places that will give you insight into who lives where and how much some of the houses are worth. Totally worth it if you are the type of person that needs details - but they are simply just expensive drives, which you could grab a map and hire a car and create your own tour.

As you stroll around the shops, your probably going to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, the clothing in the stores is ultra high-end. 


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Tacos might be kind here because LA used to be in Mexico. However, LA is a city that all foodies need to visit at least once. If you like it spicy, then you should check out Night+Market and Jitlada. If Italian food tickles your fancy, then EATaly is top notch.

If you want to drop some serious cash on the nosh, then Trois Mec is high-end and will give you that real LA food experience. There is a farmers market that is worth a look at The Grove too.

The Grand Central Market is going to be top of the list to grab a famous some carnitas tacos, and Aguas Fresca.

If you want to eat almost anywhere, you are going to need to book it - and early. 

Hottest Subs

The suburbs here have totally different vibes. Depending on what you are looking to experience. Good coffee, new restaurants and incredible boutiques can be found at Echo Park, Silver Lake and Los Feliz. So spend some time in each of those areas. 


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You might think that a good pair of trainers is enough to get you around, but you are wrong. LA is huge, and it just isn’t practical to think that walking will work out if you want to get from Hollywood to West Hollywood.

Download the Uber and Lyft apps. Pick up public transport passes or rent a car. And above all - leave early. 

The Broad

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If you are ready to feel very very small. Then head to the contemporary museum in Downtown LA. Infinity Mirror Rooms will blow your mind. It has two Yayoi Kusama rooms heaving with mirrors. You will need to grab your free ticket on the first of the month before you intend to go, expect queues and some other mind-blowing works to see.

Roy Lichtenstein, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol have works in there too. 

Griffith Observatory

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This 1935 art deco observatory is worth a visit just before the sun goes down. LA will twinkle below, making you feel like you are on top of the world. It closes at 10pm and can get hectic so go early and have time to soak in the views.

This article hasn’t even touched on the full extent of what you can do, see and eat in Los Angeles. You might be an active person who will love putting on your trainers and taking a run, hitting a juice bar and relaxing. Or, you might be a culture vulture ready to soak up every ounce that LA has, and boy is there a lot. Whatever you want to do, there is somewhere to do it in LA.