15 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Aruba

Aruba is a Dutch-Caribbean Island on the coast of Venezuela. The weather at this place is mostly dry and sunny. The beaches offer a pleasant atmosphere for a comfortable stay in Aruba. The European influence is shown in the architecture of Aruba and provides for Dutch gables painted in Tropical Pastels. There are different languages spoken in Aruba like English, Dutch and Spanish alongside to the local tongue, i.e., Papiamento

Queen Beatrix International Airport is the Airport connecting all international and state flights from other parts of the country. 

Being a tourist place and an attraction to a lot of people to explore Aruba, it has a lot of renowned resorts. These are the 15 Best resorts in Aruba: 

1. Stay in the lap of comfort at The Ritz-Carlton Resort

The Ritz-Carlton is a beachfront resort. It is situated 9Km from the Archaeological Museum of Aruba. The distance from Queen Beatrix International Airport to resort is 11.5Km and takes 20 minutes to reach the resort.

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, two outdoor pools, and spa in Noord. Three on site restaurants and Bars provide you with delicious meals for the guests. 24x7 Room service is available. This is an essential and substantial part of the Palm-Eagle Beach.

Cost: $570-$600 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: LG Smith Boulevard

                 107, 0000 Palm-Eagle Beach


2. Experience the casino night at the Holiday Inn Resort

The resort is a couple of minute’s walk from the beach. This resort is set up on the Palm Beach. Beautiful view from the balconies of the room and a beachfront seating for a fantastic evening

Amenities: The resort offers three swimming pools, four restaurants and a casino with nightly entertainment. The top rates golf arenas and horse riding trails are situated at a minimal distance from the resort. Spa and Gym facility is available 24x7 along with the room service

Cost: $230-$250 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Boulevard

                 230, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

3. The evergreen Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and CasinoImage Source: hyatt.com

This resort is one of the 15 Best Resorts in Aruba for a reason. It has the unrivaled oceanfront of its own and direct beach access. You can have an unforgettable stay at this resort with your loved ones.

Amenities: Private Beach, Tennis, Watersports, Snorkeling, Horse Riding, Golf Course (Within 3km.), Beachfront, Spa, and wellness center. 24x7 Room service is also available for a comfortable and relaxed stay

Cost: $450-$500 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Boulevard, 85

                 Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

4. Experience the beachfront at the Bucuti & Tara Boutique Beach Resort

This is an adult-only all-inclusive resort in Aruba. It is 2 minutes walk from the beach, set on the coast of palm eagle beach.

Amenities: Sand Bar for a romantic night, Free movie night on the beach, Casino and shopping center, Outdoor Pool, Restaurant with a gourmet-style cuisine, Spa facility and a lot more

Cost: $350-$400 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address:  LG Smith Boulevard

                  55B, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

5. Divi Village Golf and Beach resort, for a relaxing vacation

This resort is at a walking distance from the beach.  With an exceptional location of beachfront and great on-site service of amenities.

Amenities: Features the best golf course in Aruba and various options for a dine-in and a complete spa-service. Two swimming pools along with watersports such as diving, motorboat, snorkeling are available. One can also do rock-climbing here. 

Cost: $160-$190 (Approx.) /Night fo 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd.

                  93, Palk-Eagle Beach, Aruba

6. Tropicana Aruba Resort and Casino, A less expensive way to enjoy your vacation

This property is very near to the beach. It is situated 2km away from the Divi Villa Golf Course. The suites are built with Modern Décor and classic furniture and fixtures. 

Amenities: On-site casino at the less expensive price is an attraction to this place. Guests can enjoy a great nightlife at this resort. During daytime, guests can indulge in water sports such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, etc.  

Cost: $100-$140 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd

                 248, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

7. Brickell Bay Beach Club Boutique Hotel & Spa: Adults only

This resort is considered to be situated in the heart of the Palm-Eagles beach. It is an adult-only resort comprising of all kinds of facilities that a guest can imagine. 

Amenities: Access to outdoor pool with bar and fitness center is available to all the guests, Free short duration massages for every guest in the spa, One can also enjoy the club for a get-together. The Queen Beatrix Int. The airport is just 15 minutes drive from the resort.

