All You Needed to Know About Travel Insurance

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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We all love to explore new places and landscapes that fill us with ultimate thrill and desire to travel more. However, travel is always accompanied with some threat of danger and something unknown. While on the one hand travel can detoxify you of worries in your life, it can also lead to unexpected situations and difficult moments. So what if we get a secure way through which any unforeseen circumstances are taken care of while we are abroad? The answer is: Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance for the Travelers

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Since we are more of travelers rather than tourists these days, we keep on exploring something new and unexplored. However, some unthought-of events can actually ruin our travel plans and can put us in frightening situations.  Things like losing luggage, flight cancellations, medical emergencies and losing your passports can lead to difficult moments and ofcourse loss of money as well. Travel insurance comes handy in such circumstances to cover your untoward expenses and loss of money while you are travelling.

What Gets Covered Under Travel Insurance

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Although there are many policies that would cover a plethora of conditions and emergencies but here are some of the basic points that a good travel insurance policy must cover:

Delay:  Do you know that you should be paid back if your flight is delayed for longer than 12 hours? Travel insurance makes sure that you get your compensation provided you get the delay apologies in written from the airlines and keep any receipts of anything you have to purchase due to the delay.

Baggage and belongings:  According to the travel insurance, you’ll be paid certain amount of money if your luggage or personal possessions are lost, damaged or stolen. Many travel insurers also put a limit on the payout for individual valuable items, such as cameras and laptops.

Personal liability: There are times when we might just hurt someone while we are on our trip for example on ski slopes or say while driving. The travel insurance helps in paying you off for any claim made against you.

Emergency assistance: many insurance companies offer a 24-hour emergency helpline, which can be a lifesaver, particularly if you are in a different time zone.

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Cancellation and curtailment: in case you have to cancel or cut short your holiday, the insurance policy will make sure to redeem your travel expenses for that matter.  

Medical cover: you don't want to end up with a big medical bill if you are taken ill or have an accident while on holiday.

Pregnancy: Most travel firms will insure pregnant women, though typically only up until about 24 weeks. You may also be covered if you discover that you are pregnant while you are away and need to cut short your holiday to come home.

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Annual as well as Single trip insurance

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Both are available. If you are regular traveler, you can opt for annual multi trip travel insurance, which usually covers any number of trips within a year. This kind of policy works out best and cheap for people who also plan a long haul holiday in near future.  A single trip policy on the other hand will be better if you are going for just one trip across the borders.

Then there is an Adventure travel insurance

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Adventure travel insurance covers the courageous travelers who indulge in activities that are bit risky for example, bungee jumping and white water rafting. The premiums are usually higher than for standard cover to reflect the greater risk of claims. But it's often worth the price for safety as well as other reasons.

How to buy Travel Policies?

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In most of the cases, the travel agent will help you with that. If you are booking a ticket with a low cost airline or online travel firm, you will also often be asked if you require insurance. It might be convenient to buy a travel policy with your plane ticket, but it is often more expensive. You might also find that the cover is inadequate for your needs so it's always a good idea to compare a number of policies before making a decision. These are some of the online websites that offer you the best of deals in el insurance:

Some Tips for the travelers to ward off any problem during travel

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You have to be responsible in your own ways: From taking care of your belongings to drinking in moderation, there are ways to take care of yourself. Insurers often refuse to pay claims if you were drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Plan Your money while traveling: The Bureau De Change at airports usually will leave you paying significantly more for your money than buying your cash online. Also pre-paid cards are a great alternative to cash. They often offer competitive exchange rates whilst not incurring any additional costs associated with using debit and credit cards overseas. Aslo, booking your hotels in advance will let you help with saving a lot of money.

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Don’t get carried away by adventure: Agree that most of you want to travel only because you think its one of the ways to materialize your adventure lust. But remember, nothing is greater than life. Idea is to follow moderation and to stick to security first rather than just throwing yourself in any form of adventure!

Travelling can render you a plethora of experiences but it needs to be planned and insured well!

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