8 Offbeat Experiences Near Mumbai

By Reshma Dewda on Aug 28, 2015
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She jostles you around and exhausts you with her energy. She's vibrant and demanding, giving up is not her style- Mumbai is much more than a city. It is a lifestyle. Living in Mumbai is like a full time job by itself. The traffic, heat and crowds notwithstanding, Mumbai is a glorious city that overwhelms and overbears on your routine, life and habits.

Do you find yourself looking for a deep breath that is not full of air conditioned, recycled air? Do you feel that the long lines and traffic jams are giving you grey hair? Or you think you have explored all the exciting things to do in Mumbai then it's time to head out for the weekend. Take your partner and head out to the many opportunities that await you so close to home.

Here are TripHobo's suggestions for 8 Offbeat Experiences Near Mumbai for a memorable weekend!

1. Free Jump in a River

fun offbeat activities near Mumbai

Relive those carefree days when the only question in your mind was what you would have for your next meal. When you could act stupid and people would just dismiss you as a child and not as someone who is retarded. Hold your partners hand and jump into the Kundalini river at Kolad. Swim, float or just splash some water around. If you've had enough of that, opt for some river rafting or kayaking. And yes, enjoy some rustic, home cooked food!

River Rafting: approximately 1400 INR per person
approximately 600 INR per person
starting from 2500 INR per room per night with basic facilities.
Kolad (117 kilometers)

2. Camping Under the Stars for Some Adventure

adventure activities near MumbaiPC: pixabay.com

Replace those heels with grubby sports shoes and that comfy featherbed with a foldable mattress. Believe me, this is a very small price to pay for the brilliant spectacle that the sky unfolds at night. Billions of stars dance joyously in a pitch dark canvas and sea breeze whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Your cramped tent will feel incredibly romantic and the barbeque fire will illuminate the peachy glow on your face as you cuddle up with your loved one. Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Camping: approximately 2500 per night including barbeque.
Alibaug (108 kilometers) , Lonavala (82 Kilometers), Kaashid (135 kilometers)

3. Fishing - Fun and Relaxing Activity Near Mumbai

Fishing can be very relaxing and although it is pegged as a solitary activity, it is a great experience to have with your partner too. Neral-Malegaon area near Konkan is teeming with rich sea-life. Prop a chair on a jetty and talk about life and everything else on your mind as you wait for that tugging on your fishing rod and that great catch that you can later cook in Konkan spices. You can also watch the fishermen expertly do their job as their humungous nets cast their bewitching spell on the sea.

Fishing: Renting fishing hooks and rods costs about 1000 INR per day.
Neral-Malegaon (80 kilometers)

4. Ziplining - Get the Adrenaline Rush

Strap on those buckles and hold tight as you slide above the deep river waters or hill valleys. Ziplining is the right combination of adrenaline and awe. As you zip on that precariously thin but incredibly safe wire, you will forget, for that moment, all that bothers you and all the worries that sit on your shoulders. It lasts for just a few seconds but you take home a feeling that stays with you forever. If you're craving for more, you can try your hand with zorbing, segways and horse riding too. This is definitely the ultimate thing to do in Mumbai for youngsters who need a good adrenaline rush!

Ziplining: approximately 800 INR per person
Kolad (117 Kilometers), Della Adventure Park (99 kilometers), Aamby Valley (106 kilometers).

5. Sailing For the Ultimate Fun

PC: pixabay.com

Sailing is an exhilarating experience that promises to be a romantic getaway for you and your loved one. Let the wind sway your hair as you sail up the mischievous waters of the Arabian Sea- an experience that will stay in your heart forever. If you're feeling generous (and romantic), charter a whole sail boat for just the both of you. While youre at it, brush up on your sailing basics and nautical terms too. This activity is one of the fun things to do near Mumbai for adults as well as a romantic date for couples.

Sailboat: 4999 INR onwards.

6. Admire the Views from High Up

treks near mumbai

Theres no bigger lesson in teamwork than a grueling trek together. The payback is huge you encounter the most magnificent views of moss laden hills that spurt out beautiful waterfalls and thriving forests that seem to be unbothered by civilization. There are a number of exciting destinations for trekking all around Mumbai. Whether you choose to join a group or want to do it just with your partner, trekking is an unmistakable choice that will cement your relationship even further and one of the most active thing to do near Mumbai, other than taking the Vikhroli train!

Hiring Trekking Gear: 250 INR per person
Rajmachi (95 kilometers), Lohagad Fort(96 kilometers), Tikona Fort( 125 kilometers)

7. Peacock Watching

An interesting thing to do near Mumbai - Peacock watching

Morachi Chincholi is a town that is named after India's most beloved bird- the Peacock. This village has close to 2500 peacocks that dance with abandon as it rains, providing a view that is absolutely out of this world. A great monsoon activity, don't miss this sight if you get a chance. How often can a couple claim to have experienced the rapture of two thousand peacocks?

Stay: approximately 500 INR per night
Morachi Chincholi (186 kilometers)

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8. Beach Bumming

Sure, there's always the option of going to Goa. But will you ever be able to be the only two people on the beach? Hardly. Beaches like Diveghar, Ganpatipule, Kihim and Murud boast of gorgeous soft sands that beckon you to lie down on them and bask in the warm sun. Some of these beaches are great for swimming while the others tempt you to let your hair down and enjoy the sound of the waves serenading you. Connect with each other on these quiet beaches and enjoy your weekend as a couple truly in love.

Stay: starting approximately from 1000 to 2000 INR per day.
Diveghar (189 kilometers), Ganpatipule (330 kilometers), Kihim (91 kilometers) and Murud (145 kilometers)

Take a deep breath and resolve to not let even one weekend go waste in mundane activities like grocery shopping and lying on the couch. With so many options around Mumbai, theres always something new awaiting you just a few kilometers away. So which one of the offbeat activities near Mumbai would you enjoy doing?

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