25 Activities You Just Cannot Miss In Seoul!

The South Korean capital is an amalgamation of the modern world along with the ancient traditions over the ages. Add in to the mix, the stunning flora and fauna, and you get a perfect spot for your next vacation. We bring to you a list of 25 activities that are a must when visiting Seoul. Indulge in them and return back home rich with experience of a lifetime.

1. When in Korea, kick like the Koreans!

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One fun activity to do in Seoul is to indulge in learning Taekwondo. The Korean Martial Arts helps you in increasing your physical agility, as well as, mental strength. A great way to get in shape while on vacation.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 99.00

2. Glide through mountains at Danyang

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A must visit for paragliding enthusiasts! Danyang offers two points for take off, Mt. Yangbangsan for first-timers and novices, and Mt. Dusan, a site for national and international paragliding competitions. The scenic sight of the river flowing in between the mountains, from that height, is definitely beyond words.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 199.00

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3. Nature trails with your loved ones

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Explore the picturesque beauty of nature all around with your family or friends. Go rail biking at the Gangchon Rail Park, or enjoy the wonders of Jade Garden, the natural beauty of Seoul will keep you spell bound.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 99.00

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4. Get brave with Extreme Sports

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Get your adrenaline rushing by attempting a 50-metres free fall into a suspended net, with no strings attached. And if that's not all, increase the high by walking on a glass platform suspended in air, with no walls or ceilings. Defnitely not for the weak-hearted.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 99.00

5. Have a fun time with your family

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The beautiful Ilsan Lake in Wind Village, is a perfect getaway for families. The natural beauty of the village can be enjoiyed leisurely by the adults while kids can enjoy various fun activities like making some of their favourite things, chocolate, ice cream and cheese. With the amusement parks in the area, it's a win-win for families.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 735.00

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6. Conquer Mt. Seorak

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The beautiful landscape of the highest peak of Taebaeksanmaek Moutain Range, will leave you spellbound. With the surrounding hot springs and waterfalls, this place is indeed a haven. The unique flora and fauna in the area has resulted in the region being named as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 186.15

7. Race through the snow

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For those visiting Seoul in winters, head to a ski resort and glide away in the snow. With people flocking in to enjoy the cold season, you are sure to have a wonderful time too.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 37.40

8. Check out the No War Zone

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The Korean Demilitarized Zone, known as DMZ, a buffer zone between North Korea and South Korea, which also divides the peninsula almost in two halves. But don't be fooled by the name, because this zone happens to be the most heavily militarized border in the world.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 26.76

9. Visit Truce Village

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Within the DMZ, lies a place which literally is a demilitarized zone. The Joint Security Area or JSA, is the area where all negotiations take place.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 78.95

10. Go atop Asia's Most Beautiful Tower

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The view from the top is indeed amazing from the N Seoul Tower! The 240 metres tall tower will give you breath-taking view of the city at night. Do not miss the light shows made by the skyscrapers.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 26.18

11. Get culturally enlightened

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Learn more about Korean culture at the Korean Folk Village. The artifacts at the village, each have story to tell, dating past over 5000 years, of the wonderful country. Also check out the location for various historical Korean shows that accurately represent the culture and architecture of the ancient times.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 32.00

12. Fall in love like Korean stars

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The Koreans are known for their romantic television dramas. Just like the couples in those shows fall in love in super romantic locations, you too can experience it. Visit the gorgeous Hantaek Botanical Garden and Yongin MBC Dramia where the protagonists of the hit show 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' fell in love.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 66.90

13. Explore Nami Island

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The scenic half moon-shaped island is of historic importance, as well as, a paradise for lovers, literally. The Forest of Sweethearts is out of a Disney movie, with forest creatures welcoming you to this romantic spot.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 66.90

14. Walk through history

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The Hahoe Folk Village is a must visit for every history lover. If ever you wish to experience life in a traditional Korean village, this place is where your search ends. The houses, the stories, everything will keep you mesmerised.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 116.35

15. Travel back in time at Jeju Island

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Imagine an island in a modernised city that still is intact in its prehistoric state? Hard to, right. Jeju Island is one such wonder. The island came into existence after a volcanic eruption some hundreds of years back and has been untouched ever since. Visit this place and see the miracle by your own eyes.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 556.80

16. Visit the ancient city of Gyeongju

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Listed by UNESCO as one of the ten ancient historic cities of the world, this city will amaze you completely. For a city over a millenium old, this ancient place was way ahead of its time. Check it out for yourself.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 285.05

17. Indulge in the wonders of Korea House

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For all those who wish to experience Korean lifestyle, welcome to Korea House. The architecture is traditional. You will be able to indulge your senses with traditional music, dance, food and games. Indeed an experience of a lifetime.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 99.73

18. Feel like a royal at Gyeongbokgung Palace

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The royal palace of Gyeongbokgung used to be the main palace for the Joseon dynasty. Visit it to experience the grandeur, as well as, to walk through the National Museums that the palace houses.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 19.20

19. Take a hike up Bukhansan Mountain

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The lush green way up the Bukhansan Mountain will make you fall more in love with nature. And post hike, rejuvenate your senses at a 'Jjimjilbang', or Korean Sauna. How perfect can your vacation become!
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 33.16

20. Learn to make Kimchi

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How is it possible that you travel all the way to Seoul and not learn how to make the National Dish. One of the things to take back from this country is the delicious taste of the sweet and sour vegetables that is such an integral part of the country.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 21.29

21. Bring out the kid in you at Lotte World

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It is impossible to miss out on the world's largest indoor theme park! Irrespective of your age, the Lotte World calls out to all.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 69.81

22. Revisit the tragic history of Ganghwa Island

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Attacked by the Japanese in the 19th century, this island is still culturally rich as it has preserved the legacy from pre-historic times. Visit it and satiate your hunger for history.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 29.92

23. Say hello to fishes

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At the COEX Aquarium, that is exactly what you will be doing. Promoting Edutainment, this aquarium gives you the chance to learn about marine life. Bring your kids here and they will thank you later.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 40. 72

24. Visit the Joseon Dyanasty pride

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The Changdeokgung Palace is one of the five palaces from the Joseon Dynasty. The UNESCO has designated as a World Heritage site due to the excellent preserved state it is in.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 20.36

25. Learn to make Natural Soap

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With so much to see and learn in Seoul, get to know about this unique art of making your own soaps from natural ingredients. Truly a wonderful experience to take back home.
Approximate Cost: Starting from USD 100.00

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So, enjoy your stay at Seoul and bring back heaps of memories!

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