10 Airport Hacks For A Smooth Flight Journey

By Bhoomi Shah on Jan 08, 2019
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Flying sucks, doesnt it? For a lot of us, yes. Air fares are steep, security check ins are a pain, and dont even get us started on the plane ride! But you dont need to be so hassled. Weve got some nifty airport hacks for you that will make flying a cinch:

1. To the left, to the left

To clear security quickly, pick the checkpoint that is farthest to the left. Most people are right-handed and subconsciously choose checkpoints to their right which makes the queues on that side longer.

Airport Hacks

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2. Be a morning person

Morning flights are the cheapest since fewer people tend to fly then. If you pick a morning flight, you will most likely get the best deal on airfare.

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3. Show me the cache

Always, and we mean always, clear your cache or use incognito mode to book your flight tickets. Travel websites have access to your cookies and browser history which means that you wont get the newest and possibly cheapest prices for the flight you want to book.

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4. Be a wing man

If youre scared of turbulence, its always a good idea to sit near the wings because thats the place where you feel it less.

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5. We all have our baggage

Try and weigh your luggage beforehand so that you dont have to pay charges for excess baggage which can be exorbitant to say the least. You can also pay excess baggage charges online for most airlines and get a discount. If everything fails, just wear your extra clothes. You might feel stuffy but your wallet will thank you.

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6. The internets your friend

Most airlines offer a web check-in service, which basically means that you can avoid standing in queues to get your boarding pass and go straight through to security if you only have a carry on. You can use the express baggage counters to check in luggage. Makes the process much quicker! 

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7. The kids are alright

People who travel with kids know how challenging it truly is. If the kids are loud and rowdy, so do their co-passengers. Keeping them entertained will be priority numero uno. Some carriers provide colouring books, puzzles and toys for kids. Also, a number of airports have childrens lounges to keep them busy and out of your hair.

8. Daddy long legs

Our taller brethren can testify to how painful it is when you have no leg room on a plane and you feel like you should have taken up yoga so that you can contort your problems away. Seats next to the emergency exits have more leg room, so do your legs a favour and choose them.


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9. Keep calm and travel on

This is for the anxious flyers. Its a good idea to hit the gym before your flight because it helps reduce stress and releases endorphins which keep you calm and happy. You can also carry relaxation-oriented travel items like vibrating neck pillows, and stress balls.

10. Spot the suitcase

Make your luggage easy to spot for a quicker exit from baggage claim. Whether its with colourful suitcases, DIY decoration, luggage tags or your name in giant letters, your choice! And have fun while youre at it!


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These airport hacks will make flying so much more bearable for you. Be sure to remember us on your next flight. Happy travels

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