15 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Cabo

Cabo, the city of mighty hills, white sand and exotic nightlife. 

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Diamond white beaches shadowed over by neck-achingly high, rocky cliffs and an energetic clubs that thrives with life every night, Cabo is a gem decorating Southern Mexico in Baja California. The exceptionally vibrant resort beach city is packed with surreal views from Playa El Médano to Arch Of Cabo San Lucas overthrowing plethora of emotions in the contrasting Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach, and many more where one can catch the eclectic glimpse of dancing dolphins and whales. Where the day starts with watersports like jet-skiing, diving, surfing, banana boating, snorkeling, horseriding, etc., the night is distinguished for trippy feet, high in tequila shots.  

Such is the craze for buzzing clubs and extreme serenity, that the city witnesses overflowing tourists round the year. Hence, here is a list of 15 best inclusive resorts in Cabo if you are planning your next vacation in the cheekiest corner of Mexico:

1. Hacienda Encantada Resort

With a total of eight restaurants and supreme luxury villas, carved in detail with traditional Mexican architecture, Hacienda Encantada tops the list of Cabo resorts. Situated right across the Sea of Cortez, the sophisticated balconies shaping out from residentials offer exquisite views of the Land's End as well. Sojourn in the private pools or go on a whale watching adventure and experience one of the best stays in one of the luxury suits in Hacienda.

2. Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort 

Right across the Pacifica, this exceptional resort isolated from the city's hustle-bustle is facilitated with 635 rooms in total, each offering a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean touching its territory. Known for its sophisticated decor, the place is also famous for relaxing spa sessions, thrifty party clubs and gala dining restaurants which offer Cabo's best delicacies. You might also want to visit the globally addressed Quivira Golf Club which stands as a token of Jack Nicklaus Signature Design.

3. Marquis Los Cabos Resort and Spa

Marquis Los Cabos Resort and SpaImage Source: pxhere.com

From suites to private casitas, every corner of this intoxicating resort is exceptionally designed for honeymoon couples and lovebirds in the city. From tasting old wines to serving of French and Fresco cuisines and spa sessions to humming nightlife, this secluded resort sojourning at the calm shores of Cabo is perfect for romance and love.

4. Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar

Spanning a radius of 6 miles from the heart of Cabo lies the grand family resort that has a special place for all the children. Apart from the spacious pools meant for accommodating their naughty activities, the restaurants here have also arranged child-friendly menu to serve the best.

5. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa ResortImage Source: wikimedia.org

Adding up to the list of resorts that is specific for adults, the luxurious aroma of this romantic resort carries the fragrance of love. Couples planning honeymoon or out for some fun and fling are welcomed in this 154 roomed resort facilitated with 8 grand restaurants in total. Couples might as well book a zip line tour to wake up their adventure self.

6. Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort

Enriched with gorgeous decors and panoramic necessities, this 500 roomed adult only resort is the perfect hideaway for honeymoon couples. Owning 8 specific restaurants that serve 8 kinds of exquisite continental cuisines, this place is known for extraordinary snorkeling experiences in daylight and funky entertainments garnishing the night stars all the way.

7. Playa Grande Resort and Grand Spa

Decorated majestically in explicit Mexican architecture, this Pacific-facing spa resort is an equal treat for every solo traveler as well as family getaways. Besides being furnished with six mouthwatering restaurants that serve Mexican, continental, seafood and sushi, it arranges for mesmerizing swimming experience with dolphins in the sea and leisure hours in a sunset cruise.

8. Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Resort

Flaunting a total of 147 personal spaces, 4 gourmet restaurants and 2 pumped up bars, this exquisitely luxurious Mediterranean resort stands proudly along the Sea of Cortez overlooking the Lake End. Such scenic view of sparkling blue sea mingling beautifully with the chirping of morning birds bounds the visitors to either soak into the aroma or play a game at Quivira Golf.

9. Villa del Arco Beach Resort and Spa

Villa del Arco Beach Resort and SpaImage Source: pxhere.com

Garnishing the pristine white sand of El Medano Beach lies the beautiful Villa del Arco resort with 217 luxury rooms and four restaurants that serve traditional Mexican cuisine. The majestic El Arco Rock amidst the green garden makes up for a perfect leisure-hour, for the family, after a tiring day at scuba diving or horse-riding.

10. Sirena del Mar by Welks Resorts

Chosen for the unmatchable scenic views from the extraordinary cliffs of Baja, Sirena stands high from the beaches and gives the necessary cooler ambiance for you to feel rejuvenated. Tourists can dive into the cliff-side pools or head down to the beach and indulge in the various activities for an experience like nowhere else in the city.

11. Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort and Spa

Well-known for the exquisite finesse of Greco-Roman architecture, the glamour of which is reflected in the marble domes and cuttings, this beachside resort facilitated with 260 suites and exceptional restaurants serve jaw-dropping cuisines after a series of water activities, safaries, and whale watching. After a tiring day full of exhausting activities, tourists are also treated with refreshing spa therapies which marks a relaxing end to the day. 

12. Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort and Spa

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort and SpaImage Source: pxhere.com

Besides the luxury of 230 finely polished rooms facing the panoramic Sea of Cortez, a stay in this resort is mainly desiderated by golf lovers as it is surrounded by 8 golf courses. This is also praised as the paradise of every golf lover who has planned a visit in this city. Tourists mainly flock into this paradise from July to December to witness the miraculous hatching of thousands of turtle eggs on the shore, a sight which only a few fortunate people gets to witness.

13. The Ridge at Playa Grande

Offering the most contrasting pleasure of nature, the Ridge comes with a complete package of desert touring and water activities on the shores of Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. Each of the touring experiences calls for umpteenth fun and thrill but can also prove to be exhausting and tiring at the same time. Apart from the day tours and zip line adventure, the resort also arranges for relaxing spa treatments and exotic cuisines for one of the best sojourning experiences in Cabo.

14. Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos

Grand Fiesta Americana Los CabosImage Source: pxhere.com

The majesty of this exotic resort lies in the choice of tourists as it depends on them which view they want to get up every morning with. The 249 suites meant for a royal stay offers a panoramic view of desert rocks and Pacific breaking into each other. This means every visitor can suit themselves with either of the sea facing, desert front or hill facing views. Having praised the scenery, tourists can also schedule a sightseeing day tour or relax in the suits with a 24-hour room service.

15. Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Last but not the least Hyatt has undoubtedly crawled to the top of many charts for its indulging activities, oceanfront pools, and suits. Facilitated with 591 rooms, 5 exquisite restaurants, an array of pumped up bars and a whole lot of water activities, Hyatt promises the visitors with the best family experiences of all times. Hence, you can either stay at the resort to enjoy the refreshing spa treatment and massages or might also tease your adrenaline out in the blue. Choose anything from the list of flattering options but never get enough of the city.