Top 5 Adventure Locations to Include in Your Serbia Holiday

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Serbia is known for quite a few things - Nikola Tesla was Serbian; 18 Roman emperors were born in present-day Serbia; most Serbian surnames end in uo;ić”; and, the country is home to the homebrew spirit, uo;Rakija”. Though, try pairing the words ‘adventure’ and Serbia, and nobody could blame you for not deeming the pair synonymous. This comes down to the country’s lack of tourism exposure, which is actually a blessing in disguise. You may expect to experience some of the country’s best attractions without the nuisance of noisy holiday goers. So, if you’re a true adventurer seeking to discover some of Europe’s finest hidden gems, adding a Serbia holiday to your itinerary is a step in the right direction. 

Now cue that drum roll and prepare to read about the country’s top five unmissable adventure locations.

The Mighty Djerdap National Park

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Covering over 64,000 hectares and stretching along Europe’s second-longest river, the Djerdap National Park is home to some of the country’s best out-of-this-world attractions. Here you may find centuries-old Roman monuments, a Mesolithic archaeological site, an ancient fortress, and breathtaking natural scenery. So, head east during your Serbia holiday and expect to find Trajan’s Tablet, Lepenski Vir, the Golubac Fortress, and the mighty Iron Gates. The Djerdap National Park definitely serves as an excellent platform for getting a taste of what’s on offer in Serbia. Heading into the world beyond, you may find the country’s largest natural stone bridge, fortresses Kladovo and Fetislam, and Rajko’s Cave each within driving distance of the park.

The Ancient Resava Cave

Add some underground exploration to your Serbia trip and visit the Resava Cave, an 80-million-year-old world of vibrantly colored stalagmites and stalactites. Among Serbia’s most beautiful cave systems, here you may discover an abundance of red, yellow and white natural ornaments dating back 45 million years. Though the Resava Cave formed during the Ice Age, local shepherds only discovered it during the 60’s with authorities opening the cave to visitors a decade later. Much of the cave system remains a mystery, however. Half of its total 4.5 km length has been explored in detail, with about 800 m of exploration space available to tourists.

Gradac, Serbia’s cleanest river

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to experience river water that’s good enough to drink then head to Serbia’s west. The Gradac River rightfully boasts the title of Serbia’s cleanest river and is also considered one of the cleanest in Europe. Locals favour this spot as a weekend getaway for its bountiful picnic, camping and swimming areas, the best of which can be found in the river’s canyon, where the water is perfectly safe to drink. Spending your time along one of Western Serbia’s most picturesque landscapes, you will be sharing the river with local the local otters, fish and birds. The otters are in fact responsible for the small dams, which have resulted in the creation of miniature pools encapsulated in lush vegetation along the river course.

Hot tip: make sure you don’t miss the Deguric Cave, located upstream from the Gradac River Canyon. 

The Soko Grad Fortress

If fantasy fiction is your forte then the Soko Grad Fortress should be part of your adventure holiday in Serbia. It may just be closest thing you’ll see to a ruined castle from J.R.R. Tolkien's universe. Perched atop Mount Ozren, the 6th-century military fortification follows a one-hour hike from Serbia’s oldest and most renowned spa town, Sokobanja. Emperor Justinian I built Soko Grad at its current location to make it inaccessible to enemies. Nevertheless, the fortress suffered its fair share of turbulence, resulting in what you will see today. The ruined city once consisted of a lower and upper town, though all that remains today are mostly demolished ramparts and its best-preserved feature, the donjon tower.

The Uvac Special Nature Reserve

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

For some of the best sightseeing experiences on offer in the country, add the Uvac Special Nature Reserve to your Serbia holiday. At this category I nature reserve, you will witness the Uvac River meandering through rolling hills covered in carpets of greenery. A birdwatchers paradise, the nature reserve is home to over 250 species of bird, including the rare griffin vulture. In fact, the largest colony of the rare bird on the Balkan peninsula is located here. Additionally, greenthumbs will enjoy rustling through 219 plant species, of which 3 are considered to be of national importance. Here you will also discover the Usac cave system. Consisting of multiple caves, the 6 km-long Usac is both Serbia’s lowest and longest natural network of tunnels. 

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