America's Best Swimming Holes

By Bhoomi Shah on Jul 30, 2015
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 Taking a dip in a pool on a hot summers day is everybodys perfect day. But weve all noticed that during summers, the number of people who go to swimming pools to beat the heat is staggering. Swimming there can be a little daunting. Instead of going to these public pools, wouldnt it be better if you had a more natural setting to dive into? America has some options for you if youre looking for a dive thats one with nature. Here are the best swimming holes in America:

1. Sliding Rock, North Carolina

Heres an option that will take you back in time and make you feel like a child again. This is a small waterfall that has a gently-sloped rock face you can actually use as a slide! Time for some summer fun!

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2. Madisson Blue Spring State Park, Florida

This popular limestone basin is 24 feet deep and boasts of crystal clear, beautiful blue waters. You can also enjoy kayaking, fishing, and hiking here. Its the perfect place to visit if youre in Florida with family.

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3. Hamilton Pool, Texas

This gorgeous 50 foot waterfall is located in Austin and is an incredible place to take a swim. The scenery is breath-taking and the pool has picnic tables so you can enjoy a nice day out with the family! Remember to get there early because this place is popular.  

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4. Cummins Falls, Tennessee

This option is not for the clumsy ones amongst our readers. Only the surefooted will enjoy reaching this cool pool because the rocks can be slippery and children are advised to wear life jackets at all times. But once you get here, these magnificent stair-like waterfalls will show you what fun is all about!


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5. Homestead Caldera, Utah

Locally called the crater, this is a 10,000 year-old natural hot spring where tourists throng to. And its famous. It even made an appearance in Danny Boyles 127 Hours. Scuba-diving, or swimming, whatever activity you choose, you can revel in the warm waters of this caldera especially during Utahs winters.

6. The Blue Hole, Texas

Texas boasts of many summer swimming holes that are so much fun to visit. This ones no different. Located in Wimberley, this watering hole comes equipped with many rope swings so you can unleash the child in you! Its located in an area lined with trees where you can have a nice picnic too. Its the perfect place for summer adventure!

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