Suggested Itineraries - 3 Days Trip Plan For Amsterdam

  • UPDATED Feb 20, 2018

Welcoming all visitors with open arms, the enchanting city of Amsterdam is definitely a must visit for anyone with a wanderlust. Having a rich culture, a magnificent arts scene, boasting of plenty of world renowned museums and home to architecturally marvellous buildings, this city in Netherlands is a beautiful amalgamation of all things European. Considering a quick vacation in Amsterdam? Here’s a handpicked 3 days in Amsterdam itinerary just for you. It covers all the major attractions in Amsterdam along with the experiences you should have.

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Day 1-

Begin your first day in this splendid city by visiting its picture perfect representative, the Molen Van Sloten Windmill. A quick bus or cab ride later, you will find yourself at the Joods Historisch Museum. Housed within a lovely building, this museum is dedicated to the Jewish history and culture in Netherlands.

We are sure you must be famished by now! Walk down to the nearby Guts & Glory restaurant which serves delectable 3, 4 and 5 course lunch meals.
Follow up your scrumptious lunch by sipping on mugs of beer at the Heineken Experience Brewery . Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance for this place.
And now, it’s time to visit one of Amsterdam’s most famous museums, the Rijksmuseum. If you want to understand the history of Amsterdam and want to witness a vibrant arts scene, this museum is a must visit for you. This will be the last attraction of the day and you can head over back to your hotel for a good night’s rest.

Day 2-

Your second day in Amsterdam begins with a visit to the Natura Artis Magistra, a fabulous zoo located in the heart of the city. Within the zoo, you will find a planetarium and an aquarium as well. Definitely worth a visit while on your quick trip to Amsterdam.
By the time you finish exploring the zoo, it will be time for lunch. Serving authentic French cuisine, Restaurant La Rive will suit you just fine for lunch.
The Verzetsmuseum is the next stop on your itinerary for the day. It is the best historical museum in the nation and has on display artefacts and information about the role of Dutch people during World War II. The neighbourhood of Jordaan comes next on the itinerary. Full of maze like streets, the area is full of specialty shops, art galleries, restaurants and eateries and plenty of playgrounds for children. A playground for adults, the biggest red light district of Amsterdam, De Wallen, features next on your day two travel plan.

Day 3-

Your final day in Amsterdam will begin on a humbling note, you will be visiting the insightful Anne Frank Museum. The hiding place of Anne Frank, this one is a biographical museum giving visitors insights into the lives of the residents of the house. Vondelpark is the next stop on your itinerary. Spread across 47 hectares, this park is the largest park in the city and is a green heaven.

A 5 minutes cab ride later, you will arrive at a quaint restaurant called The Seafood Bar which serves probably the best seafood in the whole of Amsterdam! The service over here is friendly and quick.
After gorging on yummy seafood, you will next be heading to Amsterdam’s famous Van Gogh Museum. If you are an art enthusiast or admire intricate and surreal paintings, you have to visit this museum which displays over 1000 masterpieces by celebrated artist Vincent van Gogh.
You will be ending the final day of your 3 day stay in Amsterdam with a boat ride over the charming Amsterdam Canals. Cruise through the canals till you see the golden rays of a setting sun hit the waters and light them up in an orange hue. Ah, the perfect way to end your vacation.

Here’s the entire 3 day plan. You can even customize it according to your preferences and have a gala time in Amsterdam!

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