7 Useless Travel Items You Should Give It a Miss

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There are a lot of products in the market which can be a real life saver when it comes to you being on a trip. And then there are the others which just dont make sense. We all have been in that situation where we unpack our bags on our trip and go like, Why the hell did I pack this. So we decided to give you a list of things you just do not need on your next vacation.

Money belt

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Now a money belt is an invention which just did not need inventing, the whole concept is that you hide your cash and your valuables in a place where nobody can see it right? WRONG, everyone knows you are carrying cash and that becomes pretty obvious when keep on lifting your shirt to get change and secondly its just weird.

Micro towel

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The Micro towel is the invention which makes you go like Really, somebody in the world wasted their life making a shorter version of a freaking towel? But wait theres more, so as an added feature the maker decided that towels are not made for wiping but smudging your whole face as the towel does not wipe your face so much as it just pushes water across your body.


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Okay bringing a torch makes sense cause if you are stuck in a room or a place with no light a torch does come in handy. That is provided if you can find it in your bag, or you are left with thinking I knew I should have bought a bigger torch. And anyway we live in the 21st century, we have cell phones with flash and torch applications, duh!

Travel pillows

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Taking your pillow sounds like a good idea but is really not. Your baggage is already going to take a lot of space and you would not like dragging your pillow everywhere. Inflatable pillows are the worst for comfort and just feel very weird having a rubbery thing below your head making a squeaking sound every time you move it.


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Okay, so packing a detergent on the trip is just not advised. Simply imagine what you would be rather doing, exploring the city or washing your clothes. For people who love to wear spotless clothes on a trip, the word of advice is to just pack more clothes.

Rain poncho

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If you really are thinking of packing a Rain poncho ask yourself just one question, Would I like to be wet on my trip or look like total tool. Jackets do the same job and will take less space so next time you see somebody wearing something like that just think, Okay, thank God I did not carry one .

Passport wallet

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Passport is your most valuable item on your trip, we get it, but having an entire case for it is just not required. So if you dont want to be the guy who takes way too much time in a security check do not carry one. Half the time goes away in unzipping your so called Passport wallet and the other half putting it back in so from next time, just keep it in your pocket.

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