Best Places For Adventure Junkies in India

By Niyati Shinde on Dec 09, 2015
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Adventure sports are slowly but steadily picking up in India. With foreign companies dealing in adventure sports setting up their gear over here along with enthusiastic Indian startups, it is so easy to choose a destination, choose an adrenalin pumping activity and just let the thrill begin.

We have compiled a list of destinations in India where you can undertake these 3 exciting adventure sports- skydiving, scuba diving and paragliding.

1. Skydiving:

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Also known as parachuting, skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience. Statistically speaking, skydiving is a safe sport. Having said that, don’t expect it to be as safe as playing chess! There are 3 types of skydiving for first timers- Tandem skydiving (you are clasped to an experienced skydiver), Static Line skydiving (your parachute’s chord is hooked to the aeroplane) and Accelerated Freefall (you have the controls of your parachute. 2 experienced divers jump along with you and pass instructions via radio). You need to be over 18 years old to undertake this sport.

Mysore, Karnataka:

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Mysore is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the best skydiving destinations in India. Skydiving in Mysore is thrilling and offers mesmerising views of the landscape. An organization called Skyriders organizes Tandem skydiving in the City of Palaces.

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 35,000 onwards.  

Deesa, Gujarat:

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The lakeside city of Deesa became the first site for skydiving in India when the Sports Authority of Gujarat recognized skydiving as an adventure sport. The Indian Parachuting Federation organizes skydiving tours and camps at the site. Check their official website for upcoming schedules and head over for an exhilarating experience.   

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 16,000 onwards.

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Dhana, Madhya Pradesh:

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The quaint town of Dhana is located near Bhopal and plays host to skydiving activities. Check out Waltair Escapade Thrills’ skydiving schedule in Dhana and book your slot accordingly.

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 20,000 onwards.

Aamby Valley, Maharashtra:

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Aamby Valley City has tied up with the team of Art of Extreme for conducting skydiving in its beautiful valleys. Currently providing Tandem jumps from an altitude of 10,000 feet, this is an experience not to be missed.

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 25,000 onwards.


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Since 2012, skydiving has been a popular activity in Pondicherry. Offering static and tandem diving experiences, dive into the sky and be mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape.  

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 18,000 onwards.

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2. Scuba Diving:

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Probably the best way to explore the mysterious and magical underwater world, scuba diving lets you get up and close to aquatic life. Float gently underwater as you explore the ethereal and possibly hostile marine universe. This adventure sport requires reasonable level of fitness along with no history of asthma. A training session lasting around half an hour is given to the divers before the excursion. Our nation has unlimited options for scuba diving enthusiasts. Here are a few:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

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Crystal clear waters bustling with aquatic life makes the islands of Andaman and Nicobar a perfect destination for scuba diving.

Dive Sites:

  • The Wall, Havelock Island
  • Fish Rock, Passage Island
  • Clinque Island, Port Blair
  • MV Mars, Havelock Island

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 4500 onwards.

Lakshadweep Islands:

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Blessed with marvellous coral reefs and clear blue waters, the Lakshadweep Islands boast of excellent underwater life.

Dive Sites:

Near Agatti Island:

  • Lost Paradise
  • Soft Coral Garden
  • Solar Point
  • Mars
  • Sting Ray City

Near Bangaram Atoll:

  • Princess Royal
  • Manta Point

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 4500 onwards.


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Goa seems to have it all- never ending beaches, an infamous party scene, a rustic charm, delectable cuisine and it also proves to be an excellent scuba diving destination. With so many diving sites, Goa is not a bad idea for an adventure honeymoon for the active couples.

Dive Sites:

  • Grande Banks
  • Shelter Cove
  • Suzy’s Wreck
  • Bounty Bay
  • The Jetty

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 3000 onwards.


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Coastal Karnataka is blessed with clear tropical waters. Home to a wide variety of fishes, Karnataka is slowly emerging as a coveted scuba diving destination.

Dive Sites:

  • Netrani Island (Pigeon Island)

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 5000 onwards.

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The Konkan region in Maharashtra boasts of some gorgeous locales. The government of the state has started encouraging visitors to explore the unique marine life present under the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Dive Sites:

  • Tarkarli

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 1500 onwards.

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3. Paragliding:

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Ever dreamt about soaring up high in the sky like a bird? Paragliding will help you turn this dream into a reality. Considered to be a little risky, one cannot paraglide without proper training. However, tandem paragliding is also an option a beginner can explore. An adventure as well as a recreational sport, paragliding is a surreal experience to be had.

Bedni Bugyal, Uttarakhand:

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A popular destination in India for paragliding, Bedni Bugyal in Uttarakhand is located at an altitude of 3354 metres. Surrounded by the Himalayas, this is a perfect spot for high flyers and provides stunning views of the Kumaon region.  

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 6000 onwards.

Kamshet, Maharashtra:

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The Indus Paragliding School is situated in Kamshet, around 50 kilometres from Pune. You can either sign up for a paragliding course or you can opt for their tandem paragliding experience.

Approximate Cost Per Session: Tandem Paragliding: Weekdays- INR 2500. Weekends and public holidays: INR 3000.

Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh:

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Bir is situated at a height of 2600 metres and is located near Manali. Billing on the other hand is located in the Kangra Valley and is surrounded by snow capped mountains. This is another place where tandem paragliding is offered.

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 2000 onwards.

Baliman Dara, Sikkim:

Sikkim is slowly turning into a coveted destination for paragliding. Baliman Dara located near Gangtok is a must visit for thrill seekers and adventure lovers.

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 2500 onwards.

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu:

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The Yelagiri Paragliding Club provides instructors and equipment to paragliding enthusiasts. Infact, the club also hosts an international paragliding festival in the month of September.

Approximate Cost Per Session: INR 1500 onwards.

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