Air India Announces Discounts for Senior Citizens

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gone are the days when people used to grow, study, and settle inside the periphery of their hometown and lived happily. The dream of getting educated from one of the top Indian universities made my brother fly to Delhi while the placement made my uncle get shifted to Bangalore. When one is young, one enjoys traveling. But for our old parents and grandparents, traveling becomes a herculean task. Besides, the increasing fares put them in the real pickle. But the flag carrier airline of the country, Air India, has understood this problem quite well. 

So, here is the news! Air India has a special flight concession for senior citizens! 

And not just 10 or 20 percent, it offers 50 percent discount on the basic fare of Air India for domestic flights in economy class. You read it right! 

To be able to use this concessionary fare, the flyer has to fulfill few requirements. The person should have completed 60 years of age before the commencement of journey (one must have a relevant proof for this, be it a driving license, senior citizen card, or passport). Any senior citizen who is living in any part of India is eligible for this concession. 

According to the Air India Website, one has to purchase the ticket at least 7 days before the departure. An additional benefit of senior citizen concession by Air India is that if the person is traveling with an infant, the infant will get a discount of INR 1000. 

There are some senior citizen benefits in India offered by the government for traveling. But this flight concession by Air India has made life much easier. Prices cannot stop the senior citizens from meeting their loved ones now.


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