10 Adventure Activities In Dandeli for a Thrilling Trip

By Sameer Kapoor on Dec 04, 2015
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Adventure Activities in Dandeli 

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From Kayaking to trekking, from rafting to mountain biking, Dandeli is one place that would not let you just sit and enamour at its beauty. Located in Karnataka, this picturesque site is home to some of the best adventures that you can find in India. What makes Dandeli a hub of the adventure activities is the presence of sheer number of natural formations such as River Kali, Kavla caves, Syntheri rocks, Ulavi temple, Sykes point and the Supa dam that allow such activities to take place. Let us look at 10 adventure activities in Dandeli that will pump up your adrenaline for sure this time:

1. Meet the Wildlife: Jungle Safari


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Bamangi village of Joida Taluk, Dandeli

Dandeli is suffused with dense forests that give shelter to more than 300 wild life species. The Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a perfect place where you can experience all the sights and sounds of the lush forests on a wildlife safari. Travel by jeep with experienced guides who will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, and delve deep into the natural habitat of wild animals, exotic birds and unusual reptiles. Also, while travelling through the beautiful wooded trails, you can appreciate the colours, scents and textures that make this landscape picture perfect.

2. Experience the gushes of Water: River Crossing


Image Source: pixabay.com

Where: Kali River, Dandeli

Cross the Kali river and experience the gushes of its water from a close distance. Believe me! There can be nothing more thrilling than crossing the rapid currents of the river while you are tied to the hook only. With experienced guides, you will be gliding around the white water and enjoy the thrill of a real river crossing adventure.

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3. Listen to the echoes of the mountains: Adventure Trekking

Image Source: commons.wikimedia

Where: Dense forests of Dandeli

Why not listen to the echoes of the mountains while you trek towards their heights? Dandeli is covered with green mountains and wildlife that offers an excellent ecosystem for mountain trekking. You can follow trails, which lead all the way upto the peaks of nearby hills. So what do you get at the end? The stunning views from atop the hill along with the panoramic view of backwaters of Supa Dam and misty mountains.

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4. Adrenaline Pumping: White Water Rafting


Image Source: Ankur P/Flickr

Where: Kali River, Dandeli

White water rafting in Dandeli is definitely something that allures the adventurers. Due to periodic release of water from the hydroelectric project, rafting is assured right till end-May however it has to be coincided with the water release. The Kali River (Which flows through the area) offers a great opportunity to paddle through numerous, exciting technical class 3 rapids. The currents of water are so much fun here!

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5. Get more fun with water: Kayaking


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Supa reservoir, Dandeli

The small narrow boat can be as much of an adventure! Kayaking is more thrilling than any other and is perfect for youngsters who want to enjoy adventures. You are going to climb off up-down hill, the effective runway length will be longer than the actual length.

6. Reach up to the mountains: Mountain Biking


Image Source: pixabay.com

Where: Local Mountain Bike Trail, Dandeli

Ride to the top of the mountains in Dandeli with specially adapted mountain bikes. Through these, you can interact with rough terrains that ultimately lead to adventure and thrill. Along the way you can also engage in conversations to learn more about the region’s flora and fauna.

7. Get tied to the tops: Mountain Rappelling


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Mountains of Western Ghats, Dandeli

Heights can be terribly adventurous. To reach those heights with strings to support you can wake up every tissue of your body to life and energy. A perfect adventure for those who want to get over with the phobia of the heights!

8. Plunge into the waters: Coracle Ride


Image Source: Joseph Jude/Flickr

Where: Supa reservoir, Dandeli

Have you ever thought how thrilling it can get if you are tossed like a rag doll over the bubbling waters in the unique and sturdy native saucer-shaped ‘coracles’ that are made of bamboo and tanned buffalo hide. These are built especially to navigate these turbulent rapids in this area.

9. Go down: Zorbing


Image Source:: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Supa reservoir, Dandeli

Cuddle more with the waters while being trapped in a thin plastic big ball that allows you to see the currents of water at their best! With lots and lots of fun, this activity can definitely make claim to your memories of Dandeli!

10. Find adventure in the quietness of night: Overnight Camping

PC: dandelitour

Where: On the Banks of Kali River, Dandeli

Staying in the quiet forests at night can be equally thrilling!  Get a taste of being one with nature during overnight camping activities in Dandeli. The barbecue will remind you of their rustic food habits; a tent for cover and an eerie silence in the pitch darkness, except for a shrill cry or a howl of the forest's original residents, namely wild beasts. To add to the mystery, River Kali’s water will offer you music in the backdrop!

So which of these activities would you like to try on your next visit to Dandeli? Let us know.

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