Cost: $130-$150 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd.

                 370, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

8. Pocket-friendly prices at The Mill Resort and Suites

The property is very near to the beach, i.e., at a walking distance. It is located in the Palm Beach, and a family-friendly atmosphere offering various amenities at a lower price. 

Amenities: Full-service restaurant, Swimming pool, Volleyball court. Located at the center, the guests can walk down to nearby casinos to enjoy the nightlife. Fitness center, Pool bar, Scuba diving, Golf course (Within 3 Km.)

Cost: $100-$130 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd.

                 330, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

9. MVC Eagle Beach, where one can be free of crowd and hustle of town

This resort provides a quiet area and relaxing amenities such as spa and pool availability. 

Amenities: It is a comparatively small resort and thus provides for a small pool, enough in proportion to the number of rooms at the resort.  Guests can enjoy Dutch and Caribbean cuisines at the restaurant offered by the resort.

Cost: $100-$120 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd.

               240, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

10. Go all-inclusive at the Barcelo Aruba

This resort offers beachfront accommodation to the guests. They can enjoy the view all time during the day and feel fresh. This resort is one of the 15 best resorts in Aruba because of its location and amenities provided. 

Amenities: Offers seven restaurants and over 3 bars for delicious delicacies. The casino offers various games like Roulette, Black Jack and more. Water sports such as scuba diving, motorboats,  snorkeling, etc. are also available. 

Cost: $450-$500 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd.

                 83, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

11. Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

This resort offers a spectacular Dutch Colonial Architecture. There are a lot of relaxing facilities provided by the resort. The suites are equipped with essential amenities including kitchen and other facilities like free Wi-Fi, TV, etc.

Amenities: Comprising of outdoor pools and unique cuisines at the restaurant and bars, people can have a comfortable and lively stay at this resort. Spa and Gym Center is another reason how one can spend time at leisure at this resort. 

Cost: $140-$160 (Approx.)  /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irausquin Blvd.

                 252, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

12. Caribbean Palm Village Resort

The serene environment is a plus point for this resort. One can be at peace with themselves during a stay at this resort, which is the reason it is considered one of the 15 Best resorts in Aruba. 

Amenities: International food options at the restaurant, bars provide for class apart snacks and drinks. The outdoor pool offers a peaceful environment to the guests to relax and have massage session at the spa. Tennis courts, air-conditioned gym provides for a work out session to the guests.

Cost: $100-$130 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: Noord, 43E

               Palm-Beach retreat, Noord, Aruba

13. Dorado Eagle Beach Resort

Eagle Beach is situated at a kilometer away from the Eagle Beach, and the Oranjestad is 3km from the resort. 

Amenities: Barbecue is available to the guests to have fresh and customized snack time with their loved ones. The apartment offered the outdoor pool for a relaxation session. The in-house restaurant and 24x7 room service provide for special Greek Cuisine as well.

Cost: $100-$120 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: JE Irasquin Blvd

               228F, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

14. Bubali Villa & Apartments, to give you a home-like feel during your vacation

This resort offers Villas and Apartments for your stay to have home-like feel during your visit with all household amenities for a longer duration of visits and enjoy Aruba. It is situated at 700m from the Beach and can walk down there to have a gala time.  It is at a 15-minute drive from the Hato International airport.

Amenities: It has basic décor with all essential amenities for a longer duration of stays. There is no in-house restaurants to this property but can walk down nearby to have some famous and must-haves in Aruba. There is a gym center available to meet your daily workout schedules.

Cost: $80-$130 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: Bubali, 123G

               0000, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

15. Perle d'Or Aruba, cheap and wonderful experience

This resort offers a valuable stay as the tariff to this resort is very less and can have a comfortable long-duration visit to Aruba. 

Amenities: The international-style restaurants serve fantastic food, the rooms are well equipped with all necessities required for a comfortable living. The resort also offers an on-site bar to cherish your dinner with the loved ones. The Queen Beatrix Int.  The Airport is just a 15 Minute drive from this resort. 

Cost: $70-$90 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: Boegoeroei, 11Z

               00000, Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba