15 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Alaska

Alaska is the place of extremes and rightly so, as it is the largest state in the USA, almost twice the size of Texas.  It redefines beauty with its topographical anomalies.  This state is all about bears, moose and beautiful sunsets along with exploring the wilderness of mountains. The reminiscence of good old Russian days and the gold rush is still evident in most parts of this glorious state.

A famous American author - Jack wild expressed his fascination with Alaska by this single phrase ”Call of the Wild”.  Also, it is not of a surprise that most of the adventure stories that have transcripted into some of the best selling novels have an intimate connection with Alaska and maybe your adventures story is lingering somewhere in Alaska as well. Thus, pack your bags and make that story yours before it passes on to others. Below is the list of 15 best all inclusive resort in Alaska.

Top 15 Alaska Resorts all Inclusive

1. Kantishna Roadhouse 

The Kantishna Roadhouse is situated in Mile Marker, 92 Denali Park Road which is 90 miles into the Denali National park. The splendor of  Denalis tree, mountains, and rivers runs nearby the  Kantishna Roadhouse. The visitors get immersed in the smells, sound, and views of Denali Mountains.and rivers.

The Kantishna Roadhouse is a perfect blend of modern and old buildings which adds on to the aura of this resort. The best way to describe it would be contemporary, classy and comfortable. The specially designed spacious cabins along with comfortable bed can be your perfect retreat after the long day filled with hiking and other adventure activities.

2. Anchorage Marriott Downtown

Anchorage Marriott Downtown is located at 820 West, 7th Avenue Anchorage. It has a restaurant, 24 hours fitness center, and an indoor pool. Among other amenities, it has a 24Hrs free Wi-Fi, a bar lounge, and a snack bar for quick bite.

It has 393 rooms provided with Wi-Fi, and smart TVs and all other essential elements that make your stay comfortable. It provides an endless opportunity to enjoy your stay.  Visitors can probably head towards Anchorage Cruise, Anchorage Museum, and Sullivan Arena. 

3. Alyeska Resort

The Alyeska Resort is stationed at 100 Arlberg Avenue, Girdwood is surrounded by the picturesque scenery amidst the Chugach mountain. It is located 64 km away from Anchorage and it is filled with the wilderness of Alaska. 

It provides a luxurious accommodation, exquisite on-site dining option and full-service spa treatments. Additionally, they arrange a  plenty of recreational activities like water rafting, Glacier hiking, and trekking.  

4. Pearson ponds Luxury inn and Adventure Spa

The Pearson Ponds Luxury Inn and Spa is located in 4541 Sawa Circle, Juneau. It is filled with Elegance and charm along with a high-quality service which makes the stay comfortable. The greenery surrounding the resort gives this a restaurant an impressive visual appeal.

There are a lot of adventure activities which one can dive straight into some of them are hiking, Kayaking, Flightseeing, and exploring the Mendenhall glacier. One can rest assured of the amenities and other aspects that determine a high comfort level.

5. Kachemak Bay wilderness lodge

The Kachemak Bay wilderness lodge is one of the best all-inclusive resort in Alaska. Although it may not cover a large area still it impacts the quality of service. It hosts a dozen guests at a time due to its small size. Visitors can have a view of the of the mountains from their comfortable cabins.

All-inclusive rates make up for the charges for the meal and expedition. Outdoor adventure may include a  boat ride to Halibut Cove glacier followed by hiking. All inclusive rates are provided for a duration of 2-5 days.

6. Afognak Wilderness Lodge

media_gallery-2018-05-31-10-6_3d5e4b0dd9fc87179c2828ffd50269b5.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Afognak Wilderness Lodge is an all-inclusive resort which is a perfect place to move away from the regular lush resorts. It has an accommodation space for just 12 people at a time.

The all-inclusive rate covers the cost of meals and other adventure activities which mostly include boating, hiking, and trekking. It is the perfect gateway to remain away from the regular bustle.

7. Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge 

Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote LodgeImage Source: wikipedia.org

Kodiak Raspberry Island remote lodge is amongst those secluded resorts which remain untouched by most of the visitors. They offer an all inclusive package which include Kodiak Salmon Fishing, Kodiak bear viewing and Kodiak Halibut fishing.

They offer private guest cabin, Wi-Fi, Delicious Alaskan seafood. As far as the drinks are concerned they provide the visitors with locally brewed beer and wines along with each evening meal.

8. Alaska Kodiak Island Resort 

The Alaska Kodiak Island Resort is in the true sense a fishing resort. The visitors can go on fishing trips with boats having heated cabins. If you are done with fishing then you can relax in your rooms and enjoy the scenic view of mountains and the setting sun.

If luck's on your side you might get to see the Kodiak bears. This resort offers regular three meal daily and usually host 6 - 8 individual at a time. 

9. Great Alaska Adventure Lodge 

It is an all-inclusive resort that provides private cabins through which one can see the view of the crystal Blue Kenai River.  For outdoor adventure, they arrange hiking, boating and fishing trips.

They offer regular meals to the visitors and the children who are below 15 year age have a concession of 50% of total rates. As the name suggests they have adventure theme packages and so be rest assured of the adventure quotient being high.

10. Mckinley Chalet Resort

Mckinley Chalet Resort, AlaskaImage Source: wikipedia.org

Mckinley Chalet resort is in close proximity to the Denali Canyon and the Denali national park. It is clearly one of the best resort to stay in Alaska mainly because you can go for an expedition in the canyons and visit other tourist spots which are nearby.

It has over 300 rooms for accommodation and one can enjoy the view of Denali national park from the balcony. The food options that are available include- Alaskan Salmon, and brick oven fired pizza. Also, there are plenty of options for quick bites.

11. Chena Hot Springs Resort

The Chena Hot Spring resort is open throughout the year and is situated in 60 miles Northeast of Fairbanks Alaska. There are in total 80 rooms in this in this resort along with a lounger and a restaurant. 

Some of the most popular things to do in and around Chena hot springs include a visit to the Aurora Ice Museum, horseback riding and dog sled rides. An added info visitors must be at least 18 years old to take a dip in the indoor hot springs.

12. Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge 

The Copper River Princess wilderness lodge is situated on the Eastern side of Wrangell St. Elias national park. It is one of that lodge which is in a remote location but provides a top-notch service to the visitor.

It is a great spot for heading towards adventures like rafting and hiking. It has a total of 85 rooms which is comfortable and cozy.

13. Ultima Thule Lodge 

This resort has been regularly featured in Outside Magazine, and Financial Times and National Geographic traveler. 

It is a perfect place for adventure seeker who loves hiking. It is also a delight for those who are into the wildlife of Alaska.  It can, however, accommodate only people at any time which is a small number and you need to plan accordingly. 

14. Clover Pass Resort

 It is one of that typical fishing lodge which is located in the vicinity of Ketchikan Halibut and Salmon water bodies. The resort has a history of taking visitors out of fishing expedition since the 1950s.

The resort has a limited capacity of 30 rooms for guests which is a few meters away from the marina and for obvious reasons this is a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

15. Hotel Captain Cook 

It is a luxury hotel in Anchorage and in all probability, this is the only luxury hotel in the region. So those individuals who are comfortable with an upscale setting should look no further than this resort.

There are a total of 547 guest rooms which has all the amenities that one can think of. It has four restaurants, a ballroom, and an exercise facility. Besides the amenities, the guests can enjoy the view of Mt Mckinley and the Chugach mountains.

So what are you waiting for? Get going for Alaska and don’t forget to add these places in your list.