State Wise American Food Porn - Part 5

By Niyati Shinde on Aug 17, 2015
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Have you read the American Food Guide - Part 4  of this mouth watering blog series?! Here's the 5th and last part!!

1. South Dakota:

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Brought to South Dakota by German settlers, the heavenly Kuchen is the Mount Rushmore States official dessert. Did you know they also celebrate an annual Kuchen Festival?!

2. Tennessee:

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Just two words, Pork Ribs! While in Memphis, you have to try out the scrumptious Memphis Dry Rub Ribs.

3. Texas:

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This southern state in USA is famous for its rugged terrain and its impeccable hospitality. If you ask a Texan what he loves eating, hell swear by the Texas style barbeque brisket.

4. Utah:

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As humble as it may sound, the Utah Potato Casserole is anything but modest! A delicious dish made up of potatoes, onions, cream and garlic topped with melted cheese and crunchy cooked cornflakes.

5. Vermont:

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As weird as it may sound, Vermonters love their maple syrup! Producing the most amount of this golden gooey liquid than any other US state, restaurants in Vermont top almost everything up with maple syrup- from vanilla ice cream with maple syrup to pork chops with maple syrup!

6. Virginia:

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Virginia Ham is the speciality of this oldest state of the 13 original colonies. A tad too salty for some, but tasty nonetheless, these slices of pinkish-brown cured country ham will definitely leave you asking for more!

7. Washington:

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Salmon! Need we say more?! Salmon is abundantly available in this green state and Cedar Planked Salmon is a dish commonly prepared here. Earthy, smoky and delicious.

8. West Virginia:

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Some of Americas juiciest apples come from the golden mountains of West Virginia. Why not try an apple pie while in the state? Or even better, make an appetizing and healthy apple salad.

9. Wisconsin:

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Although called The Cheese State due to its immense cheese production, Wisconsin is known more for its Bratwurst. The dish is made up of ground meat sausages which are pan-fried.

10. Wyoming:

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Famous for the Yellowstone National Park, the state of Wyoming is defined by Rocky Mountains and vast plains. Here, the denizens swear by their favourite dish- Chicken Fried Steak. These fried steaks are so good, they'll knock your socks off!