Benefits of Travelling that Make You a Better Person

By Guest Blogger on Jan 08, 2019
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Do you ever wonder how our lives would be if we did not have the opportunity to see the world? The thought of not seeing anything other than your hometown is scary, to say the least, and to be deprived of new places and cultures is unimaginable. Surely every traveler here thinks the same.

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Now, do you think that traveling makes us better people? I do, for a significant number of reasons. First of all, our sanity remains intact. Let’s face it, we do not live in a perfect world. Quite the contrary, in fact. The world we live in can be just as cruel as it is beautiful. But traveling provides an escape from all that. The action of leaving your comfort zone behind and heading to a place you have never seen before is filled with excitement, wonder, and just a pinch of fear. It keeps our minds intact. We experience things we have never experienced before. We feed both the mind and the soul.

Let's not forget about the cultures. If it weren’t for traveling, we would not have the possibility of absorbing new cultures. I do not know about you, but that I believe it is a big part of every trip. To see how other people live, their belief system and the things they cherish is one of the most rewarding parts of any trip. You cannot un live it, so to speak. That will enrich you. You may become more appreciative of your own life. There is the other side, of course. It may make you feel like your values are shallow. However, there is something that will make you think of something else, and that by definition makes you a better person. A spiritual trip will leave its mark in ways you cannot even imagine. 

But what about what we learn? I think the same trip can have multiple meanings for multiple individuals. We are not the same. We learn the same thing in different ways, and nobody can see through your eyes. We perceive differently, which is why one experience can offer different lessons. But we do learn a lot from traveling. We learn that a crowded bus will take us the same place as a first-class train. Washing your clothes in a spring will teach you how simple the life used to be. We learn to look at the things we see, and maybe make us wonder about what is in front of us. It is a beautiful thing, and if you do not experience traveling like that at least once in your life, you will miss on a lot of things.

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So what do you think? Is access to traveling something that gives us the opportunity to better ourselves? I believe it is. It is a pity not to take advantage of it. After all, we have all the means necessary to embark on life-changing trips. We can get to the other side of the world in a day or so. We have access to getting online visas and crossing a border takes just a few papers. Wouldn’t it be a shame to let all those things to go to waste?