8 Extreme Adventures To Explore The Bold Side Of Your Relationship

By Ketki Hanamshet on Feb 15, 2019
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Hiking together during summers and skiing down snowy tracks during winters; wondering if the adventures with your partner are becoming monotonous too? Regular adventures feel cliche and now you sense the need to go wild for rekindling the spark. Well, fortunately, there are extreme sports to your rescue. Gather a pinch of nerves and add a dash of trust, and these adventures for couples, when done together, will bring you closer to each other. Take a look at such 8 extreme adventures that every couple must try once. 

1. Camp in a Portaledge

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Forget the conventional camping in a cozy tent and say hello to cliff camping. Hanging by a sheer cliff facade, a night spent on a portaledge with your partner will get the adrenaline rushing through your veins. The limited space on the portaledge will also push you to be closer to each other (*wink*). 

2. Go Parasailing to Fly High

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Opt for parasailing and gather wings to soar high in the sky along with your significant other. As a moving anchor tows your canopy, let the breeze ruffle your hair and set your hearts pumping faster.   

3. Bungee Jump to Drive Away All Fears

Wrap your arms around your partner and be ready to take the leap of faith. Plummet fast towards the ground and feel the pull of gravity while you hold on-to your partner tight. Entangled together, you will feel each other’s heart thudding out loud after the exhilarating experience. 

4. Explore the Depths of Sea by Scuba Diving

With many proposing their soulmate underwater, scuba diving has become a favorite adventure of couples. Plunge into the crystal clear waters and the silence of the ocean coupled with mesmerizing views of coral and fish will leave you breathless.  

5. Rush Past Time With Flying Fox

Zipping down strong cables, crossing over forests, rivers, and ridges, you cannot say no to this exhilarating aerial experience. With arms entwined together, you rush against the wind in flying fox and watch stunning scenery fall behind you. 

6. Cliff Jump Together Only to Soar High

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Stand on the ledge, hold each other’s hand, and plunge into the roaring sea. Not for the faint-hearted, cliff jumping would require both of you to gather nerves, instill trust in one another and jump only to refuel yourself with adrenaline. 

7. Go Rafting along the Gushing River

Any couple adventure that involves splashing-water can never go wrong! Glide along the gushing water and gain thrill by maneuvering the raft together. The adventure will certainly test how well you coordinate with each other.   

8. Touch the Sky with Microlight Flight

Let your fantasy of flying like a bird come true, and this time make it come true with your soulmate. Fly a microlight flight and soar above everything to watch how magnificent everything looks from a height. 

These 8 adventures for couples will not only quench your thirst for the adrenaline but will also get you two closer to each other.

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