Amazon Rainforest Travel Guide And Tips

By Niyati Shinde on Feb 12, 2016
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Probably one of the most surreal travel experiences, a trip to the Amazon Rainforest leaves visitors in awe of its enchanting and haunting beauty. A relatively unexplored destination, the land looks right out of a fantasy/ sci-fi movie! Are you planning a trip to the Amazon rainforest? It is not as easy as book flight-pack bags-go on a journey! Planning a trip to the rainforest takes thorough research and adequate planning. Here is all the information you’ll need to plan a journey to this enthralling terrain.

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How Is The Climate:

Rainy, hot and humid- this sums up the climate. There are very few sunny days in the region. It rains a lot almost all year long. Although the daytime and night-time temperatures vary, the fact remains the same, that it is very hot in the Amazon rainforest. Usually around 90% or more, humidity is very high in the terrain. The air is generally warm and sticky, so be prepared to sweat a lot!    

Best Time To Visit:

You can visit the Amazon rainforest all year round. Here’s what you should know though-

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Dry Season:

The dry season lasts from June/July to November/December. During this season, the heat and humidity is intense. Due to less rain, the water levels in rivers and lakes recede thus opening up many trails. If you have hiking, trekking and exploring the rainforest on foot on your agenda, the dry season is the best time to visit the Amazon.

Wet Season:

The wet season lasts from December/ January to May/June. Due to torrential rains, the gigantic Amazon Basin is flooded. During this season, because of the flooding, you’ll have easy boat access to the famous wetlands along with access to the deeper parts of the forests. This in turn gets you closer to the vivacious and vivid wildlife. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the wet season is the best time to visit the Amazon rainforest.

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How Long To Stay:

Depending upon the activities and tours you sign up for, it is easy to gain the Amazon forest experience in a week or so. Add to that the to and fro travel time from your current city of residence.   

Tourist Guides:

Unless you have friends living in the Amazon, it is a brilliant idea to hire a tourist guide! Being lost in the wilderness is no fun! The local guides know the paths very well and will take you to the best vantage points in the forest. Besides, you would be supporting the local economy by providing temporary employment.

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What To See And Do:

You will most definitely be visiting the Amazon rainforest to experience its magnificent scenery and stunning landscapes. Intriguing creatures you can spot at the rainforest include colourful macaws, poison dart frogs, caimans, tarantulas, night monkeys and even anacondas to name a few!

A captivating phenomenon you should witness is the Encontro das ute;guas (Meeting of Waters ) where the black coffee coloured waters of the river Rio Negro merge with the beige coloured main stream of the Amazon.

If you are a daredevil, you can try your hand at fishing for the infamous piranhas! Tree climbing is another activity you can try out.

If you want to understand the culture of the rainforest’s tribes, do try visiting a native shaman.

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What To Pack:

Packing sturdy all-weather walking boots, long sleeved shirts, full length pants/ trousers, hats/caps and plenty of insect repellent is advised. Do pack a raincoat as well. A powerful binocular will be helpful in spotting wildlife. Apart from this, a high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, water purification tablets, electrolyte hydrator sachets, your personal medical kit, your set of toiletries along with an anti-bacterial soap will be all you’ll require on the trip. Avoid overpacking. Don’t forget to pack your camera!


Accommodation within and around the Amazon rainforest varies from basic rooms to semi-luxury resorts. Within the forest, there are no fancy hotels. The available accommodations cover just the basic necessities. But then again, you are not going on a trip to the Amazon to experience luxury are you?! The forest lodges are wooden with leafy roofs; most of them don’t have electricity supply. On the outskirts of the forests however, in nearby cities, you will find semi-luxury resorts and hotels. It is up to you to decide where to stay.

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Tips And Warnings:

  • Respect the customs and traditions as well as the privacy of the Amazonian tribes. Would you like if random strangers start clicking photographs of you?! Before clicking photographs of the tribal people, ask for their permission.
  • Do not approach or touch the wildlife. And please avoid littering.
  • No matter what time of year you visit, it is advised to get yourself vaccinated before your trip to the Amazon rainforest. Check with your doctor and get appropriate medicines as well. Our travel experts recommend you get yourself vaccinated for hepatitis and yellow fever. Also check up on anti-malarial medicines.  
  • Do check out the credentials of the tourist guides you opt for.
  • Even if you are a hiker, please don't pass up on an opportunity to see the rainforest by boat. It is an experience of a lifetime.
  • A unique ecosystem flourishes in the Amazon. Remember that you are visiting a place where the laws of the nature govern. Always stay close to your guides and groups.

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Hope this comprehensive guide for planning a trip to the Amazon rainforest comes in handy when you start working on your travel itinerary. Hope you have a memorable trip to the serene wilderness of the rainforest. Happy Journey!

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