Private Islands You Can Afford To Rent

By Fedora Lobo on Jan 08, 2019
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Almost everyone has an unending list of holiday destinations, an avid traveler would agree. After exploring a few of those tourist hubs with a heap of attractions and a horde of travelers, you want to move to a more placid and serene spot on earth. You sometimes wish you owned a little crib in some of heavenly places too. Those far off calm places feel like an oasis of tranquility. Like a private island that’s there to accommodate you and your folks alone, would be just what you’re looking for. An island? That’s for the celebrities and the business tycoons, you may say, an island holiday will make me bankrupt! Fortunately, not. We live in a world that has grasped our travel needs and provides with gratifying destinations that fit our pockets and mental needs both.

Islands can now be owned for a short period of time at plausible prices. You can now live the night of your dreams, in luxury and isolation, the night when you feel it’s just you and you alone in the world, at the following islands that wouldn’t rip your pockets.

Palau Island, Western Pacific Ocean

Cost: USD 195 to 330 per night


Live the celebrity life in luxury and awe, at the massive bungalows on Palau Island. This island is a gigantic oceanic ridge that rents out independent bungalows at affordable prices. What’s more? The yummy food. The placid island is rich with fresh seafood and delicious barbecued delights. Indulge in the gorgeousness of Palau Island, that occupies a chunk of the westernmost part of North Pacific Ocean while you treat your tummy to some out of the world delicacies.

Slipper Island, New Zealand

Cost: About USD 550 - 800 a week


On the East Coast of New Zealand, in the Coromandel Peninsula lies the mesmerizing Slipper Island. The gorgeous white sandy beaches on the island that render complete privacy, make the island a peaceful and romantic destination. You could feast your eyes on the exquisite views of the surroundings and laze around under the milky blue sky all day.

Sv. Ivan Na Pucini, Croatia

Cost: USD 0-620 per night

Sv. Ivan Na Pucini

Dive into the adventure an island can bestow on you with sports fishing, a swim with the dolphins or a lazy day soaking in the gorgeousness of nature. Whether you choose to swim in the shallow beaches on either sides of the island or wear a sexy tan after an afternoon on the rock, Sv. Ivan Na Pucini is just what you need to complete that perfect holiday.

Vahine Island, French Polynesia

Cost: USD 500-1239 per night


If underwater beauty takes your breath away, Vahine Island is just where you would find your bit of peace and charm. The refulgent 23-acre island, concealed in the lagoon of Tahaa is one of the most peaceful places on earth. White sand beaches, the coral garden and coconut grooves make the island a mystical venture and every traveler’s dream destination.

Melody Key, Florida

Cost: USD 500-1500 per night


A private island at a reasonable price, Melody Key is more like a traveler’s dream come true! This island is quite an offbeat charmer in Florida. The island is home to a 3200 square feet luxurious villa that will make you feel no less than a royal. Splurge on a lavish holiday while you succumb to the glorious beauty of mother nature at Melody Key island.

Petit St. Vincent, Grenadine Islands

Cost: USD 1000 to 1500 per night

For just about a thousand dollars you explore the infinity of the ocean with pristine waters hugging your residence and sparkling white sand at your feet. Petit St. Vincent Island is a piece of greenery blended with shades of blue waves and pearl-like sandy beaches. The undulating thick green hills, harmonious with the billowing waves, stretch over a handsome 115 acres. Rent an accommodation here and sway to the land of tranquility.

Coco Plum Island, Belize

Cost: About USD 1200 for 4 nights

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Coco Plum Island is a little package. The private island is undoubtedly a romantic getaway with an elaborate resort and magnificent views of the surroundings. There’s an array of adventure tours here as well. So you have a romantic venue with a comfortable stay and adventurous activities all at one place - Coco Plum Island, Belize!

Dunbar Rock, Honduras

Cost: About USD 1900 - 2000 a week

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A massive villa beckons you to live it big at the Dunbar Rock, Honduras Island with panoramic views of Sandy Bay, Guanaja and the surrounding cays. The sandy beach that looks like a white blanket serves as a spot for divers. A week on the secluded island would be more like a vacation of meditation and rejuvenation.

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Laucala Island, Fiji

Cost: Up to USD 2000 per night

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Take a dip into the warm tropical Fijian waters while you calm your senses and unwind on your sumptuous vacation at Laucala Island. The island is a divers paradise. The tourists that visit here are acquainted with the Fijian village that showcases exclusive Fijian crafts, art and tradition. The highlight of this island is the exquisite white wall.

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Upper Saranac Lake's Dry Island, New York

Cost: USD 3000 for up to 10 visitors per night


A blissful island near Saranac Lake serves as an oasis of peace and tranquility without burning a hole in your pocket. The island is sure to spoil you for choice as there’s so much to explore here. You have the best chefs bringing food to the table and nature at its best at the venue. Who wouldn’t love a holiday here?

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Isla Kiniw, Curaao

Cost: About USD 5000 a week

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Sail away to mystic waters with a pear white beach and a blanket of lush green vegetation. The Caribbean island nestled in the Spanish Waters Bay of Curacao is the most favorable spot to live a relaxing vacation at.

This time keep those quirky, enthusiastic destinations on hold and explore the serene beauty of the world that possess a radiant glow by just being there still, calm and peaceful.

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