15 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has a very important place in the history of the United States, thanks to Mark Twain. However, the state is not just about its rich heritage and history, Connecticut is a great holiday destination for all the nature lovers and adventure lovers out there. Blessed with the Atlantic coastline, you can come to this lovely place and engage yourself in activities like hiking, swimming, skiing, fishing and a lot more. The state is also famous for its microbreweries, wineries and a number of Casinos.

When a place is as happening as Connecticut, it is obvious that there tourists come here in scores every year. And what adds to their delight and overall enjoyment of the state? The amazing resorts in Connecticut. There are a number of excellent all inclusive resorts in Connecticut, which makes are full with all the facilities one would want. Let’s look at the 15 best all inclusive resorts in Connecticut:

Top 15 Connecticut Resorts

1. Winvian Farm Cottages

Located at the Litchfield Hills, this cottage is a different experience altogether. This place has is a relaxing Spa resort and also has an excellent accomodation facility. This place has also got 12 different cottages. Then there is this treehouse - standing at a height of 35 ft to go with a library. You can relax yourself or go out camping or golfing, whatever you wish!

2. Seaport RV Resort

The Seaport RV Resort is a complete family resort. It has got a mini golf course, basketball court, entertainment pavilion, laser tag and a fitness center and a lot more. If you want to visit this resort, we would advise you to choose a weekend to do that as the resort holds themed weekends throughout the year! This resort and campground is located in Mystic.

3. Odetah Camping Resort

Located on the banks of a 32-acre private lake, this place is completely perfect for camping. No, we are not saying that you cannot go here if you don’t want to do camping. What we are saying is that once you get here, you would want to do camping! You can enjoy fishing, boating, swimming or play basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf and a lot more. All at this one heck of a place!

4. Heritage Hotel and Spa

Heritage Hotel and Spa, ConnecticutImage Source: wikimedia.org

A lavish resort with exquisite suites that are designed to woo everyone. The Litchfield Hills is home to this amazing place as well. The Heritage Hotel and Spa also hosts wedding ceremonies and a lot of other events. Two restaurants, Luxurious suites, Spa and a Golf Course. Come on, what more do you want? 

5. Strawberry Park RV Resort

Strawberry Park RV Resort, ConnecticutImage Source: wikimedia.org

Visiting the state of Connecticut mainly for your love for Casinos? Well, then the Strawberry Park RV Resort is where you need to be at. This place is all-out madness. There are themed events being hosted throughout the year, the most famous of them - The Music Festival. It has got both RV sites as well as modern log cabins for accomodation coupled with its three pools, a water playground and tennis courts. 

6. Stateline Campresort and Cabins

This resort, located near the Rhode Island is an amazing place to be at for any nature lover. There is a water lake just beside the resort. Coming to its facilities - the main lodge has got a private pool, entertainment campus along with laundry and camp cooking facilities. The lodge also has a gaming center and there is also a basketball court. I guess, we can safely say this place has something or the other for everyone.

7. Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino

Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino, ConnecticutImage Source: wikimedia.org

This resort cum casino has got two hotels and both of them offer excellent accomodation facilities. There are also two different Spa facilities for both the hotels. The Mohegan Sun Golf Course, Bars, Nightclubs, multiple dining options - you just cannot miss out on this place. And also, this is one of the biggest casinos in Connecticut.

8. Foxwood Resort and Casino

Foxwood Resort and Casino, ConnecticutImage Source: wikipedia.org

A total of 5 different hotels with 5 different Casinos - each offering a different yet equally luxurious experience. All the 5 hotels are sure to wobble your mind with its intricate designing and an excellent hospitality. There are a number of dining options, bowling alleys, luxurious spas and a lot more at this amazing place. 

9. Interlaken Resort and Spa

The Interlaken Resort and Spa is a perfect option to go for a weekend getaway with your family. The place has 9 cottages, houses and suites. You can also engage yourself in a number of activities like rafting, golfing, trail hiking, horse-riding or just stroll through the greenery and let yourself relax from the daily hustle bustle of life.

10. Cave Hill Resort

The Cave Hill Resort, located in Connecticut River Valley, has been run by a family since the early 1920s. This place is one of the best family resorts that one can find in the state of Connecticut. The place will remind you of the old times, but at the same time does not lag behind when it comes to modern technological advancements. You will find RV sites, powered tents, modern cottages and cabins, lake, swimming pool, golf course and many more at this beautiful place.

11. Hemlock Hill Camp Resort

This seasonal resort is a luxurious place with all the modern facilities you can find at a Resort. The best part about this resort is its big-sized camps, which is something that you won’t find everywhere else. This resort is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone looking for a nice and soothing camping experience.

12. Hawk’s Nest Beach

Located on the southern coast, this place was established way back in 1895. The Hawk’s Nest Beach Resort has more than 40 well-designed cottages, which are perfect for a mini-vacation. You can head over to the beach anytime you want and try fishing or crabbing, or just relax your head off. This place near Mystic also has two tennis courts.

13. The Mayflower Grace Hotel

Do you love gardening? Or are you a flower person? Then there can be no better place for you than the The Mayflower Grace Hotel. This hotel is referred to as the best boutique hotel in the state. Other than the visual treat, this hotel has 30 luxurious rooms, fully-equipped gym, spa treatments, golf course, tennis courts and a lot more.

14. Club Getaway

One simply cannot miss out on this place when he/she is in Connecticut. This place is one of the most fun places to be at and will bring the out the child inside out. There are a number of things that you can engage yourself into like campfires, dancing, water slides or wacky olympics. The place is also great in terms of its tasty cuisines from Pasta to sandwiches to seafood.

15. Water’s Edge Resort and Spa

Last but not the least, this beautiful place has got everything one would want on a vacation. The resort has been running for the past 30 years and is one of the best resorts in the state. The Water’s Edge Resort and Spa has got a beachside pool, four restaurants, excellent spa facility and offers a beautiful ocean view, which are truly majestic.

The above mentioned are the top 15 places that you can book for your next trip to Connecticut and we promise you won’t be disappointed.