Adventure Activities In Greece For Exciting Holidays

By Deepak Kannan on Sep 28, 2016
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Every time you visit Greece, you are constantly doing one thing wrong and you are not even aware of it, until now. Do you even get it now? Perhaps, no I guess. Let me explain. Captivated by the beauty and the serenity of Greece, you lose all your senses and you just stand, completely frozen. And for the holiday, it gets over even before you can wink. This is what you are getting wrong. Leave aside the tranquility and the amazing views; Greece is still left with plenty of adventure activities to choose from. A hand at any of these and I am sure, you will definitely come back again to Greece for a totally different reason.

So here are some of the best adventure activities in Greece. 

Water Sports

Sailing - A Popular Adventure in Greece

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With Greece covered mostly by water body, sailing is at the heart of all the adventure activities in Greece. Accompanied by the north prevailing winds, summer is the ideal time to go sailing across the islands of the North Aegean, the Dodecanese, the Sporades, and the Cyclades. If you are already into sailing, rent a yacht and sail on your own on the seas against the beating currents. There are also competitions like International Aegean Sailing Rally, the Cretan Cup, the Rhodes Cup, the Aegean Regatta, and the Cyclades Regatta that test your sailing skills.

But if you are an enthusiast and want to learn how to sail a yacht, there are schools in Aegean that teach you precisely everything you need to know about sailing. Welcome aboard, Captain Jack Sparrow.

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River Rafting - A Silky Adventure

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A combination of pristine, crystalline waters and splendid mountain gorges is what river rafting is all about. Put on your jackets, wear your helmets and pick up your rafting paddles, it is time to embark on a journey filled with mixed moments of awes and screams.

Glide through the rivers of Voidomatis, Tavropos, Lousios, Alfeios, Achelous, and Acheron to have an unparalleled experience of the Greek beauty. While choosing the spot, choose wisely according to your expertise. With the water gushing at a considerable speed, it is no joke to go river rafting. 

Scuba Diving - An Underwater Adventure

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While there are plenty of sea adventures over the waters, there is one popular adventure thing to do in Greece beneath the waters that steals the show, which is scuba diving. Well-known and practiced in most places around the world, scuba diving can be best experienced in the seas of Greece - from Santorini to Corfu and from Skiathos to Lefkas and Zakynthos.

Take a dive into the waters and swim past different species of fish while you track your way through the coral reefs and the underwater caves. Not yet tried scuba diving, but excited with the sport in Greece? Enroll in a scuba diving class with one of the best instructors in Greece and you are ready to say hi to Aquaman. To discover scuba diving and snorkeling adventure in Mykonos click here .

Surfing and Water Skiing - A Windy Adventure

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Okay, Greece may not be a surfer's paradise but it has its fair share of breaking waves that you could surf on and is slowly blooming. Some of the exciting spots to go surfing and windsurfing in Greece would be Rhodes, Crete, Lefkas, Paros, Limnos, Karpathos, Kos, Samos, and Lesvos. For water skiing and wakeboarding, there are plenty of organized beaches to check in. And besides all this, there are trainers who could help you stay in the waters. So rest assured, your love for the waters will definitely be touched.

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Mountain Sports

Rock Climbing - A Rocky Adventure

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Climbing up the stairs every day at your office? Why not indulge in rock climbing? Of course, they are not the same - as rock climbing would be more interesting, adventurous, and demanding.

Gifted with plenty of rock climbing routes, especially the rocky Kalymnos that has over 60 climbing fields and 1,300 secure & marked routes; rock climbing has never been so fun.

Challenge yourself, reach newer heights, feel proud and be astonished by the natural setting. The other destinations for rock climbing enthusiasts are the Pikilo Mountain near Athens, Varasova in Aetolia-Acarnania, Lagada in Laconia, Pylis in Trikala and Hiliadous in Evia.

Trekking - A Naturalistic Adventure

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The best way to explore and feel the pulse of Greece is through a walk. Only through walking could you really discover the unexplored places in Greece. Pack your bags and navigate through the enchanting trails of varied landscapes, including the international paths of E4 and E6.

Route E4: It starts from Portugal and enters Greece at the Bulgarian border. The trail then cuts the country diagonally and runs from the west to the east through Gytheio to Crete up till Zakros.

Route E6: It starts from the northern tip of Finland and enters Greece at Igoumenitsa in the northwest. The trail then cuts the country horizontally as far as Samothrace and ends on the summit of Mt.Fengari.

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Skiing - A Snowy Adventure

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Skiing in Greece, no way! This is what I thought until I came across the uncompromising ski resorts in Greece. As the sun shines through, tourists flocking to Greece are occupied by the scenery and the coastal vibe of the country. Come winter, showers in the snow and fills Greece with its thick spread of fluffy magical creatures that could be best appreciated by skiing on them. Already started planning for an adventure holiday in Greece in winter?

Some of the fascinating ski resorts that you should check include Parnassos Ski Resort, Kalavrita Ski Center, Mount Mainalos Ski Center, 3-5 Pigadia Ski Center, and Kaimáktsalan ski resort. And what is more satisfying about them is they have a plenty of other activities too.

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Mountain Biking - A Fun Adventure

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Mountain biking is one activity that is both fun and adventurous as well. Adorned by gorgeous mountain ranges, one of the ideal places to go mountain biking is Greece. Power up the pedals and get lost in the scenic wonder of Greece. 

From Parnitha and the Tatoi forest near Athens to the Arcadia mountain range in the Peloponnese, Lake Plastiras, Kissavos, Zagorohoria, Evia, and Evrytania, the ride is exciting and healthy.

Extreme Sports

Rally Racing - A Muddy Adventure

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In contrast to the other adventure activities in Greece, rally racing is something you cannot be a part of; unless, you are a specialized rally driver. And rally racing is just not any other activity, it is a famous sport in Greece and it has been 50 years since the country first started conducting the Acropolis race. The popular race is a part of the European rally championship and is participated by renowned drivers from around the world, battling hard to seek the glory.

During the summer, the dirt roads roar with the thunderous revving of the engines and the muscle cars speed through the steep road hills frightening the animal inhabitants of the muddy trail. Even watching the scene will give you chills.

Skydiving - An Adrenaline Pumping Adventure

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Adventure sport is incomplete without the world-famous skydiving. To have a safe and a wonderful experience, book with one of the well-known skydiving schools, approved by the Civil Aviation Authority found in the regions of Thessaloniki, Crete, Lamia, Megara, and Thiva. If you are new to skydiving attend the seminars conducted by the skydiving experts and learn the basics from the best in the business.

When you are all set, dive in from up the sky soaring through the air like a bird, fluttering around with the most jaw dropping view. Trust us, you will have a totally amazing experience that you will cherish for a lifetime and beyond.

I personally like sailing out of all the other adventure activities. Which one do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments section. Catch you in the next adventure. Until then, take care and be adventurous!

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