A Few Things You Should Think About Before Your Trip to Shanghai

By Guest Blogger on Mar 15, 2019
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Taking a trip to Shanghai is something that is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Traveling to China is something that a lot people have to do for work. It’s a place that’s all the way across the world, but it’s not off the map for as many people as some of us might think. Even looking as far back as 2000, there were almost 1.5 million trips made by   Americans to China. A trip like that isn’t something most people would just do on the fly. It’s good to get prepared for this kind of travel so let’s look at a few things you should consider before you go trekking across the world. The most necessary items on your list should be medications, a good country guide, and instructions how to use a VPN in Shanghai, in case you want to continue watching your favorite movies and shows while you are travelling.

Pack Some Medications

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If you’re going for an extended amount of time, you need to make sure you have enough of any of your prescription medications to last you for the entirety of your trip in China. If you run out while you’re in Shanghai, it’s not like you can just call in your refill and pick up your meds at a Walgreens on the corner. Healthcare system in China and the distribution of medicine there are different.

Also, think about other over-the-counter medications you might would like to have with you for any reason. Maybe you want to take some antacids, allergy medicines, headache medications or nausea medicines. On a trip like this, you’ll likely be trying some different kinds of foods. You don’t know if you’re body will like the new things you decide to eat or not. It’s good to be ready for whatever might come your way. You don’t know what medications will be available where you’re going, and even if they are, you may not be able to read the box or the bottle. It’s dangerous for you to take any kind of medications that you can’t read the directions for.

Look Into Traditional Behaviors

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It’s really important before you go to another country to look into what’s customary and what’s not. Things we say and gestures we make in the U.S. that we think nothing of may be considered rude in other places. For instance, if you are meeting someone, it’s still considered polite to shake hands. However, if you shake someone’s hand in a firm fashion, like we are taught to do to show confidence, it can be taken as a sign of aggression in China. Another example is public displays of affection. It’s ok to hug someone you know very well, but other kinds of affection exhibited in public is highly frowned upon. 

Cultures are different all around the world. Something that you think is fine and just a part of life, could be really offensive to the sensibilities of others from other parts of the world. Make sure you know something about what is and isn’t rude in China before you set off on your trip.

Sign Up for a Virtual Private Network VPN

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You should really look into a VPN before you head over to Shanghai. China has really strict policies when it comes to censoring online content. You may even be blocked from certain social media sites while you’re there. Other services you might miss while you’re hanging out in Shanghai are the media streaming services you pay for and use to watch shows and movies on back home. If you’re wanting to just sit down and relax with a good episode of whatever binge-worthy series you’re in the middle of at that moment, you might find that you’re actually blocked from doing that. There are geographical restrictions put on by the streaming services when you’re outside of the native country where your service originates from. A VPN gives you a way to connect to your private network back home and provides you with the ability to get around those restrictions put in place either by the country’s government that you’re in or the service you are trying to use.

We haven’t even gotten to the security reasons for having a VPN. Connecting through your VPN rather than on the open public network where you happen to be right then is much safer. When you connect on the public network, the data that your device is sending and receiving can be seen by anyone who might know how to get to it. Cyber criminals make a living out of finding information that they can do something with. When you use a VPN to connect to the Internet on, it’s much harder for anyone to see your information. You can do your online business without having your information on display for prying eyes to see.

Preparation is Key to Having a Good Trip

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Don’t leave home without making some good preparations for your trip to Shanghai. You don’t want to get there and find that there were things you should have done before you took off that once you’re there are much more of a hassle, or even impossible to accomplish. What could have been an amazing trip can turn into a real flop if you don’t spend a little bit of time planning ahead. Make the effort, it’s worth it.