15 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Wisconsin

Best known as the agricultural hub, the natural aura of Wisconsin has made it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The state offers various water sports and outdoor activities along with the serene beauty of nature. Various venues for different kinds of entertainment and theme parks in the state is what makes this holiday destination a must visit for families. Wisconsin sets a scene for complete mental relaxation owing to its calm rivers and majestic lakes. With all the modern day amenities and the peacefulness of nature, the resorts in the area leave no stones unturned in making your stay a memorable one. Let us take a look at 15 best all-inclusive resorts in Wisconsin.

1. Delton Grand Resort & Spa

Located on the shoreline of the Wisconsin Dells, the Delton Grand Resort & Spa offers a treat for the physical and mental health of the guests. It is surrounded by small shopping areas and whenever you feel like refreshing yourself you can always take a stroll down the amusement park. The lodging rates start from $240. 

2. Destination Kohler

Located in Highland, the Destination Kohler offers a luxurious stay with basic amenities, also keeping a special focus on the health and fitness of the guests. The fitness professionals inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle and the chefs offer cooking classes in which they teach the guests how to cook healthy and delicious food. A 3-day weekend stay between November to April would cost you around $249 per person.

3. The Abbey Resort

The Abbey Resort runs across the Lake Geneva shore and features a wide array of villas and royal guesthouses. The arcade allows you to replenish your inner child. Each moment of your stay will make you feel as though you are fully surrounded by the bounty of nature. According to some accommodation packages, the longer you stay, the more you save.

4. Kalahari Resor

The theme of the Kalahari Resort is African. The specialty of the Kalahari Resort is its water park. This place is a one-stop destination for a remarkable family vacation. Located in Wisconsin Dells, it also provides diverse options for dining that allows you to explore exquisite cuisines. The rates are as follows- $319 for staying in the Desert Room, $299 for the beautiful Hut Room and $649 for the Royal Queen Suite. 

5. Lake Lawn Resort

Situated on the Delavan Lake shores, the Lake Lawn Resort has been around for 130 years. It offers a variety of staying options to the visitors that is luxury rooms, suites, lofts, and of course, a private lake house! If you truly wish to experience the beauty and adventure of the place then signing up for a boat tour is a must. The weekend packages would cost you around $699 for three nights. 

6. Sundara Inn and Spa

Situated on the Canyon Road, the Sundara Inn and Spa is the perfect destination for couples seeking relaxation from their hectic lives. The dishes here, cooked using local ingredients are delicious as well as healthy. The Yoga classes further aid in attaining utmost relaxation. There is a golf court for sports lovers and a spa for complete relaxation.

7. The Edgewater Resort

The Edgewater Resort is a part of the Lake Mendota skyline in Madison. It comprises of a total of 5 restaurants containing a variety of cuisines and a cafe for your regular cup of joe. Guests can enjoy ice skating during the winter season. The resort has all the basic amenities to make your stay comfortable.

8. Stout’s Island Lodge 

It is a historical place with a touch of ancient traditions and is located in Birchwood. It features a variety of styles reflecting its past such as family photographs framed in a vintage form hanging on the walls. Some of the activities that you can enjoy here are canoeing, fishing, croquet, etc.

9. The American Club Resort

Situated in the Kohler village, The American Club is a historical landmark with world class amenities for guests. Guests can avail the benefits of the spa services offered along with various recreational activities. You can also spend the entire day amidst flora and fauna in the River Wildlife preserve located nearby. The “Discover Kohler” package offers 2 nights stay with meals at $299. 

10. Heidel House Resort and Spa

The Heidel House Resort and Spa is located on the shores of the Green Lake. The resort offers all the basic amenities along with a wide array of choices to the guests as far as lodging is concerned. Tuscumbia is a place nearby where sports lovers can try their hand at golf. There are plenty of water sports and other recreational activities too. The romantic escape package starts at $189. 

11. Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Located near the famous Lake Geneva, the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa offers suites with varying luxury levels to the guests. They provide a Yoga or a Zumba class for the fitness freak. Sports passionates can hit the golf court and come by the spa later for a complete tranquilization of the mind and body.

12. Treeland Resort

The property is situated near Hayward on the Chippewa River. The entire property offers a total of six options for vacations including rental cabins, suites, and private homes. It provides a bar and a dining area along with activities and amenities such as a playground for kids, swimming pool, volleyball court, etc. Rats per week are $1885.

13. Blue Harbor Resort

Blue Harbor Resort, WisconsinImage Source: wikimedia.org

Positioned on the shores of the Lake Michigan the Blue Harbor Resort offers the most spectacular view of the sunlight. The water offers a stunning view as well which you can enjoy while having a delicious meal at the Beacon restaurant. Whenever you feel like you need to calm yourself, you can always hit the Jacuzzi. The couples package starts at $459 per couple. 

14. The Osthoff Resort

The Osthoff Resort is one of the classiest and the most upscale resorts in the world. It offers modern-day amenities along with making you feel that you have time traveled into the past. From regular guestrooms to royal suits, this resort offers a great lodging variety. Some of the amenities include an exercise room, spa, swimming pools- both indoor and outdoor, and various sports and recreational activities.

15. Holiday Acres Resort

Amidst the woods that surround the marvelous Lake Thompson lies one of the most exotic resorts- the Holiday Acres Resort. Lodging offers modern amenities such as a fireplace, T.V., WiFi, and whirlpool tubs. Some of the exciting features offered by the cottages are firepits, raw boats, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, etc. Rates of the Classic lodge room start at $ 85.


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