Best Places to Visit for an Adventure Hawaii Holiday

Did you know that, according to Trek America Travel, “Hawaii produces almost a third of the world’s supply of canned pineapples”? I have a fun fact of my own to add… Honolulu, one of Hawaii’s hot spots, is where the singer Bruno Mars comes from! OK, maybe that isn’t as fun a fact as the pineapples! 

For those of you who are hungry to explore the local traditions, to eat the local cuisine and to do more daring activities such as snorkelling in Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve; Hawaii, which comprises of six islands, will not disappoint. 

Popular tourist attractions include the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Waipio Valley, Akaka Falls, and The Pu’uhonaunau O’Honaunau National History Park. 

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There are many tours with specific itineraries which will take you to these places and do all the hard work for you. These tours include USS Missouri, Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbour Tour and the Punchbowl Sightseeing Tour.

The Volcanoes National Park is rich with geological, biological and cultural history, with many historical sites such as the 1790 footprints. Those of you who are information sponges and love history and archaeology will also love the Bishop Museum, which is Honolulu’s largest museum and is in Oahu. It holds an abundance of artefacts from Hawaii and from other Pacific Islands. The Honolulu Museum of Art is also a must see, with 500,000 works of arts spanning over 50,000 years. 

If you’re creative or a kinaesthetic learner, then you will love the Polynesian Cultural Centre located on the North Shore of Oahu in Honolulu. It holds vibrant parties which include delicious local cuisine, performances of traditional dances and interactive demonstrations of Hawaiian traditions from various villages across all six islands. Paradise Cove on the West Side will also provide you with the opportunity to enjoy traditional crafts and games. After visiting Paradise Cove, you can venture onto a Paina, also known as a luau, meaning “a party with dinner”. This is a widely observed tradition for people to celebrate significant events such as weddings, graduations and birthdays, and is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the culture first hand. 

All six islands, and each village within each island, offer unique traditions and experiences. For more information, Tiffany Hill offers great reviews of attractions in Honolulu, and will help to plan your trip from hotels and flights to Hawaiian attractions.


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