Best Amalfi Coast Tours: Breathe In The Beauty Of Southern Italy

By Ketki Hanamshet on Jan 25, 2019
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Amalfi Coast is all about stunning vistas, dotted with quaint hilly villages and crystal clear blue bays. Driving along the coastline, you will be tempted now and again to stop on your way, just to breathe in the Mediterranean breeze and take in the breathtaking views. Known for its easy-going culture, finger-licking food, and medieval town vibes, Amalfi Coast attracts vacationers in hordes. While wandering around on your own may sound to be a good idea, opting for the Amalfi Coast tours may do wonders. Choose the ones that suit your interests and you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your vacation. Take a look at these best tours of Amalfi Coast and see if any one of them grabs your interest.

1. Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Day Tour from Naples All Inclusive

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Starting from Naples, the Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Day Tour will first take you to the awe-inspiring archaeological ruins of the ancient Pompeii city. With this all-inclusive tour, you have the privilege of skipping the entrance line at the site. Depending upon the season or the number of people who have opted for the Amalfi Coast tour from Naples, you will either have a live guide or an audio guide while touring the ancient Roman town. After exploring the ruins of Pompeii, you will be driven along the Amalfi Coast - one of the most scenic routes in Europe. As the driver stops at a spectacular lookout, take in all the stunning vistas of Positano and the bay.


2. Full-Day Guided Amalfi Coast Road Trip From Sorrento

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If exploring Amalfi and Ravello is on your mind then the Full-Day Guided Amalfi Coast Road Trip From Sorrento is your best bet. With an affordable Amalfi Coast tour package, it takes you along the picturesque Amalfi Coastal Road in an air-conditioned vehicle with an expert local guide. While first you get to photograph the beauty of the Positano town, later you get to explore the lovely town of Amalfi. Walk through the narrow streets of the town, bask in the local vibes, and stop by the magnificent 9th-century cathedral. Then make your way towards Ravello - a place that inspired Wagner to write a part of one of his Operas. The quaint town’s 11th-century cathedral and Villa Rufolo gardens will make you fall in love with the place.


3. Vesuvius 4-Hour Wine Tasting Tour and Lunch from Naples

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The Amalfi Coast may not be famous for its vineyards, but when in Italy you cannot escape a wine tour. The Vesuvius 4-Hour Wine Tasting Tour and Lunch from Naples is ideal for all the right reasons. It is equally fascinating for you to get to know how a family has managed to produce a vineyard on the “violent” slopes of a volcano. These volcanic vineyards on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius are responsible for a few of the most delicious local varieties of wine. After tasting the wines, a Mediterranean lunch ends the tour on a sumptuous note.


4. Sorrento: 5-Hour Food Tastings Tour

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Sorrento: 5-Hour Food Tastings Tour is the best way of gorging on mouth-watering Italian dishes. While the name suggests that it is a food ‘tasting’ tour, you also get to see extra virgin olive oil in the making, followed by tasting it on a homemade fresh bread. Then taking you to the cheese factory of Il Turziello, the tour lets you see how Caciotta cheese is made. Get a glass of La Masseria wine and taste the cheeses with salami. At the end of the tour, you get to make and bake your own Neapolitan pizza. Have a hearty lunch and then gobble up some delicious desserts.


5. Amalfi Coast Tour-All Inclusive from Naples

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The Amalfi Coast Tour-All Inclusive from Naples is designed to charm you. The tour drives you along the scenic route of southern Italy and lets you discover the beauty of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. The coastline with its Mediterranean beauty coupled with pastel-colored buildings will leave you breathless. During the tour, you will have a fluent, English speaking assistant on board. A light lunch and onboard mini bar are the other things included in the tour. The Amalfi Coast Tour-All Inclusive from Naples is just right to bask in the beauty of Southern Italy and know about its laid-back lifestyle.

Booking any of these Amalfi Coast tours will let you enjoy your time to the fullest while in town. Know of any other tours that you wish to take up? Let us all know. While these are the best tours, you may take a look at several other Amalfi Coast tours.

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